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  • Sacramento Hepatitis B Project Collection (Coll2011.054)
    Correspondence, notes, activity reports, meeting rosters, HBV testing forms, articles, HBV manual, and pamphlets documenting activities of the Sacramento Hepatitis B Project, 1982-1984. The Sacramento Hepatitis B Project was initiated in 1982 to "stop and prevent the spread of Hepatitis B" by screening those at high risk for the disease (such as gay men), and immunizing those without anti-bodies to fight it.
  • Sacramento Lesbian and Gay Mental Health Professionals Records (Coll2011.074)
    Member list, newsletters, meeting minutes, membership applications, flyer, correspondence, ethics proposals, articles of incorporation, and clippings documenting activity of the Sacramento Lesbian and Gay Mental Health Professionals (SLGMHP), 1977-1982. The SLGMHP was "an organization for all gay health professonals in the Sacramento area to provide mutual support and to develop an informal referral system for gay clients."
  • Salazar (Ruben) papers (0547)
    The Ruben Salazar papers include personal and professional materials that document the late journalist’s life from his birth in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in 1928, to his 1970 death in Los Angeles during the National Chicano Moratorium march in East Los Angeles. The collection contains photographs and correspondence, clippings and draft manuscripts of stories, and cards and letters from his supporters, awards and realia.
  • Samuelian (Janet) papers (0325)
    Papers of the Armenian-American journalist, covering the years 1986-2005 when Ms. Samuelian wrote interviews and reportage for The Armenian Observer and The Armenian Reporter International weekly newspapers and for Armenian International Magazine. Her research files for her book "Kero Antoyan: His Life and Art" (1988) are also included.
  • San Francisco Unified School District's Family Diversity curriculum resolution records (Coll2013.061)
    The San Francisco Unified School District's Family Diversity Curriculum Resolution records, 2005-2013, document the efforts of Joseph D. Marigliano, the San Francisco Unified School Board, district employees, and community members to promote a safer school environment for all public school students, to support LGBTQ identified students, and to support diverse families consistent with district policy.
  • Sanborn (John A.) papers (0027)
    This collection contains the diaries kept by John A. Sanborn (1850-1942) between 1909 and 1942. Sanborn was a farmer who lived in Covina and Compton, California.
  • Sandburg (Carl) Collection (0165)
    Articles, clippings, and photographs on the life of the poet and biographer; miscellaneous books by Sandburg (1878-1967).
  • Sandford (Rick) writings (Coll2009.001)
    Journals, short stories, plays, screenplays, comparative literature, poetry, and annual compendia of literature read, motion pictures seen, and theatrical performances attended by Rick Sandford, 1963-1995. Sandford documented his early life in Tahoe 1958-1969, as a "born again" Christian 1971-1972, and life in Los Angeles 1973-1980, and 1989-1994 in typescript journals. Working in various positions from an usher to a television stand-in Sandford documents life in Los Angeles and his love of reading, motion pictures, and theater.
  • Santa Barbara Gay and Lesbian Resource Center Records (Coll2011.088)
    Correspondence, bylaws, Board of Directors' reports, financial statements, meeting minutes, course syllabus, staff reports, questionnaire, medical bulletin, workshop packet, flyers, press release, bulletins, and clippings documenting activity of the Santa Barbara Gay and Lesbian Resource Center (GLRC), 1980-1993. The GLRC was founded to offer social services, including rehabilitation therapy for alcohol and drug abuse among the gay and lesbian community in the Santa Barbara, California area.
  • Santa Catalina Island autograph and photograph album (7015)
    This small album contains photographs and autographs to "Estelle", documenting the summer of 1938 spent on the island of Santa Catalina. The album also contains two photographs from 1939 and 1940. The album's cover is inscribed "Autographs/Estelle/Catalina Island, Cal." in ink.
  • Saunders (Russell M.) film collection (0323)
    The Russell M. Saunders film collection consists of slides, 16mm and 8mm films of performers at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica and other acrobatic, gymnastic and/or athletic acts in a variety of locations. Most of the films show men, women and children involved in acts such as adagio, acrobalance, acrobatics, teeterboard, ballet, trapeze, gymnastics, trampoline, uneven bars, rings, tightrope, ice skating, water skiing, tandem surfing, cannon jumping, Olympic diving and various other variety and circus performances, including some with animals. Russell M. Saunders was one of the star performers at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, where he also taught acrobatics and gymnastics for free.
  • Saxon (William Carl) diaries (Coll2008.015)
    Journals, 1971-1992, of William Carl Saxon (1954-1992). The entries are primarily of a psychological nature, and chronicle his relationships with his family, friends, and his long-time partner, William John "Billy" Lorenz, and, from July 1990, the emotional effects of his struggle with AIDS.
  • Scarpone (Chris) Photographs (Coll2012.041)
    Head and full-body photographic portraits of Chris Scarpone, October 1968.
