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  • Walker (Thane) Collection on The Prosperos (Coll2011.085)
    Course prospectus, flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, correspondence, essays, articles, class notes and other material from The Prosperos, co-founded by Thane Walker, 1966-1980. Founded in Florida in 1956, then based in Los Angeles in the 1960s and early 1970s, the Prosperos espoused (principally through the writings of co-founder Walker) a program of transformative spiritual education that combined mysticism, psychology, astrology, as well as an openness to homosexuality, bisexuality and androgyny.
  • Walker and Meyers Los Angeles Pride Parade Photographs (Coll2012.050)
    Walker and Meyers photographs of a gay fathers group marching in the 1982 Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade and of the Great American Yankee Freedom Band of Los Angeles marching in a Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade, unknown year.
  • Wallace (F. L.) World AIDS Day Photographs (Coll2012.039)
    F. L. Wallace photographs of World AIDS Day demonstrators in Washington, D.C., December 1993.
  • Wallace (Irving) papers (0144)
    This collection contains the papers of the screenwriter and novelist Irving Wallace (1916-1990). His papers include correspondence, research notes, proofs, and typescripts for some of his stories, screenplays, and novels.
  • Walt Disney Productions and Walt Disney ephemera (0304)
    This small collection of Walt Disney and Disney Company related ephemera consists of newsletters, posters, book jackets, clippings, prints, comic books, small books, drawings, and miscellaneous printed ephemera that feature Walt Disney-created characters. The material dates from the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Ward (Vernon) Papers (Coll2011.099)
    Poetry typescript and letter proposing the publication of a volume of poetry by Vernon Ward, 1949. Ward was a poet and English professor at East Carolina University (North Carolina) who later founded the literary journal, Tar River Poetry.
  • Warga (Wayne) papers (0188)
    Collection contains the papers of Wayne Warga (1937-1994), an entertainment reporter and ghostwriter. His papers include correspondence, research files, novel galleys and typescripts, and taped interviews. He wrote about John Wayne, Natalie Wood, Aaron Spelling and Charles Rosendahl, along with a variety of other figures in the entertainment world.
  • Warner (Daniel) papers (Coll2013.014)
    Diaries, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, videocassettes and personal information, 1980-1994, of Daniel P. Warner, AIDS educator and co-founder of the Los Angeles Shanti Foundation. Materials in this collection primarily concern Warner's experience living with HIV and AIDS from the 1980s to the time of his death in 1993.
  • Warren (Tatjana M.) papers (6031)
    This collection contains correspondence between Tatjana M. Warren and German poets Helmut Maria Soik and Ernst Meister. The collection also contains some manuscripts of Meister's and Soik's works.
  • Watters (Bill) collection of 19th and 20th century autographs and documents (6029)
    This small collection contains an authorization for the Secretary of State to transfer information to the President of the Republic of Costa Rica pertaining to an individual's citizenship, signed by James Buchanan on February 4, 1858; an autograph with note, "With best wishes of/Luther Burbank/Santa Rosa, CA April 12, 1923"; undated autographs of Charles Dickens and Thomas Edison; an autograph of Julia Ward Howe dated 1905; and a handwritten naval commission for one Thomas Lee signed by Franklin Pierce on July 23, 1856.
  • Watts Writers' Workshop stories, lesson books, and other material (0177)
    The Watts Writers’ Workshop was founded in 1965 by Budd Schulberg. This collection contains clippings about the workshop and works by Jimmie Sherman, one of the Workshop’s members.
  • Waymire (Carol) collection (Coll2013.031)
    The collection includes fliers, minutes, notes and related records for several Los Angeles organizations including Action Coalition Against Briggs, Los Angeles Lesbian Feminists, Los Angeles Women's Forum, the Peoples College of Law, the Socialist Feminist Network, and Women Against Violence Against Women. Carol Waymire was a member of several lesbian/women's organizations including Woman Rising Collective, the Socialist-Feminist Network, and served as the coordinator of the Coalition of Older Lesbians (CoOL).
