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  • UCLA Gay Awareness Week records (Coll2013.054)
    Proposal, budget, planning, promotion, and evaluation records of the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) Gay Students Union for the first three UCLA Gay Awareness Week events, 1974-1976. The Gay Students Union organized five days of speeches and panels for Gay Awareness Week to focus on "the problems of gay people in today's society."
  • Ulrey (Albert B. and Florence Speicher) papers (0258)
    Letters, ephemera, notes, and pamphlets created and collected by USC Professor of Botany and Zoology Alfred B. Ulrey, and his wife, USC alumna Florence Speicher Ulrey, documenting aspects of the history of USC and Ulrey's teaching and scientific research interests.
  • Underground erotic graphics and literature collection (Coll2012.180)
    An artificial collection of unauthored erotic literature and art (graphics) believed to have been created between 1940 and 1980. The theme of these works is almost exclusively homosexual, although there are some rare instances of bisexual and heterosexual encounters with gay overtones. The bulk of this collection consists of photocopied materials, however there some original typesets and original copies of literature and graphics.
  • Union Pacific Railroad Tidelands records (0243)
    When the Union Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad merged in 1997 and the former did a housecleaning of its inventory, many of the Union Pacific's archival materials were saved. The records that were donated to USC were chiefly those that were generated in the 1940s and 50s as part of the Tidelands controversies, concerning the Los Angeles / Long Beach / Wilmington harbor areas, and documenting channels, wetlands, islands, elevations, and shoreline. In addition to many maps, drawings, and historical files, the records consist of many volumes of land surveys (done by civil engineer Francis Bates) which were done in the old tidelands area in the 1930s and 40s. Mr. Bates also obtained copies of many of the original rancho documents for this area (e.g. Rancho Los Cerritos) to provide a complete history of the harbor, onshore and offshore.
  • United Men's Health Clubs Collection (Coll2011.084)
    Financial records, job applications, article, deeds of sale, correspondence, legal documents, lease contracts, business listings, membership lists, and other material documenting activities of United Men's Health Clubs, 1976-1984. The collection largely consists of financial documents concerned with the purchase of Glen's for Men, a chain of Turkish bathhouses in five Southern California locations.
  • United States Mission Collection (Coll2012.125)
    Correspondence, financial documents, flyers, notes, meeting minutes, articles, legal documents, press releases, pamphlets, essays, and other material documenting activities of the United States Mission of Los Angeles' gay and lesbian community, 1970-2002. The U.S. Mission was a non-sectarian religious organization founded in 1962 by Rev. Robert Humphries to provide social services to homeless residents of downtown Los Angeles; and, beginning in the late-1960s, advocating for gay and lesbian rights and social services.
  • United Way of Los Angeles records (0438)
    The material in this collection is textual, its records consisting of committee minutes and agendas; research papers, reports, and studies (both published and unpublished); by-laws, United Way organizational papers such as statements of philosophy, memoranda, etc. The collection's material spans the years 1953-1991, with the majority dating from the decade of the 1970s.
  • University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communications, Annenberg Center For Study of the American Experience Records (0262)
    Records, tapes, and transcripts from conferences held by the Center for the Study of the American Experience from 1978-1981.
  • University of Southern California Center for the Humanities records (0277)
    Transcripts of, and brochures and proposals for conferences held at the Center, including Vietnam Reconsidered, 1983, Symposium of the Whole, 1983, and Anti-Semitism Conference, 1982; completed programs and faculty research, 1976-1980.
  • University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology records (0274)
    The USC Davis School of Gerontology records chronicle the development of Genrontology at USC, 1964-1987. Erected as a tribute to Ethel Percy Andrus, the Andrus Gerontology Center is committed to understanding aging and preparing professionals to work in an aging society. Founded in 1975, the Davis School is the nation's first professional School of Gerontology. With its own faculty representing various disciplines, the School is able to offer students a wide range of scientific and professional Gerontology courses.
  • University of Southern California Doheny Memorial Library Charlotte M. Brown Records (0279)
    Materials concerning the construction of the Edward L. Doheny Memorial Library, consisting of office files, minutes of planning meetings, correspondence and memoranda, blueprints and drawings of original architectural plans, catalogs, and reprints of ergonomic studies of furnishings.
  • University of Southern California Libraries Administration records (0289)
    Administrative files from the office of the University Librarian, 1968-2000.
  • University of Southern California Office of Academic Affairs records (0260)
    Administration: Paul E. Hadley, Vice President, 1957-81, Accreditation Reports, 1960-81, Academic Vice President, Milton C. Kloetzel, 1965-72.
  • University of Southern California Office of the Provost records (0384)
    The records, audiotapes and video tapes, photographs, ephemera, and artifacts of the University of Southern California Office of the Provost. As the second ranking official and the chief academic officer, the Office of the Provost provides academic leadership to the University of Southern California (USC). In addition, materials document the administration of the international Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, which is considered the premier award for environmental science, environmental health and energy conferring great benefit upon mankind. The Tyler Prize is now administered by the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.