  • Schenk (Lynn) papers (0240)
    Lynn Schenk was a representative from California. She served as Deputy Attorney General in the California State Attorney General's Office, Criminal Division for about a year before taking a position with San Diego Gas and Electric as an in-house lawyer. In 1976, she left San Diego Gas and Electric when she was offered a position to be special assistant to Vice Presidents Nelson A. Rockefeller and Walter F. Mondale. From 1977 to 1980, she served as Secretary of California's State Department of Business, Transportation and Housing. In 1992, Schenk ran for Congress from California's 49th congressional district, which covers most of San Diego. Schenk won becoming the first woman elected to the United States House of Representatives to represent the San Diego area and the first Democrat to represent the area in 40 years. After serving in Congress, Schenk held various positions in the California state government during the tenure of California Governor Gray Davis. One of those positions included serving as Chief of Staff from 1998 until Davis was recalled in 2003. The materials in this collection date from 1975-1985. Included in the collection are speeches given by Schenk, press releases, pamphlets, meeting minutes, notes, schedules, briefings, correspondence, reports, financial records, budgets, conference handouts, memos, and copies of assembly bills. Topics covered in the documents pertain primarily to business, transportation, foreign relations, the economy, and housing issues in California.
  • Schildkraut (Leonora) papers (6048)
    Leonora Schildraut (nee Rogers) was the third wife of actor Joseph Schildkraut. A musician and actress, she was a member of the Peter Merenblum California Junior Symphony and later appeared in a few motion pictures and acted on the stage. After Schildkraut's death, she hosted a youth and arts radio show in Los Angeles, "Through the Looking Glass". The Leonora Schildkraut papers consists of mementos, scrapbooks, and photographs collected by Leonora Schildkraut and commemorating the acting careers of her husband, Joseph Schildkraut and his father Rudolph Schildkraut, as well as her own work as a musician and arts philanthropist.
  • Schlegel (Richard L.) Papers (Coll2011.087)
    Correspondence, clippings, flyers, legal documents, book notes, organizational prospectus, notes, legal expense records, mailing lists, invoices, personal advertising inquiries, private periodicals (personals), photographs, and other material from Richard L. Schlegel, 1959-1972. Schlegel was a gay civil rights activist who pursued a wrongful termination suit against the Department of the Army to the Supreme Court. During the 1960s and early 1970s he also published two quarterly gay publications based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Schneiderman (William) Trial records (0036)
    Judge's records of the in the denaturalization proceedings against William Schneiderman in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California trial, under the Smith Act in 1952; defendant had been State Chairman of the Communist Party (CPUSA) 1936-51.
  • Schnurmann family papers (6036)
    Alfred Schnurmann (born 1905 in Mulhouse, Alsace-Lorraine) was the son of a prosperous Jewish wool merchant. In 1940, Alfred and his daughter Marion were able to obtain visas to the United States as part of the "French" quota, and traveled to the U.S. via Japan and settled in San Francisco. Alfred worked at the Richelieu Hotel and then for Levi Strauss before getting a job in 1945 with the Southern Pacific Railroad. He worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad until his retirement in 1983. In 1950, Alfred married his girlfriend Faye Faber. The collection contains photographs, negatives, and slides dating from the 1890s to the 1980s, many of them taken in Germany before and during World War II, including some family photos. Also included in this collection are letters to Schnurmann from relatives and associates. Numerous letters are from family members in Palestine and the new state of Israel. Correspondence between Alfred and his daughter Marion, during her stay at the Wyk orphanage in the 1930s, is also included. In addition, there are many legal documents including notarized birth, marriage, and death certificates for Alfred’s ancestors. Original birth and marriage certificates of Alfred and Marion Schnurmann are also included, as well as citizenship documents. The collection contains a few family trees for Alfred Schnurmann, various newspaper articles about post-Nazi Germany, newspaper articles with tips for financial well-being, and papers relating to Alfred’s work with the Southern Pacific Railroad.
  • Schorer (Mark) typescript (0156)
    Typescript of Schorer's (1908-1977) Sinclair Lewis: An American Life (McGraw-Hill, 1961).
  • Schwartz (Andrew M.) collection on cross-dressing (Coll2008.060)
    Postcards, photographs, and other materials, the majority portraying cross-dressing in entertainment. The materials include a series of advertising cards, 1882-circa 1892, satirizing Oscar Wilde and "Aesthetics", a 1917 publicity still of Julian Eltinge in the film The Clever Mrs. Carfax, a 1919 program for his Vaudeville Review, a postcard autographed in 1919 by "Marina, transformiste", and an undated postcard of Émile Grandsart, "The French Fregoli" and "Original Transformist".
  • Scofield (General Leland R.) collection of Mexican Revolution photographs and documents (0024)
    Photographs and documents of the U.S. Army campaign against Pancho Villa in northern Mexico, in 1916.
  • Scofield (Stewart) Collection on RFD (Coll2011.072)
    Correspondence, flyers, clippings, conference agenda, and a photograph from Stewart Scofield documenting the early publishing history, 1970s, of RFD (Rural Free Delivery), "a country journal by gay men." The publication formed out of an attempt to establish a gay commune.