  • We Are Everywhere, International Collection (Coll2011.100)
    Flyers, correspondence, annual reports, press releases, position statements, articles, meeting notes, meeting minutes, and bylaws documenting activities of the gay human rights organization, We Are Everywhere, International (WAEI), 1975-1981. WAEI invoked Article II of the United Nations' 1946 Convention on Genocide (which specified victims as "multi-national communities universally distributed which clearly suffer from genocide") as a legal basis for organized international opposition to the oppression of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people.
  • Weinberg (Tom Wilson) collection (Coll2014.007)
    Publicity material, correspondence, audiocassettes, one compact disc and two record albums, 1979-2009, from gay musician and composer, Tom Wilson Weinberg. The collection comprises publicity and sound recordings from Weinberg's gay musical revues, All-American Boy, Don't Mess with Mary, Gay Name Game, Get Used to It and Ten Percent Revue.
  • Weinberger (William E.) collection on the law and gay and lesbian rights (Coll2008.063)
    Conference materials, minutes, correspondence, amicus curiae briefs, and other documents relating to the provision of legal representation for lesbians and gays, created and collected by Los Angeles lawyer William E. Weinberger, a member of several organizations that provided legal services to lesbians and gays, in the course of his work.
  • Welfare Council of Metropolitan Los Angeles reports and publications (0463)
    The Welfare Council of Metropolitan Los Angeles reports and publications consists of documents produced by various divisions of the Welfare Council, 1944-1953. In addition to by-laws and meeting minutes, the collection contains reports on such topics as social welfare standards; youth services; housing for the aging; budgets, wages, and working conditions; juvenile delinquency; and directories of member organizations and social services.
  • Welfare Planning Council, Los Angeles Region, records (0434)
    The Welfare Planning Council, Los Angeles Region, records, consists of correspondence, brochures, minutes, and reports, dated 1939-1974 (bulk 1950s-1960s), that document the activities of the Council in the areas of social welfare planning, research, and development, and the coordination of health, welfare and recreational programs in the Los Angeles area. Material dating before the establishment of the Welfare Planning Council in 1953 covers the Metropolitan Welfare Council's studies regarding its separation from the Los Angeles Welfare Federation, with the correlative creation of the Welfare Planning Council.
  • Wemple (Emmet) papers (4001)
    USC alumnus Emmet Wemple was an influential landscape architect based in Southern California. Wemple and his firm Emmet L. Wemple & Associates had participated in an impressive array of national and international projects, including those for civic master planning, academic institutions, commercial and retail facilities, hotels, convention centers, museums, libraries, residences, housing developments and recreational facilities. Spanning from the 1960s to 1995, the bulk of the collection consists of approximately 800 rolls of architectural drawings (with about 20 drawings in each roll) for some 2,000 projects.
  • Western Books collection of Rounce & Coffin Club exhibition catalogs (0308)
    Exhibition catalogues from the Rounce & Coffin Club of Los Angeles, which focus on the works of California printers from about 1938 to 1990.
  • Westrick (Edward) collection on Veterans Council for American Rights and Equality (Coll2009.018)
    Minutes, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, manuscripts, notes, financial records, flyers, photographs, audiocassettes, textiles, memorabilia and other material relating to the gay and lesbian veterans' organization, Veterans Council for American Rights and Equality (Veterans CARE), founded in Los Angeles in 1984 by James Highland. The bulk of the materials was collected and donated by Edward Westrick, who served as the organization's Commander, and relates to the activities of the Los Angeles chapter of Veterans CARE, as well as other Veterans CARE chapters and the national organization, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Veterans of America (GLBVA).
  • Wheble (John) manuscript (0121)
    Typescript of a detective novel, Kill Them You Can't, by John Wheble, completed 1940.
  • Wheeler (Louis Cutter) papers (0265)
    Papers and research of Dr. Louis C. Wheeler of the USC Department of Botany in the School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.
  • White (James L.) papers (Coll2006.003)
    Journals and drafts of poetry, in particular the posthumously-published anthology, The Salt Ecstasies, and prose of the poet James L. White (1936-1981).
  • White (Janet McCoy) '31 scrapbook (5288)
    Large scrapbook created by Janet McCoy White, Class of 1931, documenting her student life at USC.
  • White (William) collection on John P. Marquand (0118)
    Books, magazine and anthology appearances by novelist John P. Marquand (1893-1960) together with bibliographic notes on Marquand assembled by Prof. William White.
