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Finding Aid of the William C. Herbert papers

Finding aid prepared by Jacqueline Morin and Tiffany Chu, 2013

Summary Information

USC Libraries Special Collections
Herbert, Ernest C., 1920-2009
Herbert, Ernestine Q.
Herbert, John A.
Herbert, William C., 1923-1973
William C. Herbert papers
Collection no.
2.1 linear ft., 5 boxes
The William C. Herbert papers was brought to USC during the 1990s via Associate Dean for Development and Law School Historian John (Tom) Tomlinson whose expertise includes the history of USC. Though the collection's focus is the correspondence between Herbert and his mother during World War II when he was overseas, at some point later, Herbert studied and graduated from USC with a B.S. in Social Studies. His graduation photo is in the 1957 edition of USC's El Rodeo. Besides correspondence, the collection includes personal photographs and some ephemera.

Preferred Citation

[Box/folder# or item name], William C. Herbert papers, Collection no. 0398, Special Collections, USC Libraries, University of Southern California

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Biographical Note

William C. Herbert was the youngest of three sons born to Ernestine Herbert and her husband, whose name is not mentioned in the collection. Correspondence between William (Bill) and his mother indicates that Bill's father died some time prior to where the papers begin. Most of what is presently known about Ernestine Herbert and her sons derives from the correspondence in this collection, some photographs, and online census and social security records.

Born in 1923, Bill grew up in East Orange, New Jersey; later the family moved to New York where his mother continued to live after the three sons were gone. Bill and his two brothers, Ernest and Jack, were all in the armed forces at the same time, although near the end of World War II Jack was around 34 years old--over ten years older than Bill.

During that time, Jack was already married to a woman named Margie who lived with or near the boys' mother in New York. According to various online sources, Ernest married a woman named Sarah but it appears that Bill did not get married. At least there is not evidence in the papers to suggest otherwise.

After the war, Bill apparently traveled quite a bit, and then sometime in the 1950s received a degree in Social Studies from the University of Southern California. There is mention in a 1956 issue of the Daily Trojan that Bill was president of the USC Chapter of the California Student Teachers Association, and there are photos in the collection of Bill with the other members of the Board at a conference in Santa Barbara. Through miscellaneous photos and ephemera in the collection, it can be deduced that he was also working for TWA during that time, though his job position isn't entirely clear. It seemed also that at least for a time after USC, Bill was teaching high school. Through photos of his home in various parts of the country, it appears as though Bill moved a lot in addition to his vacation adventures.

William C. Herbert died in 1993 at 70 years old; Ernest died in San Diego in 2009 at 88. No records indicating birth or death dates for Jack or Ernestine, their mother, could readily be found.

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Scope and Content

This collection centers around USC alumnus William C. Herbert, although most of the collection's contents refer to his time in Europe during World War II, and the photographs are mainly those of family and friends and vacation travels from the 1950s through the 1980s.

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The collection is organized into seven small series, and arranged mainly chronologically within each series.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

USC Libraries Special Collections
Doheny Memorial Library 206
3550 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, California, 90089-0189

Conditions Governing Access

COLLECTION STORED OFF-SITE. Advance notice required for access.

Conditions Governing Use

All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Manuscripts Librarian. Permission for publication is given on behalf of Special Collections as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • University of Southern California. -- Alumni and alumnae


  • Correspondence
  • Photographic postcards
  • Photographs

Geographic Name(s)

  • West (U.S.)--Description and travel--Photographs

Personal Name(s)

  • Herbert, Ernest C., 1920-2009 -- Correspondence
  • Herbert, Ernestine Q. -- Correspondence
  • Herbert, John A. -- Correspondence
  • Herbert, William C., 1923-1973 -- Archives


  • Soldiers--United States--20th century--Archival resources
  • United States. Army--Military life--Archival resources

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Collection Inventory

Series 1:  Personal Papers 

Scope and Content

This small series consists of notes and identification cards for William (Bill) Herbert-- items that aid in determining some of his education and employment (Civil Defense, Coast Guard, USC, etc.). Many of the notes in Folder 2--as in other parts of the collection--are stamped with a date of 1992 which may be when Herbert was assembling all of the papers he wished to keep. 1992 was the year before he died.