  • University of Southern California Office of University Affairs Records (0286)
    Collection consists of the administrative papers of Thomas Nickell, Vice President, and Leonard R. Wines, Assc. Vice President, University Relations, 1958-84.
  • University of Southern California Office of University Relations records (0288)
    News releases, clipping files, biographical and background files.
  • University of Southern California oral histories (0180)
    Tapes and transcripts of interviews conducted by librarian Dr. Robert Knutson on behalf of the University between 1960-70.
  • University of Southern California School of Continuing Education records (0267)
    Administrative files from Office of the Dean, 1973 - 1986; Education, Skills & Professional Development, 1979-84.
  • University of Southern California School of Library Science records (0280)
    Records of the University of Southern California School of Library Science (1936-1986), including those of Martha Boaz, Dean of the School from 1955-1978. Consists of correspondence, notes, minutes, manuscripts, scrapbooks, publications, and ephemera related to the School's educational and administrative activites.
  • University of Southern California School of Philosophy records (5095)
    The University of Southern California School of Philosophy was established in 1929 by the USC Board of Trustees, replacing the Department of Philosophy. The first director of the School was Ralph Tyler Flewelling, who previously served as chair of the deparment and was instrumental in getting the School approved. These records primarily contain the administrative files of the early School directors, beginning with Flewelling, followed by Daniel S. Robinson, W.H. Werkmeister, and John Hospers, and professional files and some personal files of Flewelling and Robinson, as well as several faculty members, including B.A.G Fuller, Heinrich Gomperz, Paul Helsel, and F.C.S. Schiller. In addition, the records contain files on the James Harmon Hoose Library of Philosophy, The Personalist, and selected students. The dates of the collection are 1889-1988 (bulk dates, 1903-1977).
  • University of Southern California School of Public Administration records (0295)
    The collection contains records of the USC School of Public Administration from its inception as the USC Institute of Government through 1985. Records include correspondence and other administrative documents, records of Institutes and other joint projects, contracts, faculty papers, and similar materials.
  • University of Southern California School of Social Work records (0294)
    The records of the USC School of Social Work include administrative, curriculum, and professional materials created by the faculty of the School. Also included are Alumni Association papers and materials created by various student associations and caucuses. This is an on-going collection.
  • University of Southern California Women in Management Records (0355)
    Organizational archive of Women in Management, which was formed in 1979 in response to the need for an organization for women in leadership positions at the University of Southern California. Originally composed of about 20 visionary women, the compelling forces driving the formation of Women in Management included the need for increased representation of women in responsible University positions, equal pay for men and women holding similar positions, and the provision of a forum in which women could develop leadership skills. The purpose of the organization remains the same today as it was then - to provide a forum for communication, professional development, and career opportunities for women at USC.
  • University of Southern California Youth Studies Center records (0459)
    This small collection documents the activities of USC's Youth Studies Center. Included are Advisory Council meeting minutes, reports created and published by the Center, brochures and pamphlets documenting Center projects, correspondence, grant applications, and lists of projects and affiliated faculty.
  • Update (San Diego) Collection (Coll2011.094)
    Correspondence, flyers, clippings, and article typescripts from the San Diego-based gay and lesbian weekly newspaper Update, 1979-1993. Update was founded as a bi-weekly newspaper "distributed in resorts, bars, restaurants, and on the street" in Southern California, as well as cities in Arizona and Nevada.
  • USC Fine Arts Press posters (5256)
    Various posters designed and printed by the USC Fine Arts Press.
  • USC Football scrapbook (5281)
    One ledger book used as a scrapbook to document USC football and the career of coach Howard Jones, 1905-1940. The ledger's entries are entirely obscured by pasted in clippings and pages from programs and similar publications. The scrapbook is entitled "Interesting events of [H]oward Jones, data [per]taining to Foot-ball".
  • USC Helenes scrapbooks and realia (5015)
    This collection includes scrapbooks, a 2006 time capsule, and branded clothing from the USC Helenes service organization.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History Arthur Beggs collection on aviation (0051)
    Aviation memorabilia, photographs, newspaper clippings; first day airmail covers (stamped envelopes). Arthur Beggs (USC graduate) was a pioneer of air transportation on West Coast. He was general sales manager for Western Air 1928-1935. In 1935 he became sales manager for American Airlines.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History C. S. James collection on aviation (0056)
    Photographs, correspondence, ephemera pertaining to the history of Western Air Lines (Western Air Express). Charles N. James (a.k.a. James James, Jimmy James) flew the first Air mail run with Fred Kelly from Salt Lake to LA in seven hours, in 1926. He was a pilot for Western Air Express and later Vice-President in charge of operations at Western Airlines (1938-1950). He then became Security Manager with Bendix West Coast Division.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History Charles Hannah collection on aviation (0059)
    Correspondence, documents of Western Air Express; Hannah was a passenger agent at the San Francisco office of Western Air Express. WAE, later Western Airlines, was chosen in 1928 for a "model passenger" project founded by the Guggenheim Foundation to establish a passenger service line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The collection is made up of the internal papers (tapes, and interoffice memos and dispatches) of San Francisco passenger office.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History Earl X. Brown collection on aviation (0064)
    Scrapbooks, photographs, plaques. Earl X. Brown built aircraft for Mercury Aircraft Co. and North American Aviation Inc. Worked for Mercury aviation Corp. in 1919. Moved to Earl Daugherty School of Aviation in 1921.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History Edward J. McDermott collection on aviation (0063)
    Extensive collection of air cargo labels, mounted in albums and loose.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History George Antolchick collection on aviation (0054)
    Technical manuals; clippings; photographs of commercial air operations. George Antolchick was an airplane and engine mechanic.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History George H. Sabat collection on aviation (0058)
    Aviation books and photographs. George Sabat worked for US Air Mail Services and Heath Aircraft Corp. in Chicago.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History George T. Cussen collection on aviation (0053)
    Aviation ephemera, scrapbooks, photographs; Cussen was assistant traffic manager at Transcontinental-Western Airlines and head sales executive of the Flying Tiger Line (1940s).