  • Whitlock (Mary) photographs (Coll2008.053)
    Photographic images, including prints, negatives, and color transparencies (slides), documenting the professional career and private life of Mary Whitlock between 1974 and 2008. The bulk of the collection consists of images taken by Whitlock in her capacity as a professional photographer, documenting the Los Angeles GLBT, in particular the lesbian, community between 1974 and approximately 1990. The collection also contains several albums documenting Whitlock's personal relationships with family and friends, and her life with her partner Nancy Rosenblum, as well as a small number of clippings, correspondence, brochures, fliers, and programs.
  • Whitman-Radclyffe Foundation Collection (Coll2012.005)
    Flyers, clippings, articles, correspondence, contracts, reports, press releases, handwritten notes, project proposals, financial documents, meeting minutes, and other material documenting activities of the Whitman-Radclyffe Foundation (WRF), 1972-1976. WRF was founded in San Francisco in 1972 as the "education, research, and charitable arm" of the California Committee for Sexual Law Reform (established in 1971).
  • Wibberley (Leonard) papers (0172)
    This collection contains the papers of the author Leonard Wibberley (1915-1983). Wibberley wrote over 100 books over the course of his career. His papers include manuscripts, galleys, and typescripts for books written by him.
  • Widney Alumni House horseshoe (5291)
    "Cob shoe" type horseshoe found near Widney Alumni House on the University Park campus, 2012.
  • Wiederhold (Kenneth L.) papers (Coll2007.018)
    Journals and scrapbooks containing photographs, gift cards, newspaper clippings, textiles, ephemera, handwritten notes, and miscellaneous typescripts documenting the life of Kenneth L. Wiederhold, a gay man from Michigan who became an active participant in the Los Angeles gay community from the 1970s through the 1990s. Most of the scrapbooks were compiled by Wiederhold himself, ranging from his early childhood in 1950's Michigan to his death from AIDS in 1995. Some scrapbooks, however, were compiled by a family member or friend after his death. The materials document such events as Wiederhold's time in the Researve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) at Michigan State University, vacations and gatherings, participation in gay organizations such as SAGA and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, and his wedding to Drew Staffen in 1994.
  • Wiesendanger (Dan) diaries (Coll2008.014)
    Diaries kept by artist Dan Wiesendanger (1915-1996) from 1976 until mid-1995, documenting the events in his life, his friends, and family, including reminiscences of his earlier life. A separate series of diaries documents Wiesendanger's work as an artist and his activities within the artists' communities of Los Angeles and Pasadena.
  • Wilbur (Richard) poems and photograph (6027)
    This small collection contains "Two Riddles from Aldhelm," 1975, broadside edition, numbered 41 of 100, signed; "Teresa", 1976, press proof, signed; a photograph of Wilbur at the Grolier Club, 1970, photograph by Elsa Dorfman for her book, "Elsa's Housebook". The collection also includes a photocopy of a postcards sent by WIlbur to Jack W.C. Hagstrom regarding his poem, "Teresa".
  • William L. Pereira and Associates Records (0326)
    Plans and project information for the work of William Pereira and Associates.
  • Williams (James) Photographs (Coll2012.101)
    James Williams photographs of products targeting a gay audience and of a women's bodybuilding championship, undated.
  • Wilson (Doric) Papers (Coll2012.006)
    Play programs, playbills, flyers, correspondence, interview transcripts, clippings, publicity photographs, negatives, and other material, 1957-1984, documenting the career of playwright, director, and gay activist Doric Wilson. Wilson was a pioneer of the alternative theater movement in New York during the early 1960s, and in 1974, he co-founded The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS), the first professional gay theater company in New York City.
  • Wilson (Henry Lane) papers (0002)
    Correspondence, clippings, publications, photographs from the career of diplomat Henry Lane Wilson (1859-1932), with particular reference to U.S. relations with Mexico, including the "El Chamizal" border dispute.
  • Winn (Carol Mass) papers (5271)
    One copy of "Los Angeles Cookery" (1881), with clippings enclosed; copy of an article from the Los Angeles Times (1980) on the cookbook; copies of "Wampus", magazine published the USC Associated Students.