Box Folder

 Identification Cards 

Scope and Content

Seven identification cards for William C. Herbert, four of them with photo.

1. Social Security card.

2. Honorable Discharge (U.S. Army) card. Date and place of separation is listed as 27 November 1945, Fort Dix, New Jersey.

3. United States Coast Guard card. Name is indicated as William Cyril Herbert. Home address listed as New York, New York. Dated 8 July 1947.

4. United States Coast Guard Certificate of Registry as Staff Officer card. 8 July 1947, New York, New York. Thumb print on back of card.

5. Civil Defense Identification card. Civil Defense Assignment is listed as "Transportation." Home address indicated as Los Angeles, California (90007)--USC neighborhood. Back of card is stamped "Los Angeles International Airport." Dated 28 June 1955.

6. California High School (Whittier) associated student body card for 1958-59. It's not clear what the card was used for, but the numerals 1 through 24 are printed at the bottom of the card and some of the numbers have been punched out with a paper punch.

7. University of Southern California student identification card. The card shows Herbert as a graduate student in the school of Education, Fall 1959. His address is listed as Whittier, California.

1 1


Scope and Content

Miscellaneous scraps of paper and a small notebook filled with vocabulary words, including their pronunciations and definitions. A few small notes on people and events of the Civil War. An announcement from the University of Southern Califorina that Herbert is a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science (1957). Personalized notecard (William C. Herbert) with picture of U.S. Air Force airplane on front. Three blank envelopes printed with Herbert's return address on them--two with Norton AFB (California); the third with a P.O. Box in Kent, Washington.

1 2

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Series 2:  Correspondence 

Scope and Content

The Correspondence series plays the most significant role in the collection by revealing William (Bill) Herbert and his family, friends, colleagues, etc. even if for only a brief period of his life. Through the letters between Bill and his mother Ernestine, in particular, a picture of military life in Europe is gleaned as well as everyday life back home in New York where Mrs. Herbert lived.

Letters from Bill to his mother actually begin in the summer of 1940 when 17-year-old Bill was at Citizens' Military Training Camp in Fort Dix, New Jersey. (Letters from his mother to Bill do not appear until 1943 which is apparently when she started saving carbon copies of her letters to her sons.)

Bill's letters to his mother mention his day-to-day affairs in the Army where he was in the Signal Corps. Until the end of 1943, Bill was stationed in New Jersey and Virginia; in December of 1943 he was sent to England where he remains until early 1945. He then spent a month in France and was then sent to Germany. A few highlights of the correspondence between Bill and his mother include:

April 1943: Bill starts Officer Candidate School (but gets turned down); his mother mentions the "black-outs" in New York (which were common and planned during World War II).

October 1943: Bill is getting ready to be shipped overseas. He asks his mother to send him a bayonet and more chewing gum.

November 1943: Ernestine makes some comments about Election Day: "We certainly gave the New Deal another good trouncing. Maybe they will think twice about a fourth term." (Bill is only 20 so he will need to wait another year to vote.) Bill writes that he would like his mother to send a few more knives for the other men, and also a leather writing outfit, Speedball pen outfit, and a can opener.

December 1943: Bill arrives in England; he sends his mother his will as he was advised. His mother says she will send him a subscription to Reader's Digest.

January 1944: Bill tells his mother that if his letters seem dry and uninteresting it's because security is much tighter in the ETO (European Theatre of Operations). The letters get censored and sometimes returned to them for re-writing. Soldiers give girls Lux soap because it's nicer than anything they have there in England. He gets to go to London on a pass and mentions seeing the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, etc. All the bobbies who walk a beat have to be at least 6 feet tall. His mother mentions going to "the Garden" to see Sonja Henie's ice show. Bill's group has been working to help people re-build houses and repair roofs that were bombed. He has met a fun family (Lockwood) with a daughter named Joan that he has been seeing.

Other "discussions" between Bill and his mother involve finances, i.e. sending money orders home, his mother buying and sending things that Bill needs, etc. Bill talks about buying a Gregg shorthand book to learn shorthand. His mother tells Bill that this Easter there was no White House egg roll because we can't waste food during the war. Bill relates the pursuits that he and his new friends in England are engaged in--darts, Monopoloy, drinking tea, etc. He describes his girlfriend, Joan, to his mother who has asked him multiple times to do so--she's 18, pretty, likes to do the things that he likes, etc. Bill's mother reports news from home--speeches by General Eisenhower and Winston Churchill--the latter apparently discussing the topic of robot bombs.

