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Inventory of the ONE Archives gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender manuscripts collection, circa 1837-2012

Finding aid prepared by Loni Shibuyama, (c) 2013

Summary Information

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC Libraries, University of Southern California
ONE Archives gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender manuscripts collection
Collection no.
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1970-2000
Date [inclusive]
circa 1837-2012
20.1 linear feet., 15 archive boxes + 2 archive cartons.
Unpublished fiction and nonfiction manuscripts; dissertations and theses; photocopied articles and chapters from published books; government reports, manuals and guidelines; independently-researched reports, manuals and guidelines; bibliographies; surveys; conference papers and proceedings; and other material created by or about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals or agencies, circa 1837-2012.

Preferred Citation

[Box #, Item MSS#] ONE Archives Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Manuscripts Collection, Coll2012-175, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC Libraries, University of Southern California.

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Scope and Contents

This artificially created collection consists of unpublished fiction and nonfiction manuscripts; dissertations and theses; photocopied articles and chapters from published books; government reports, manuals and guidelines; independently-researched reports, manuals and guidelines; bibliographies; surveys; conference papers and proceedings; and other material created by or about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals or agencies, circa 1837-2012.

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This collection is arranged alphabetically by author(s) or creating agency. Items with no known author are arranged alphabetically by title at the end of the collection.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC Libraries, University of Southern California
(c) 2013
909 West Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles, California, 90007
(213) 821-2771

Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open to researchers. There are no access restrictions.

Conditions Governing Use

All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the ONE Archivist. Permission for publication is given on behalf of ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives at USC Libraries as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.


The materials in this collection were compiled from numerous sources. For some of the collection items, notes or correspondence pertaining to the donor and date of the acquisition is included in the folder. However, for a majority of the collection items, the donor and date of acquisition is unknown.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Loni Shibuyama, with assistance from Lee Lipinski, Jacqueline Lopez, Monica Ramsy, and Rachel Roque, May 2013.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Gay men's writings
  • Manuscripts
  • Short stories


  • Dissertations, Academic
  • Gay and lesbian studies
  • Gay and lesbian writers
  • Homosexuality--Bibliography
  • Homosexuality--Research
  • Lesbian writings

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Collection Inventory

Series 1:  Manuscripts 


Box Item

 Aaronson, Diana. The Greek Camp circa 1990-1999 

8 MSS0274

 Acero, Rosa Maria. Novo Ante Novo: Un Novisimo Personaje Homosexual 1998 

7 MSS0224

 Adams, Kara. 31 on the 31st 1989 

9 MSS0333

 Adleman, Jeanne, et al. Lambda Gray 1993   [2 Folders]

3 MSS0036a-0036b

 Albert, Fernand. The Inner Light: A Mystic Qabalistic Theosophic Experience 1972 

11 MSS0458

 Allee, (Rev.) Clyde. The Bible and Homosexuality 1977 

6 MSS0200

 Allee, (Rev.) Clyde. Homosexuality as an Alternative Life-Style undated 

6 MSS0201

 Allen, David J. and Terry Oleson. Shame and Internalized Homophobia in Gay Men undated 

6 MSS0154

 Alvarez, Joe. [Journal entry] undated 

9 MSS0337

 The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science. Sex and the Contemporary American Scene (Vol. 376) March 1968 

16 MSS0610

 American Anthropological Association. Meeting 1974 Papers 1974   [2 folders]

15 MSS0586a-0586b

 American Bar Association Law Student Division. Student Lawyer October 1972 

15 MSS0582

 American Federation of Veterans. Basic Training (in Sensitivity): The Ethics of Dealing with People Who Are Different from Yourself undated 

5 MSS0099

 American Psychological Association. A Selected Bibliography of Lesbian and Gay Concerns in Psychology: An Affirmative Perspective 1984 

14 MSS0547

 Anderson, Robert M. and John M. Quigley. The Economic Impact of the Adoption of Prop 64 1986 

10 MSS0390

 Arthur, Robert. Black Christmas 1983 

11 MSS0420

 Austen, Roger. The Double Life of Charles Warren Stoddard undated   [6 Folders]

3 MSS0024a-0024f

 Austen, Roger. Tell it Slant: The Homosexual Novel in America in the 1930s undated 

11 MSS0423

 Austen, Roger. Tell it Slant: The Homosexual Novel in America in the 1930s undated 

9 MSS0336

 Badoux, Suzanne and the American Friends Service Committee. Final Report AFSC 1991 Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Consultation 1991 

14 MSS0543

 Baldwin, Harry. Extended Gay Relationships undated 

10 MSS0399

 Balswick, Jack O. and Charles W. Peek. The Inexpressive Male: A Tragedy of American Society 1971 

6 MSS0156

 Barker, Elver A. Is Homosexuality a Disease? 1969 

5 MSS0139

 Barney, Natalie Clifford. The One Who is Legion undated 

15 MSS0599

 Barrett, Eileen. Virginia Woolf: Lesbian Readings 1997   [3 Folders]