  • Wittman (Jason) Los Angeles Event Photographs (Coll2012.102)
    Jason Wittman photographs of the 1995 Los Angeles Christopher Street West (CSW) pride parade and the 1995 West Hollywood Mardi Gras. The CSW photographs include images of Morris Kight, a same-sex marriage, and the Los Angeles unified School District's EAGLES (Emphasizing Adolescent Gay Lesbian Education Services) Center contingent.
  • Wockner (Rex) World Gay Periodical Cover Photographs (Coll2012.052)
    Rex Wockner cover photographs of the highlights of international gay periodicals, 1987-1991. Includes one non-periodical photograph of Perry Watkins.
  • Wolpe (Dr. Joseph) papers (0197)
    The papers, book manuscripts, articles, notes, and audiotapes and video tapes of Dr. Joseph Wolpe, the important South African-born American psychiatrist who helped usher in behavior therapy. Wolpe is probably best known for urging his colleagues to view psychotherapy as an applied science in which the effectiveness of treatment is evaluated through controlled experiments.
  • Wonderland Award Submissions collection (0293)
    The Wonderland Award Submissions Collection is comprised of nearly 250 student entries for the annual contest related to Lewis Carroll. The award was established in 2004 with the sponsorship of Linda Cassady. The primary purpose of the Award is to promote and encourage the use of the G. Edward Cassady, M.D. and Margaret Elizabeth Cassady, R.N. Lewis Carroll Collection, held in Doheny Library at USC.
  • Woodhead (J.E.) collection of Roycroft Press and Elbert Hubbard materials (0162)
    This small collection contains letters, essays, broadsides, clippings, and photographs, created by and for Elbert Hubbard, an American writer, publisher, and philosopher, and founder of the Arts and Crafts community of Roycroft. The materials were collected by J.E. Woodhead in the course of his book collecting activities. In addition to publications produced by Hubbard's Arts and Crafts community, Roycroft, and by the Roycrofters, it also contains letters from the Hubbards to the J.E. Woodhead and his wife regarding Roycroft publications.
  • Woodhead (J.E.) papers (0004)
    Correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks of Woodhead's business and manufacturing career with the Lamb Knitting Machine Company; records of the Cosmic Publishing Company and the Western Society for Psychical Research; correspondence on the Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago; correspondence, indexes, catalogues, dealers' invoices pertaining to the John Edward Woodhead Library, parts of which were acquired by USC; and personal correspondence, photographs, and memorablia of the Woodhead family.
  • World War I ephemera from Germany (0123)
    Miscellaneous household packages and containers from Germany, ca. 1918; cloth samples; emergency German coinage from the end of the war.
  • World War I pamphlets collection (0039)
    World War I pamphlets, mostly British or American, on military strategy, diplomacy, occupied countries, the home front, economic effects of the war, atrocities, the "clean peace," religion and the war, the navy, war crimes, censorship, speeches by leaders such as H. H. Asquith, David Lloyd George, and Arthur Balfour and some items unrelated to the war.
  • World War I photograph albums (6060)
    5 photograph albums containing over 500 photographs and related ephemeral items. The first three albums were created by photojournalist Robert Sennecke and are propagandistic in nature, with images from the front showing officers, war heroes, weaponry, politicians, and soldiers; all images are accompanied by typewritten captions. Sennecke's albums contain a mounted identification slip from Sennecke's studio. The fourth album, created by a German grenadier, contains 210 photographs, many accompanied by extensive handwritten descriptions; it also includes some documents and letters, a small medals, and pieces of his uniform. The fifth album contains images depicting scenes of soldiers at work and at rest; urban and industrial scenes, including railways, sawmills, and factories; and locations such as Verdun, Somme, La Bassee, and Flanders. As a collection, the photograph albums provide a well-documented German perspective on World War I.
  • World War II collection of maps and memorabilia (0124)
    German maps and aerial reconnaissance data from the bombing raids on England.
  • World War II collection of posters (0078)
    Posters promoting American values and the war effort, 1941-45; pamphlets and ephemera.
  • Wurmser (Major Alfred G.) collection of Nuremberg Trial documents (6058)
    This collection of documents on the Nuremberg Trials was collected by Captain (later Major) Alfred G. Wurmser, a staff member of the British War Crimes Executive. The collection contains signatures of defendants and legal staff, letters, photographs, a report, and a pencil sketch.