  • Scott (Shelly) collection of USC button badges (5280)
    Collection of USC buttons, 19730-220 and undated.
  • Scott Shot Oedipus Motorcycle Club Photographs (Coll2012.023)
    Scott Shot photographs of an Oedipus Motorcycle Club event crowning Oedipus Rex XIV, 1965.
  • Scotti (Don) Papers (Coll2011.073)
    Clippings, correspondence, contractual documents, and manuscripts from New York-based gay actor and performer Don Scotti, circa 1975-1980.
  • Scribes (The) records (0022)
    This collection contains records pertaining to the operations of the The Scribes club, which was founded in 1897 and met every other Tuesday evening in Los Angeles. Club records include correspondence, membership rosters, bylaws, minutes of meetings, and clippings files on club members.
  • Scripts (gay and lesbian drama) collection (Coll2008.003)
    Stage and motion picture scripts, screenplays, synopses, treatments, and music and lyrics, most with a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender theme or possibly by a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person.
  • Scripts and transcripts (gay and lesbian television) collection (Coll2008.001)
    Scripts and transcripts of broadcast and cable network television programs, specials, and made-for-television movies, most with a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender theme. The bulk of the collection contains scripts from the series Brothers (1984-1989) and Ellen (1994-1998).
  • Sea of Korea Map Collection (3259)
    The Sea of Korea Maps Digital Archive consists of 172 original old maps (1606-1895) which include the "Sea of Korea". They help to illustrate how the West's image of East Asia evolved over the course of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Additional information and inventory can be accessed at:; digital images can be accessed at:^SUBJECT^GENERAL^^words%20or%20phrase&searchdata1=sea%20of%20korea%20maps&searchoper1=AND&sort_by=PBYR&match_on=KEYWORD
  • Searles (Anna Hawley) collection of Edwin Diller Starbuck and Herbert L. Searles papers (0284)
    The collections consist of publications; publications proofs; research notes; correspondence files; lecture notes and course assignments; receipts and cancelled checks; photograph, half-tone blocks, and transparencies; a scrapbook; and personal artifacts representing the personal papers and research of Edwin Diller Starbuck (1900 to 1955), Herbert L. Searles (ca. 1924 to 1959), Anna Hawley Searles (1948 to 1951). Edwin Diller Starbuck (1866-1947) was a prominent teacher of philosophy, psychology, and education. Dr. Starbuck became associated with USC as professor of philosophy and later professor of psychology until his retirement in 1943. Herbert Leon Searles (1891-1980) was a professor of philosophy at USC from 1930-1957 and was associate director of the Institute of Character Education and Research. His wife, Anna Hawley Searles, served at USC as an administrator.
  • Sebesta (Ed) Papers (Coll2014.019)
    Correspondence, articles, manuscripts, clippings, questionnaires, surveys, research papers, newsletter editorial records, press releases, fliers, and photographs of Ed Sebesta, 1964-1995. The papers primarily document his work for the Lesbian and Gay Associated Engineers and Scientists (LGAES), his personal and professional connections in Asia, and his involvement and interest in gay rights causes.
  • Sellars (Crighton) Papers (0082)
    Typescript of Sellars's (b.1881) historical novel Contrary Winds (Doubleday, 1948); author's full name: Irma Peixotto Sellars.
  • Sender (Ramon J.) typescripts (0108)
    Corrected typescripts of Sender's (1901-1983) Poesias y memorias bisientas (Destino, 1981) and En la vida de Ignacio Morell (Planeta, 1969). Sender lectured at USC during the 1960s.
  • Serchia (Paul) papers (Coll2013.074)
    Editorial copy, organizational records, correspondence, clippings, flyers, photographs, and other material, 1975-2010, from Los Angeles journalist and AIDS activist, Paul Serchia. Materials document his involvement with AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and the Los Angeles committee of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.
  • Several (Michael) collection on Los Angeles Public Art (0316)
    The Michael Several collection on Los Angeles Public Art consists of materials related to public art in Los Angeles. The collection dates from 1903-2000 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1980-2000. The collection includes article clippings, public records, photographs, slides, negatives, memorandums, brochures, art event notices, meeting minutes, project proposals, press releases, and correspondence about public art (murals, paintings, sculptures, etc.) in and around Los Angeles County.
  • Sexual Law Reporter records (Coll2013.020)
    The Sexual Law Reporter was a non-profit organization founded in Los Angeles in 1974 to protect sexual civil liberties by informing the law community on statutory and case law in the field of sexuality. From 1974 to 1979, the Sexual Law Reporter performed research and presented analysis in the form of a quarterly, self-titled newsletter edited and published by Thomas F. Coleman. The collection includes editorial copies, rough drafts, and paste-ups of the newsletter. Also included in the collection are founding documents, mailing lists, and board of directors' records.