10 MSS0364a-0364c

 Barton, Chris and Bachelle Simms. Linguistics 180 1991 

11 MSS0438

 Barton, Crawford. One More Sweet Smile undated 

6 MSS0161

 Beane, Jeff. Choices About Sex, Intimacy and Relationships for Gay and Bisexual Men 1989 

5 MSS0121

 Beane, Jeff. A Survey of Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Among Helping Persons in Knoxville, Tennessee 1973 

12 MSS0483

 Beane, Jeff. A Survey of Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Among Helping Persons in Knoxville, Tennessee 1973 

7 MSS0226

 Beavers, David Patrick. The Color of Green undated   [3 folders]

5 MSS0129a-129c

 Beier, Ernst G. Homosexuality: Toward a Cultural Definition undated 

8 MSS0290

 Bell, Jon Michael. Addicted to Hate 1994 

12 MSS0496

 Bergman, G. Merle. Reform Must Go Deep 1976 

3 MSS0045

 Bernhardt, Jeffrey M. Orthodox and Gay: Bridging Two Identities 1994 

3 MSS0025

 Bertelson, David. A Comparative Approach to the Meaning of Gay Liberation undated 

3 MSS0034

 Bertelson, David. A Comparative Approach to the Meaning of Gay Liberation undated 

8 MSS0299

 Bieber, Irving. On Arriving at the [American Psychiatric Association] Decision 1979 

7 MSS0214

 Blain, Michael and Joe De Angelis. The Arsenal of Antigay Discourses; paper presented to the 45th Annual Conference International Communication Association 1995 

4 MSS0063

 Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg, Gisela. Mannbarkeitsriten 1980 

16 MSS0602

 Blue Book. 1964 U.S. Blue Book 1964 

12 MSS0480

 Boches, Ralph E. Astro-Burger Hustlers Survey Results undated 

12 MSS0476

 Bradley, Marion Zimmer and Gene Damon. Checklist 1960 [bibliography] 1960 

14 MSS0548

 Bradley, Marion Zimmer and Gene Damon. Checklist Supplement 1962 [bibliography] 1962 

14 MSS0549

 Bressan Jr., Arthur and Randy Alfred. "... For We Are Everywhere" 1980 

9 MSS0347

 Brick, Tim. Reagan's Gay Imbroglio undated 

5 MSS0123

 Brodsky, Joel I. Accept Us as We Are: Stigma, Inequality and the Homophile Voluntary Association 1985 

6 MSS0209

 Brooke, Aslan. Testimony before LA County Commission on Human Relations 1984 

9 MSS0340

 Brooter, Bernadette. Violence Against Women in Rabbinic Literature 1981 

7 MSS0219

 Brown, Forman. Songs for Elsa 1944   [2 folders]

11 MSS0462a-0462b

 Brown, K., J. Hickman, B. Leigh, K. Merrill, T. Thompson, and W. Winter. A Study of Conflict Resolution in Close Relationships of Heterosexuals and Homosexuals 1977 

10 MSS0391

 Bullough, Verne. Sex and Deviant Sex in Nineteenth Century America: Part II undated 

7 MSS0227

 Burrel, Edgar White. Monkeys None to Eager to Admit Relationship with Us undated 

11 MSS0429

 Burroughs, William S. Just Say No to Drug Hysteria undated 

16 MSS0613

 Burton, Sir Richard. The Sotadic Zone undated 

11 MSS0418

 Butler, Amy C. Trends in Same-gender Sexual Partnering, 1988-1998 2000 

5 MSS0092

 Butterworth, Lorell. The Two Crucial Decades undated 

7 MSS0262


Box Item

 California Commission on Crime Control and Violence Prevention. Annual Report to the California Legislature 1980 

14 MSS0534

 California Teachers Association/National Education Association. Gay & Lesbian Youth: Breaking the Silence Teacher's Handbook 1997 

12 MSS0467

 Camp NSW. Homosexuals and Human Relationships 1975 

9 MSS0327

 Canavan, Peter D. Jacob Kiss Park: Gateway and the Gay Community undated 

9 MSS0325

 Canter, Debra J. Anthropological Approach to the Study of Lesbianism 1976 

4 MSS0086

 Cantu, Lionel. LGBT Immigrants Survey undated 

17 MSS0631

 Carey, Phil. Terminal Disco undated 

4 MSS0067

 Carlson, Helena M. Some Information for Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) 1984 

5 MSS0110

 Carotenuto, Vincent. Poetry 1993   [6 Folders]

2 MSS0010a-0010f

 Carter, Marion. Proud City undated 

17 MSS0624

 Cartier, Marie. I Am Your Daughter, Not Your Lover 1994 

10 MSS0381

 Cartier, Marie. An Initial Articulation of a Theology of Corporeality Embodied in the Butch Femme Bar Culture of the 1950s and 60s 1998 

10 MSS0380

 Cartier, Marie. The Place Nearest to Heaven 1999 

10 MSS0382

 Castillo, V., P. Masella, K. Steen, and B. Whitaker. Runaway Youths: A Look of Growing Social Problem 1972 

10 MSS0388

 Caupbell, Bob. The Gay Affirmation (The Homophile Movement and Radical Alternatives to Reform in America) 1971 