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History Gilbert L. Givven collection on aviation (0061)
    Gilbert Givvin was the secretary of Harris Hanshue, President of Western Air Express (TWA Inc.). This collection contains material pertaining to the investigation of Air Mail and Ocean Mail Contracts, by a Special Committee of the US Senate (1934). MacCracken (attorney for a number of large airlines, Commerce Dept. Aeronautics Chief under Hoover Admininstration), Brittin, Hanshue and Givvin were held on charges of contempt in the Mail Inquiry, for the destruction of papers, files, memorandum while under subpoena by the Senate Committee (ca. 1934). The Mail inquiry consisted of an investigation into irregularities in the awarding of air and ocean mail contracts.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History H.A. Burgess collection on aviation (0052)
    Aviation memorabilia, photographs, scrapbooks; correspondence on airmail service contracts; clippings and photographs of Burgess's restaurant, "Ham and Eggs," opened 1937 on Wilshire Blvd.; Burgess was traffic manager for Western Air Express and other companies.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History Julian Sykes collection on aviation (0057)
    Clippings and scrapbooks. Julian S(k)ykes was a World War aviator and employee of Air Mail service. Later he became Fenger High School Aviation Director.
  • USC Library of Aeronautical History Women's International Association of Aeronautics records (0055)
    Biographies of early woman aviators, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, scrapbooks, instructional materials; copies of Aerogram, the WIAA publication; personal archives of Elizabeth L. McQueen (Mrs. Ulysses Grant McQueen, d.1958), founder of WIAA in 1929 and the Women's Aeronautic Association of California, and organizer of the Women's Air Derby ("Powder Puff Derby").
  • USC Opera Theatre photograph album (5261)
    Album of black-and-white and color photographs of USC Opera Theatre productions, 1966-1968, created by the technical staff for the Opera's director (and founder) Walter Ducloux. Depicted are scenes from Paul Hindemith's Mathis der Maler (1966); Sergei Prokofiev's The Love for Three Oranges (1968); Alban Berg's Wozzeck (1967); Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, and Richard Strauss' Friedenstag (1967); and Mozart's Idomeneo (1966). These are accompanied by programs. Also included are photographs from productions of Alcestis; Falstaff; Rusalka (with a program of a performance in Czechoslovakia directed by Ducloux); The Love of Danae; and Das Rheingold. Ducloux had a distinguished career as a conductor in Europe before settling in the United States in 1939. In 1953 he moved to Los Angeles to teach at USC as professor of opera and director of the Opera Theatre, positions he retained until 1968. During this time the Opera Theatre showcased over 25 operas.
  • USC Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive (0336)
    The Visual History Archive comprises nearly 52,000 videotaped interviews with witnesses to the Holocaust that were gathered by the Shoah Foundation between 1994 and 2005. These testimonies have been indexed and digitized and can now be searched and viewed at
  • USC Thornton School of Music records (0283)
    The University of Southern California's music school was officially established in 1884, and conferred its first degrees in 1885. The records document many of the activities of the School from the late 19th to the early 21st centuries. Included are the papers (generally incomplete) of some of the School's notable personnel, including Max Swarthout, Raymond Kendall, Ellis Kohs, Pauline Alderman, and Walter F. Skeele; records of academic activities; records of student and alumni organizations, including Phi Phi and the Friends of Music; and scrapbooks of press clippings and press releases.
  • USC Warner Bros. Archives (1996)
    Collection consists of paper documents and ephemera (including photographs, set design art, and musical scores) generated in the making of films and television at the Warner Bros. Studio from the inception of the studio to 1968. Legal files on various personalities round out the collection.
  • USC-Sea Grant Harbor Project photographs and realia (5269)
    This small collections consists of color snapshots of students taking samples on the beach at Fisherman's Cove, Santa Catalina Island, near the USC Marine Biological Laboratory Facility. Also included is a commemorative t shirt, and a scroll identifying the members of the group, who called themselves the "Beach Diggers".
  • Usher Family and Military Service Photographs (Coll2012.107)
    Photographs of the Usher family and military service, circa 1885-1960.
  • Ussher (Bruno David) collection of photographs (0034)
    Celebrity photographs (classical music and films) autographed to Ussher in the 1930s; Ussher was a musicologist/music critic.