In 1944 also, mother and son discuss the upcoming Presidential election in which both affirm that they will be voting for Republican candidate Thomas Dewey. Many of Bill's letters to his mother have rectangular holes in them, where parts of sentences were neatly excised by the censors.

In 1945 Bill was sent to France for a short while, and then spent the rest of his Signal Corps assignment in Germany. In May, Bill's mother mentioned V-E Day but assured him that there would be no celebration until all of her sons were home safe again. (Her other two sons were in the Pacific.) At that point, Bill mentioned that censorship had been lifted in the E.T.U. and that it "seems queer to seal my own envelopes." He describes a trip he took to the Buchenwald concentration camp where he witnessed "...stacks and stacks of bodies; starved, wizened-up, and charred remains all over..."

In the fall of 1945, many servicemen returned home and all of Bill's letters during this time mention his imminent departure, which finally occurred in November. The last letter he sent home to his mother was dated November 6, 1945.

The bulk of the correspondence in this series is between Bill and his mother; however there is a small amount between Bill's brother Ernest and their mother, and an even smaller amount between his other brother Jack and their mother. All of the correspondence stems from the same time period.

Box Folder

 10 July 1940 -- 18 October 1942 

Scope and Content

The folder begins with Bill's first letter to his mother in July 1940 from Citizens' Military Training Camp in Fort Dix, New Jersey when he was seventeen years old. (Ernestine Herbert, Bill's mother, was living in East Orange, New Jersey.) The letter mentions the clothes, hat, helmet, and guns they have been issued, plus a description of the drill and parade exercises. The remaining letters in this folder and all of the letters in the next folder are dated from September 1942 through December 1942. The letters discuss drills, guard duty, roses sent for his mother's birthday, and bits of his news concerning his brother, Ernest, who was also in the Army. Sometimes money orders were included for sundry items such as postage stamps, dental floss, etc. (Some time during 1942, Ernestine Herbert moved from East Orange, New Jersey to New York, New York.)

1 3

 26 October 1942 -- 21 December 1942 

Scope and Content

In this group of letters to his mother, Bill mentions his brother (Ern) being stationed in Hawaii. He talks about getting his first stripe with the hope of receiving more since he is now enrolled in Non-Com school. His letters are addressed from "P.F.C. William C. Herbert, 2nd Signal Service Battalion, Washington, D.C."

1 4

 3 January 1943 -- 3 March 1943 

Scope and Content

News from William to his mother consists of his life as a corporal and his plans for his furlough to New York City (the Metropolitan Opera, Bronx Zoo, etc.) He thanks her for sending him socks and canned juice, and comments on her recent blood donation to the Red Cross.

1 5

 7 March 1943 -- 22 May 1943 

1 6

 30 May 1943 -- 3 August 1943 

1 7

 29 August 1943 -- 8 October 1943 

1 8

 9 October 1943 -- 10 November 1943 

1 9

 14 November 1943 -- 19 January 1944 

1 10

 24 January 1944 -- 17 February 1944 

1 11

 21 February 1944 -- 27 February 1944 

1 12

 6 March 1944 -- 20 March 1944 

1 13

 22 March 1944 -- 3 April 1944 

1 14

 9 April 1944 -- 25 April 1944 

1 15

 1 May 1944 -- 6 June 1944 

1 16

 12 June 1944 -- 11 July 1944 

1 17

 13 July 1944 -- 3 August 1944 

1 18

 9 August 1944 -- 15 December 1944 

2 1

 15 January 1945 -- 22 February 1945 

2 2

 2 March 1945 -- 23 April 1945 

2 3

 2 May 1945 -- 12 August 1945 

2 4

 14 August 1945 -- 9 September 1945 

2 5

 16 September 1945 -- 7 October 1945 

2 6

 14 October 1945 -- 6 November 1945 

2 7

 [Ern] 2 September 1942 -- 25 December 1942 

2 8

 [Ern] 3 January 1943 -- 18 February 1943 

2 9

 [Ern] 27 February 1943 -- 9 May 1943 

2 10

 [Ern] 16 May 1943 -- 15 June 1943 

2 11

 [Ern] 25 June 1943 -- 13 July 1944 

2 12

 [Ern] 2 July 1944 -- 31 October 1944 

2 13

 [Ern] 5 November 1944 -- 3 December 1944 

2 14

 [Ern] 6 December 1944 -- 7 January 1945 

2 15


2 16


2 17

 Postcards: William [Bill] 