  • Shaffer (Max E.) papers (5275)
    Exams and instructional material, maps, and navigation equipment collected and created by Max E. Shaffer during the early 1940s. Shaffer studied at USC's Naval Preparatory School, the Naval Air Reserve educational center in New Orleans, and later at the Naval Air Transport Service Command Advanced Naval Air Navigation program in Corpus Christi. Also included are some of Shaffer's military orders.
  • Sheet music collection (0092)
    Bound volumes of songs, ca. 1850; loose sheet music (vocals) ca. 1880-1950.
  • Shepodd (Lynn) Los Angeles Pride Parade Photographs (Coll2012.094)
    Lynn Shepodd photographs of the Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade, including an image of Gloria Allred, 1982.
  • Shere (Michael) Papers (Coll2014.015)
    This collection consists of Michael Shere's written works and personal papers, 1971-1994. Michael Shere worked as a theatrical performer, script writer, set and sound designer, and composer for 25 years. He also was an activist for the LGBT community, including for AIDS organizations such as Artists Confronting AIDS and the AIDS Service Center.
  • Shivers (Rob) First Texas Gay Conference Photographs (Coll2012.020)
    Rob Shivers photographs of speakers at the first Texas Gay Conference/Caucus on June 21, 1974. Includes images of Barbara Gittings, Frank Kameny, and Ken Cyr.
  • Shneidre (Peter) papers (0163)
    This collection contains the papers of Peter Shneidre, who ran the small poetry press Illuminati Press and who published a number of small poetry periodicals. Shneidre was also a nationally published poet and he corresponded with a number of poets about both business and personal matters between 1980 and his death in 2007. This collection also includes the financial records of Illuminati Press and the Press's publication files.
  • Shores (Allen G.) Democratic National Convention Photographs (Coll2012.009)
    Photographs taken by Allen Shores at the 1980 Democratic National Convention.
  • Shroyer (Frederick) papers (0145)
    This collection contains the papers of Frederick Shroyer, who was a professor of English and American Literature at California State University--Los Angeles. His papers include typescripts of some of his novels and two unpublished manuscripts.
  • Shulman (Irving) papers (0021)
    This collection contains the papers of the novelist, screenwriter, and biographer Irving Shulman, who is best known for writing the screenplay for Rebels Without a Cause. His papers include manuscripts and typescripts of screenplays, short stories, novels, and biographies.
  • Siegel (Shirley Adelson) papers (0303)
    Between 1947 and 1950, attorney and housing rights advocate Shirley Adelson Siegel lived in Los Angeles and became deeply involved with pro bono committee work related to the promotion of civil rights and affordable housing. Although she lived in Los Angeles for less than four years, her work helped shape legislation that was later developed at both the local and state levels. The collection consists of publications, press releases, correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, and supplemental materials related to her work in the areas of affordable housing and urban redevelopment policy.
  • Sigma Xi Records (0266)
    Sigma Xi Records contain correspondece, petitions, and a flyer, 1917-1971, regarding the founding of a chapter of the scientific research society at the University of Southern California.
  • Silver Lake Neighborhood Council History Collective/Bob Herzog Memorial Archives (0393)
    The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council History Collective was founded in 2005 by community activist Bea Gold. Its mission is to preserve the oral histories of long-term residents, business owners, artists and other interesting residents of Silver Lake and nearby communities to create an archive of the unique history of the neighborhood for future generations. By the beginning of 2012, the committee had done over fifty video interviews involving more than seventy people. The breadth of the interviews is extraordinary. They include memories from the great-grandchild of a slave, a Japanese-American doctor who was interned at the Santa Anita racetrack during World War II as well as many people who have lived all their lives in Silver Lake.
  • Silverthorn (Richard Jay) papers (Coll2013.069)
    Manuscripts, screenplays, adaptations, research materials, publisher and personal correspondence, handwritten and typed notes, personal and business related financial records, resumes, clippings, awards, photographs, and films of Richard Jay Silverthorn, 1952-1986. Born Marshall Stuart Goldman, Silverthorn was a writer, filmmaker, and gay activist.
  • Siminoski (Dan) collection on Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance of gays and lesbians (Coll2007.002)
    The collection comprises materials received, collected, and created by Dan Siminoski in the course of prosecuting his 1982 request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and the subsequent 1983 lawsuit, for copies of FBI documents relating to the Bureau's surveillance of gays and lesbians from 1950 to 1982. The materials include photocopies of approximately 2,200 documents (7,000 pages) from FBI Headquarters and various regional offices, relating primarily to the Daughters of Bilitis, Gay Activists Alliance, Gay Liberation Front, and the Mattachine Society, as well as indexes, summaries, and various statistical analyses of these documents. Additional materials include the legal filings in the case, litigation correspondence, drafts by Siminoski and his counsel of various legal filings, and materials relating to Siminoski's speaking tour and media campaign to publicize his lawsuit. Personal and professional materials in the collection include personal correspondence, copies and drafts of scholarly articles, conference presentations, Siminoski's syndicated column for Stonewall Features, and pieces for other publications; his academic vita; and his will.