2 18

 Ernestine Herbert: Miscellaneous 

2 19

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Series 3:  Photographs 

Scope and Content

The photographs in this collection help to describe some of Bill's life post-World War II and a few pre-World War II when he was a child.

Almost all of the photographs are "amateur" snapshots rather than formal studio photos and consist in large part of vacation photos over the years--scenes of British Columbia, Alaska, Venezuela, etc., and various locations in California such as Yosemite, San Simeon, and Death Valley. It appears that he took some of the vacations alone; others with friends or family (mother).

Other photographs seem to relate to his job with TWA Airlines and his time at USC as a student in the 1950s.

Box Folder

 Negatives: USC 

3 1


3 2

 William C. Herbert 1930s-1940s 

Scope and Content

Most of the photographs in this folder are of a teenage Bill at Camp Ocean Wave (Avalon, New Jersey) between 1936 and 1941.

3 3

 New York City field trip 1938 

Scope and Content

Photographs are of Bill and his classmates on a field trip to New York City, including photos of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park Zoo. According to the note on the envelope, the class was from Lincoln Grammar School in East Orange, New Jersey, where William grew up.

The next folder also include photos of a field trip to New York City and it is assumed but not certain that they were all taken on the same trip since they were all 1938. They were just separated out as photos of Fort Jay, Governor's Island.

3 4

 New York City field trip. Fort Jay, Governor's Island. 1938 

3 5

 Citizens Military Training Camp, Fort Dix, New Jersey 1939-1940 

Scope and Content

Several photographs of sixteen-year-old Bill at Citizens Military Training Camp in Fort Dix, New Jersey. Photographs depict tents at the camp and a Navy airship.

3 6

 New York World's Fair 1939-1940 

Scope and Content

The folder contains twenty-three small black-and-white snapshots of buildings and attractions at the the 1939-40 World's Fair in New York.

3 7

 East Orange, New Jersey 1940 

Scope and Content

This folder includes sixteen small black-and-white snapshots of buildings in East Orange, New Jersey where William (Bill) Herbert, his brothers, and mother lived.

3 8

 England 1944 

Scope and Content

All of the photographs in this folder were taken in 1944 when Bill was stationed in England. They include snapshots of homes and families including those of the Westacotts, Florrie and Dorothy Pickford, Amie Cox, and one of Bill Herbert in uniform in front of Lady Limerick's "Hall Place" in Bexley, Kent.

3 9

 Germany 1945 

Scope and Content

The folder contains four snapshots of Bill Herbert and other people in Germany in April of 1945.

3 10

 Venezuela 1948-1950 

Scope and Content

The folder contains several small black-and-white snapshots of Bill and other people on vacation in Venezuela between 1948 and 1950. Also included is Bill's "International Certificate of Inoculation and Vaccination."

3 11

 Ernestine Herbert 1940s-1950s 

Scope and Content

This folder contains snapshots of Ernestine Herbert, the mother of William (Bill), Ernest (Ern), and John (Jack), as well as photos of Bill at a CSTA (California Student Teachers Association) conference in 1956 when he was President of the USC chapter. There are also photos of unidentified people, a small photo of the Herbert family tree, and a postcard of Death Valley, California.

3 12

 England 1951 

Scope and Content

The photos in this folder are of Bill and several unnamed people during a trip to England in 1951. The only two photos whose subjects are identified say "Penelope Cox" and  "Amy Cox (Mother)".

3 13

 World War II and Miscellaneous 

Scope and Content

This folder contains several photos of Bill in uniform in the 1940s, a couple of him with a young woman during the same time period. (It is not known whether or not she is one of the girlfriends mentioned in his correspondence with his mother.) There is also a letter from someone whose signature is illegible, but apparently the photos were sent to Bill with the letter in 1992. Also included in this folder are a few miscellaneous photos of Bill and other people from the 1950s and 60s.