  • Simonton (Richard) Collection of Welte system-recorded piano rolls (0176)
    Player piano rolls recorded with the Emil Welte system by prominent European and American musicians, 1905-1920; catalogs of the Welte Company in Freiburg, Germany. The collection was brought to the United States in 1945 by Simonton, and some of the performances have since been released on modern recordings.
  • Skir (Leo) College Discovery Photographs (Coll2012.021)
    Leo Skir photographs of the College Discovery location and participants. Two photographs are labeled as Fort Dix, while another has the date July 26, 1972. Photographs include images of Edger Cayce, Meher Bara, Shelly Goldstein, Joe Kennedy, Lou Todd, Terry Stirling, and Stark Smith.
  • Skull and Dagger Society records (0272)
    Collection of records of Skull and Dagger, the oldest honor society at USC. The purpose of the Society is the furtherance of the name and the reputation of the University of Southern California.
  • Slater (Don)/Homosexual Information Center collection (Coll2013.085)
    Correspondence, membership records, publications, promotional material, clippings, subject files, financial records, and court records of the Homosexual Information Center, 1965-1998. Also includes the personal correspondence, financial records, medical and insurance records, photographs, and memorial service materials of Don Slater, 1957-1997. A longtime Los Angeles gay activist, Don Slater was one of the founders of ONE Incorporated in 1952 and the founder of the Homosexual Information Center in 1965.
  • Smith (Donna M.) papers (Coll2006.002)
    Correspondence, photographs, vacation journals, and educational materials, 1940s to 1992, documenting the life of Donna M. Smith; her relationship with her partner of 40 years, Valerie Jarrard; her relationship to other friends, in particular Celia Hunter, Ruth Poirier and Doris Pressler; and her involvement with lesbian and gay rights, the environment, and animal welfare.
  • Smith (Nancy) collection of sheet music (1004)
    Collection consists of Sheet Music of Late 19th and early 20th Century American popular songs.
  • Smith (Samuel J.) Civil War diary and snuffbox (6002)
    From August 1863 to July 1864, Samuel J. Smith, a private in the Confederate Army, kept a pocket diary noting daily events, camp life, news of his family, and the weather. Notable entries include his wounding and the death of his brother near Brandy Station on September 13, 1863, recovery at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, the presence of African-American soldiers near his home while on leave, reunion with his regiment in April 1864, and the Battle of the Wilderness in May 1864.
  • Smith (Ware R.) diaries (Coll2008.029)
    Journals and notebooks kept by Ware R. Smith, an openly gay teacher/professor and writer who died of AIDS in 1986. The bulk of the collection consists of Smith's fifteen journals and the loose items he stored in them, documenting his life experience from 1952 to shortly before his death. The collection also includes two notebooks of his writings from 1956-1958.
  • Social Work Education collection (0454)
    The Social Work Education collection consists of publications, articles, and professional information on the pedagogy of social work and the correlative topic of social work as a profession. These holdings did not originate as an organic collection created by one organization or person, but were collected from materials in the USC School of Social Work Library or else from materials donated to the CSWA, which were then incorporated into this collection. The geographical scope of the material includes not only southern California, but the United States as a whole. The collection also includes material by a dean of the School of Social Work, University of Southern California.
  • Society for Individual Rights (SIR) Records (Coll2011.075)
    Meeting minutes, flyers, correspondence, bylaws, press releases, proposals, policy statements, articles, pamphlets, surveys, financial documents, advertisements, articles of incorporation, clippings, municipal permits, legal documents, event programs, constitution, photographs, manuscripts, and other material documenting activities of the Society for Individual Rights (S.I.R.), 1964-1977. Founded in San Francisco in 1964, SIR's goals included public affirmation of gay and lesbian identity, elimination of victimless crime laws, providing a range of social services (including legal aid) to "gays in difficulties," and promoting a sense of a gay and lesbian community. This collection documents SIR's existance into the late-1970s.
  • Society for Senior Gay and Lesbian Citizens Records (Coll2011.083)
    Correspondence, pamphlets, press releases, flyers, meeting minutes, fundraising mailers, articles of association, bylaws, meeting attendance lists, and other material documenting activities of the Society for Senior Gay and Lesbian Citizens (SSLGC), 1980-1985. According to the SSGLC's mission statement, the organization was founded "to extend help and support to their older gay and lesbian brothers and sisters on all levels of economic, spiritual, and physical need."
  • Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists (SOLGA) records (Coll2012.176)
    The collection consists primarily of administrative records of the Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists (SOLGA), 1981-1995, bulk 1987-1995. SOLGA (originally the Anthropological Research Group on Homosexuality (ARGOH), 1978-1987) is a group within the American Anthropological Association (AAA) created to advocate for the "the 'scholarly legitimacy' of anthropological studies on homosexuality," as well as "recognition within the association."
  • Southeastern Arts, Media and Education (SAME) Project records (Coll2008.020)
    Play submissions, correspondence, membership information, administrative records, and publications of the Southeastern Arts Media and Entertainment (SAME) Project, 1985 to 1996.
  • Southern California Building Funds records (0491)
    This capital fund was established at the end of World War II by Southern California business leaders who recognized that the rapidly increasing population of the area could not adequately be served by health and welfare institutions operating in facilities that had already been outgrown and outworn during the Depression and war years. In the 38 years of its existence the fund disbursed over $26 million for construction purposes. Corporate mergers and acquisitions eroded its historic funding base in the 1980s, and when contributions dropped sharply during the business recession of the early 1990s fund members voted to discontinue the program, effective November 1, 1992.
  • Southern California Council on Religion and the Homophile records (Coll2008.057)
    Official records for the Southern California Council on Religion and the Homophile for the years 1965-1968, including copies of the articles of incorporation and by-laws; minutes of the pre-foundation planning committee and of the Board of Trustees and general membership meetings from June 1965 to August 1968; and several contemporary membership lists. The collection also contains a notebook of the Rev. Ken Wahrenbrock, Secretary of the organization, and manuscript materials from the papers of gay activist and journalist Jim Kepner, a founder of the organization, who served as Wahrenbrock's pro-tem and later succeeded him as Secretary. These include his detailed handwritten notes of Board meetings for the years 1965-1972; a file on the 4th North American Conference of Homophile Organizations (NACHO) in 1968, to which Kepner served as a delegate; and a file of notes on the early history of the organization and its parent, the Council on Religion and the Homosexual, in San Francisco. The collection also contains a file of correspondence; informational brochures; flyers and announcements of the organization's monthly meetings and other activities; and copies of the nine issues of the organization's newsletter, Concern, published irregularly from 1966 through 1969.
  • Southern California Harvey Milk Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club Records (Coll2011.089)
    Meeting minutes, flyers, press releases, meeting agendas, election endorsements, correspondence, questionnaires, bylaws, member list, and other material documenting activities of the Southern California Harvey Milk Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club, 1980-1986. The organization was founded in Los Angeles in 1980 to "work with the Democratic Party to bring Gay and Lesbian rights to the forefront of political campaigns, work on local community issues, register voters and lobby for legislation which upholds the rights of Lesbians and Gays throughout our communities."
  • Southern California housing reports and photographs collection (0436)
    The Collection of Southern California housing reports and photographs consists of reports, photographs, studies, housing authority materials, and a speech, 1937-1972, related to the problem of affordable housing in Los Angeles. The reports were authored by the Los Angeles City Housing Authority, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission, and the Claremont Colleges. The photographs provide visual evidence of slum housing in Los Angeles in the 1940s.
  • Southern California Rainbow Society of the Deaf (SCRSD) records (Coll2008.031)
    Administrative records and newsletters, 1977-1979, of the Southern California Rainbow Society of the Deaf (SCRSD), the Los Angeles chapter of the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. The collection includes newsletters from the national Alliance and other regional chapters.
  • Southern California Rapid Transit District records (0026)
    This collection contains the files kept by Dr. Norman Topping for part of the time he served on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Rapid Transit District. Topping was the president of USC from 1958-1970. His files on the SCRTD include correspondence, publications, minutes, and maps documenting the agency's operations in the second half of the 1960s.
  • Southern California Women for Understanding records (Coll2011.076)
    Survey records, meeting minutes, newsletter editorial material, photographs, negatives, correspondence, financial records, event programs, press releases, manuscripts, promotional material, and other material documenting the activities of Southern California Women for Understanding (SCWU), 1975-1998. Founded in 1976, SCWU was an organization of women "dedicated to creating an atmosphere of understanding of Lesbian issues within both the homosexual and heterosexual communities." Notably, this collection includes numerous photographs and textual content used in the publication of the SCWU newsletter, as well as a 1988 survey of 1000 lesbian women.
  • Space program photographs and ephemera collection (0067)
    Official publicity photographs, ephemera, from the first NASA programs, 1960-70.
  • Spaulding (Bill Wuzzy) papers (Coll2013.097)
    Administrative records, correspondence, legislation campaign material, publicity material, fundraising records, personal papers and other material, 1981-2009, from Los Angeles gay activist Bill Wuzzy Spaulding. The bulk of the collection is organizational records from the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Committee of the California Community Foundation, Christopher Street West, Imperial Courts in Southern California, Lobby for Individual Freedom and Equality (LIFE AIDS Lobby), the campaign against California proposition 64 (also known as the LaRouche initiative), and the Gay and Lesbian Police Advisory Task Force for the City of West Hollywood.
  • Speakers' Club of Los Angeles records (0097)
    This collection contains the records of the Speakers' Club of Los Angeles for the years 1931-1935. Established in 1931, the club aimed to facilitate cooperation between government officials and agencies and the public.
  • Spear (R.R.) blueprints and sketches (0319)
    The collection is comprised of a subdivision map as well as specifications, blueprints, and sketches of several structures constructed in South Los Angeles between 1910 and 1930.
  • Special Service for Groups records (0457)
    This small collection of reports, correspondence, and studies, documents the activities of Special Service for Groups, 1948-1983. Included are documents describing the history of the organization, independent evaluations of the work of the agency's social workers, documentation for an agency study, and various reports and research papers.