3 14

 TWA 1955-1956 

Scope and Content

Between 1955 and 1957, Bill was apparently working at least part-time for TWA, as there are several photos of him in a TWA uniform oiling a plane and filling a Texaco oil truck at Los Angeles International Airport. There are also several postcards of TWA airplanes and a couple of the TWA rocketship at Disneyland. His TWA identification card is included in this folder.

3 15

 Civil Defense 1955-1965 

Scope and Content

The contents of this folder consist of just one photograph which Bill had put in an envelope labeled "Civil Defense 1963". However, the back of the photo itself says May 1965.

3 16

 Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA 

3 17

 Victoria, British Columbia 1957 

Scope and Content

Postcards and photographs of Bill Herbert and Arthur Pickford in Vancouver, B.C. in May 1955. Scenes of totem poles in Thunderbird Park, Victoria as well as photos shot from a boat going from Seattle to Victoria, B.C.

3 18

 Alaska 1955 

Scope and Content

The folder contains a few postcards of Fairbanks, Mt. McKinley, and Anchorage, but many photographs of Bill and other men (identified as co-workers) on the Alaska Railroad in the summer of 1955. Some of the photos show them duck hunting or panning for gold. A brochure on the Alaska Railroad is included with the other materials; it is not known whether or not Bill was actually working there or just taking a vacation.

3 19

 Mt. Palomar Observatory 1956 

Scope and Content

The folder includes two strings of snapshots with scenes of Hemet, Oceanside, Mt. Palomar, Escondido, and Santa Monica Bay. The envelope gives a date of April 1956.

3 20

 Victoria, British Columbia 1955 

Scope and Content

This folder contains photographs similar to the ones taken in 1955, but with the addition of two more people: Peggy Pickford and Ernestine Herbert, Bill's mother.

3 21

 Muir Woods, California 1957 

Scope and Content

The photographs in this folder depict Bill amongst of the redwoods of Muir Woods and a couple of shots of the Golden Gate Bridge as seen by someone driving on it. They were taken in June of 1957.

3 22

 Lake Tahoe, Donner Pass, and Yosemite. California. 1959 

Scope and Content

There are several photos of Yosemite, Donner Lake, and Lake Tahoe taken in March of 1959.

3 23

 William C. Herbert 1950s-1960s 

Scope and Content

This folder contains a mix of black-and-white and color photos of and by William (Bill) Herbert in the 1950s and 60s. Several of the photos depict Bill in English clothing and hat and standing next to (and driving) an Austin. One photograph shows Bill in a graduation cap and gown in front of USC's Bovard Hall.

3 24

 Death Valley, CA 1961 

3 25

 Crater Lake, Oregon 1961 

3 26

 Mount Rushmore, South Dakota (Black Hills) 1961 

3 27

 Grand Forks, North Dakota 1962 

Scope and Content

Several photos and postcards of Grand Forks, North Dakota including snapshots of the Grand Forks Air Force Base and some of Bill's apartment.

3 28

 Catalina Island, California 1963 

3 29

 Dwight D. Eisenhower home, Abilene, Kansas 1963 

Scope and Content

Several color snapshots of Dwight D. Eisenhower's home in Abilene Kansas and the Museum.

3 30

 Georgia (Thomasville) 1963-1965 

Scope and Content

This folder contains eight color snapshots of the interior and exterior of a home in Thomasville, Georgia. It is not known whether or not Bill Herbert lived there.

3 31

 Lincoln home, Springfield, Illinois 1963 

3 32

 Indio (Date Festival) 1965 

3 33

 1966 1966 

Scope and Content

Most of the photographs in this folder are unidentified except for the printed date along the border. They consist of interior shots of a home or apartment, a few exterior shots of several buildings, and a few photos of Disneyland.

4 1

 Ernestine Herbert 1966 

Scope and Content

The photographs in this folder are all dated 1966 and consist of pictures of Ernestine Herbert (mother of Bill) along with other friends or relatives.

4 2

 Eugene, Oregon 1966 

4 3

 Huntsville, Alabama 1966-1968 

Scope and Content

Most of the photographs in this folder depict the exterior of a home in a somewhat park-like setting, a couple of Polaroid snapshots of an oil painting, and a photo of a dog lying in the grass.