  • Spencer (David) Papers (Coll2012.008)
    Correspondence, manuscripts, press release, flyers, photographs, and other material, 1975-1984, from David Spencer (also known as David Schwinkendorf). Spencer was a gay activist living in Los Angeles.
  • Sprenger (Larry) papers (Coll2012.167)
    The Larry Sprenger papers consists of notes, correspondence, and records documenting the professional and private life of Larry Sprenger, an insurance salesman and political activist, in the 1980s and 1990s. The bulk of the collection, from 1983 to 1985, represents Sprenger's work as a member of two AIDS legislation research organizations and his involvement as a speaker and fundraiser for various political groups.
  • Sprinkle (Annie) Collection (0198)
    Printed work of the performance artist Annie Sprinkle.
  • Stamps and stamp catalogs collection (0129)
    Stamp collections (generalist and U.S.) in albums formerly belonging to Charles F. Weiss, Elsie E. Behrens, and President von KleinSmid; stamp catalogs 1903-1940.
  • Standley (Admiral William H.) papers (0005)
    These papers document both the personal and professional life of Admiral William H. Standley (1872-1963), naval officer, United States government official and diplomat, and California civic leader.
  • Stanislaus County Welfare Commission and Welfare Department records (0455)
    The Stansilaus County Welfare Commission and Welfare Department records consists of materials created by these two entities (subsequently renamed the Stanislaus County Department of Social Services, and now the Community Services Agency). The collection's material is all textual and ranges from ledgers to photocopies of legal agreements; chronologically the material spans the period 1919-1986.
  • Star Photo Company Missouri Theatre photograph album (6001)
    Album of photographs created by the Star Photo Company, St. Louis, depicting interiors of the Missouri Theatre in St. Louis, orchestras, stage scenes from theatrical presentations, and prologues for moving picture programs presented at the theater. Each photograph is captioned and dated.
  • Stebel (S.L. "Sid") typescripts (0106)
    Typescipts of a novel, Spring Thaw (Walker, 1989), by the novelist, screenwriter, playwright, writing teacher, and USC alumnus (b.1924).
  • Steinberg (Warren L.) papers (0348)
    The papers of Warren L. Steinberg date from 1944 to 1998 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1966 to 1997. The papers focus on Steinberg's involvement with the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, an organization that Steinberg was involved with until his death in 2004.
  • Stereographic Library Collection (0038)
    Encyclopedia of stereographic views, pre-1920s, classified by countries and geographical areas; some miscellaneous views; stereopticon viewers.
  • Stern (Catherine G.) papers (0301)
    Catherine G. Stern was a social activist for civil and human rights. The papers contain correspondence, administrative papers, reports, and publications from the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, the Community Relations Conference of Southern California, the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights, and other civic, educational, and artistic organizations with which Stern was involved.
  • Stevens (Lyal H.) erotic writings (Coll2006.009)
    Carbon copy typescripts of 29 gay erotic novels (and a work copy of one additional novel) and three gay erotic short stories written by Lyal H. Stevens between 1972 and 1979 using a variety of pseudonyms, including Peter Pepper, Sebastian Lamb, Llewellyn Hollingsworthy, E. Rex Dix, and Lon Savage.
  • Stewart (Chuck) research and advocacy papers (Coll2013.013)
    Chuck Stewart was a published author and education specialist best known for his award-winning book Sexually Stigmatized Communities –Reducing Heterosexism and Homophobia: An Awareness Training Manual and its accompanying workshops which provided educational training concerning sexual minorities to colleges and in the workplace. This collection consists of the research articles, notes, and manuals assembled and authored by Stewart, bulk 1980-2003, including research for the books: Sexually Stigmatized Communities, Homosexuality and the Law, The Greenwood Encyclopedia of LGBT Issues Worldwide, and the training materials for Sexual Orientation Awareness Training for Law Enforcement.
  • Stewart (George H.) scrapbooks (0047)
    Collection consists of three scrapbooks created by George H. Stewart containing personal social mementos like tickets, souvenir menus, and acknowledgments and newspaper clippings on political topics.
  • Stickel (Bob) Nude Male Photographs (Coll2012.095)
    Bob Stickel's As We Are (AWA) full-body portraits of nude males, 1988-1994.
  • Stifler (Sarah) papers (Coll2008.071)
    Journal articles, newspaper clippings, dissertations, bibliographies, correspondence, flyers, slides and photographs collected by art scholar Sarah Stifler who researched the materials for her doctoral dissertation, Slippery When Wet: Visibility Politics and Lesbian Art in Los Angeles from 1970 to the Present (2002). The bulk of the materials are photocopies, and the content documents significant people and organizations in the development of lesbian and feminist art, including the Los Angeles Woman's Building, the Feminist Art Program at the California Institute of the Arts, the Feminist Studio Workshop and the Great American Lesbian Art Show.