4 4

 Tucson, Arizona 1968-1971 

Scope and Content

All of the photographs in this folder depict the exterior and interior of a home on Calle Pasto in Tucson, Arizona, including one photo of two dogs on a couch.

4 5

 Grand Canyon, Arizona 1969 

4 6

 TV Group 1970 

4 7

 Hutch's Pool. Agua Caliente Hill. 1972, 1973 

Scope and Content

Several color snapshots of Hutch's Pool near Tucson, Arizona. There are also negatives in this folder, more than the number of photographs, so some of them may be of Agua Caliente Hill which is also written on the original envelope.

4 8

 Kent, Washington 1974-1977 

Scope and Content

Color snapshots of a home or vacation home in Kent, Washington.

4 9

 Kent, Washington 1975-1976 

Scope and Content

The photos in this folder are similar to those in Folder 9; they were kept separate because the original photographs were in separate envelopes. A small photocopied map of Kent shows an address printed on the back with the name William C. Herbert. According to Google Maps, the address matches the photos of the home in the photographs.

4 10

 San Bernardino, California 1985-1986 

Scope and Content

This folder consists of many photos of Bill in his 60s along with friends and family members. The back of one of the photographs shows Bill's name with a San Bernardino address.

4 11

 Lake Arrowhead, California 1986 

4 12

 Thanksgiving 1989 

Scope and Content

The six color snapshots in this folder depict Bill and an unidentified group of people having Thanksgiving dinner.

4 13

 Christmas 1989 

4 14

 William C. Herbert 1980s-1990s 

4 15

 Miscellaneous: William & Ernestine Herbert 

4 16


4 17

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Series 4:  Slides 

Scope and Content

This series consists of a small number of color slides--some of Yellowstone National Park, and some pertaining to the Air Force and heraldry.

Box Folder

 Yellowstone National Park 1946 

4 18

 Air Force 1974-1975 

Scope and Content

The four slides in this folder are of Air Force insignia. Two prints (also from the 1970s) depict a man in Air Force fatigues, helmet, and goggles standing by a brick building.

4 19


4 20

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Series 5:  Postcards 

Scope and Content

Most of the postcards in these folders are those that Bill sent to his mother during World War II when he was in England, Germany, and Luxembourg.

Box Folder


4 21


4 22


Scope and Content

Includes map [fragile]

4 23


4 24

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Series 6:  Ephemera 

Scope and Content

A small amount of ephemera accompanied this collection, the bulk of the collection consisting of correspondence and pictorial items such as photographs and postcards. Aside from a few military-related items, a couple of unrelated pamphlets are included in the papers, such as "Your Pictorial Guide to the Antelope Valley [California]", 1970; and "The Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of Christ, Canterbury: A Handbook for Pilgrims," 1938--presumably picked up in England where Bill was in service during World War II.

Box Folder

 Commendation (Ernest) 1943 

Scope and Content

The folder includes a carbon copy of a typed letter commending Ernest C. Herbert (Bill's brother) for his service in the South Pacific between July 5 and August 5, 1945.

4 25


Scope and Content

Six "Ad Inexplorata" decals (Air Force Flight Test Center Shield), two Boeing Offensive Avionics System decals.

4 26


Scope and Content

Ten Air Force patches-- Air Force Test and Evaluation Center, AWAC, Tactical Air Command, etc.

4 27

 Army/Navy Pamphlets 

4 28


Scope and Content

This folder contains two unrelated pamphlets: The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ, Canterbury: A Handbook for Pilgrims, and  Your Pictorial Guide [to the] Antelope Valley.

4 29

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Series 7:  Artifacts 

Scope and Content

The only actual artifact in this small collection is a small (15 x 11 x 4") aluminum suitcase which contained all of the papers in this collection when it was donated to USC some years ago. Unfortunately, accession records for this collection do not exist and the exact provenance of the papers is unclear. Based on the correspondence and the photographs, it appears as though these materials were saved by Ernestine Herbert, William's mother, but because most of it centers around William, it appears that the sons may have split up their mother's papers after she died. The aluminum case is not rusty except for the hinges, but it is scratched and dented and obviously many decades old.


 Aluminum Suitcase 


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