  • Still (William Grant) Collection (0071)
    Draft biography of the pioneering Black composer-conductor; articles by and about Still (1895-1978); copy of Rostros de Bronce (1964) by Nestor Ortiz Oderigo containing biographical treatment of Still.
  • Stoddard (Alexander J.) papers (0013)
    This collection contains the papers of Alexander J. Stoddard (1889-1965). His papers include correspondence, reports, speeches, photographs, and clippings documenting his tenures as Superintendent of Schools in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Denver.
  • Stone (Gregory Freeman) collection on the Robert F. Kennedy assassination (0241)
    The collection includes files accumulated by Gregory Freemen Stone during his investigation into the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.
  • Stonewall Democratic Club records (Coll2013.001)
    Bylaws, meeting minutes, endorsements, informational pamphlets and flyers, promotional material, event programs, photographs, and clippings of the Los Angeles Stonewall Democratic Club, 1975-1995. Although the records include those from the Santa Monica and Pasadena/Glendale Stonewall Democratic Clubs as well as the San Francisco Stonewall Gay Democratic Club, the records primarily document the early years of the Los Angeles Stonewall Democratic Club, which started in 1975 as the first political action group for progressive Democrats who were lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight allies of the LGBT community.
  • Story (Ralph) outtakes and television programs (0249)
    The collection includes outtake reels from the television show Ralph Story's Los Angeles and footage (some including sound) from the 1971-1972 season of the show Story in Hollywood.
  • Strack (Joel) Orlando Public Library Display Photographs (Coll2012.022)
    Joel Strack photographs of a display on gay facts at the Orlando Public Library in Orlando, Florida, 1989.
  • Stravinsky (Igor) correspondence on The Rake's Progress (0302)
    The Igor Stravinsky correspondence on The Rake's Progress consists of correspondence, dated May 1950 to May 1951, between Stravinsky and his lawyer in New York, L. Arnold Weissberger, concerning the mounting of his opera, The Rake's Progress. The letters discuss business matters pertaining to the production of the opera, financial support for the work, where to stage the premier, locations for the opera's American debut, problems associated with Italian singers performing in English, and various other financial and administrative matters pertaining to the completion and production of the work.
  • Strom (Gregg) papers (Coll2012.161)
    The collection consists of business and legal documents pertaining to Greg Strom's gay erotica company Bryx International, as well as legal and tax documents relating to Strom's personal affairs, 1981-1993. Strom was a bodybuilder and model for gay erotica, most notably for his own company Bryx International.
  • Stuart (Jason) collection (Coll2013.064)
    Promotional materials, programs, and recordings of the acting and stand-up comedy performances of Jason Stuart, 1982-2009. Stuart is a openly gay stand-up comedian as well as a theater, television, and movie actor.
  • Student Radical newspapers (0181)
    Random issues of Berkeley Barb, L.A. Free Press, Grassroots, and others.
  • Studio and distributor marketing ephemera collection (Coll2012.170)
    Fliers, brochures, and clippings of marketing materials of studios and distributors of erotic images and products. Studios and distributors marketed a variety products including artworks, photographs, moving images, and assorted products. The collection documents the advertising and distribution of gay erotic materials. Advertisements were placed in magazines and newspapers marketed to gay men. Studios and distributors would primarily send fliers, catalogs, and requested merchandise through the mail.
  • Sully (Robert) papers (1011)
    Robert Sully was an actor and a designer. In addition to working for such well known firms as Raymond Loewy Associates, he also founded his own design firm, the Argonaut Company. He earned a Masters and Ph.D from Claremont Graduate School, and taught at UC Santa Barbara on advertising and culture. The papers include photographs, typescripts, interview transcripts, and letters for a planned photographic essay on concert artists.
  • Super-Men Pageant photographs and promotional material (Coll2013.051)
    Photographs, programs, and promotional material from the Los Angeles based, all-male beauty contest, the Super-Men Pageant, 1981-1990.
  • Surlingham Manor Papers (0042)
    Family and property records, deeds, handwritten histories pertaining to Surlingham Manor, near Norfolk, England, 17th - 19th century; includes indentured inheritance documents. The materials in the archive consist of: --72 pages of court records, of average size 34" x 13", hand lettered in Latin on parchment, detailing the court proceedings of the Manor of Surlingham from Sept. 29, 1658 to Sept. 29, 1683. --14 large and small volumes of bound books dating from 1637 to the 1930s, mostly hand lettered and written, supplementing the above. --A lot of letters, deeds and conveyances pertaining to the Manor together with old and modern maps of the Manor which is listed in Burke's Landed Gentry, Volume 17. This collection is on permanent loan to the Norwich Record Office.
  • Surmelian (Leon) typescript (0044)
    Typescript of Surmelian's (b.1905) novel, 98.6 (Dutton, 1950); the Armenian-American author was professor of English at CSU, Los Angeles.
  • Szidak (Stuart) Photographs (Coll2012.024)
    The photographs consist of images of friends gathering at homes and on the beach, of a Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade, and of Radical Faeries gatherings, 1981-1985, undated.