8 MSS0297

 Cavallaro, S., D. Edel, J. Nestle, P. Oline, and J. Stanley. Lesbian Herstory Archives 1975 

13 MSS0513

 Center of Alcohol Studies, Rutgers State University of New Jersey. Sexual Behavior and Sex Roles 1984 

7 MSS0225

 Centre de Culture et de Loisirs, "C.C.L." Rond Point 1969 

14 MSS0546

 Chandler, Stuart M. Heavy Breathing in Marlowe's Parlor undated 

9 MSS0332

 Chaplin, Mervin L. The Healthy Homosexual: The Emergence of a New Psychosocial Paradigm: It's Significance for Mental Health Professionals. 1981 

12 MSS0491

 Chasseguet-Smirgel, Janine. Female Sexuality 1970 

15 MSS0595

 Chekhov, Anton. A Marriage Proposal undated 

16 MSS0607

 Christophersen, Hans. Gay Discography (unfinished manuscript) 1988 

4 MSS0049

 Cirelli, Dorthy. Treatment Issues Pertaining to the Gay Male and Lesbian Alcoholic Populations 1979 

7 MSS0228

 Cole, John. The Innocents undated 

11 MSS0409

 Coleman, Rev. Donald (Chair). Ethics and Morality Workgroup, Family and Sexuality Task Force, Final Report 1980 

13 MSS0511

 The Committee to Re-Involve Ex-Offenders (CREO). Criminal Rehabilitation: The Need for Reform 1975 

6 MSS0172

 Connelly, Thomas J. Gay Talk 1984 

10 MSS0376

 Consoli, Massimo. Homosexuals and Rome City Hall: An Historical Premise undated 

4 MSS0064

 Cook, David. Alcoholism and Gay Men: A Review of the Literature 1980 

7 MSS0229

 Covington, Stephanie. Sex and Violence--The Unmentionables in Alcoholism Treatment 1982 

7 MSS0230

 Cox, Thomas R. Dollars or Destiny? Peter Parker's Formosa Annexation Scheme undated 

4 MSS0052

 Crabtree, Loren W. Americans in East Asia: Two Perspectives on the Formation of the Great Tradition 1971 

4 MSS0053

 Cramer, Judith. Gay Games IV: A Look at the Coverage by Two New York Newspapers 1995 

4 MSS0083

 Crenshaw, Brenda Rowland. Levels of Consciousness and Portals of the Mind 1964 

6 MSS0177

 Crompton, Louis. Gay Genocide: From Leviticus to Hitler undated 

7 MSS0216

 Crosby, Ernest. Edward Carpenter: Poet and Prophet 1901 

16 MSS0605

 Curzon, Daniel. An Education Among the Carnivores undated   [2 folders]

15 MSS0588a-0588b

 Czerwinski, Gary. Vessels of Wrath undated 

6 MSS0164

 Dank, Barry M. Symbolic Interactionism and the Homosexual Identity 1974 

11 MSS0452

 Darrow, William W. Homosexual Men [bibliography] 1978 

14 MSS0551

 Davis, Tim. The Diversity of Queer Politics and the Redefinition of Sexual Identity and Community in Urban Spaces 1995 

3 MSS0041

 Davis, Tim. Social Processes and Political Activism: Alternative Lesbian and Gay Spatial Strategies for Social Change 1992 

3 MSS0040

 Davis, Tim. "Success" and the Gay Community: Reconceptualizations of Space and Urban Social Movements 1991 

3 MSS0039

 Dawson, Thomas L. Love and Pain 1987 

13 MSS0510

 Dean, Robert B. Some MMPI and Biographical Questionnaire Correlates of Non-Institutionalized Male Homosexuals 1967 

12 MSS0493

 Dean, Robert. Considerations on Promiscuity in Male Homosexuals undated   [2 Folders]

7 MSS0231a-0213b

 De Angelis, Joseph T. Examining Strategy and Conflict in Idaho's 1994 Anti-Gay Initiative: A Critical Discourse Analysis 1995 

4 MSS0082

 DeBoer, Wendy Lisabeth. Unfinished Sex: Feminist and Queer Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality 1995 

6 MSS0191

 De Cecco, John P. and Mark Freedman. A Study of Interpersonal Conflict in Homosexual Relations undated 

11 MSS0406

 De Cecco, John P. and Michael G. Shively. Conflicts Over Rights and Needs in Homosexual Relationships undated 

10 MSS0395

 De Cecco, John P. and Michael G. Shively. Helping Children Resolve Conflicts Over Social Sex Roles undated 

10 MSS0394

 De Cecco, John P. and Michael G. Shively. Knowing and Liking Our Homosexuality undated 

11 MSS0408

 De Cecco, John P. and Michael G. Shively. A Study of Perceptions of Rights and Needs... 1974-1975 

10 MSS0393

 De Cecco, John P. and John K. Roberts. The Civil Liberties of Homosexual Men and Women 1976 

10 MSS0392

 De Crescenzo, Teresa A. and Christine McGill. Homophobia: A Study of the Attitudes of Mental Health Professionals Toward Homosexuality 1978 

4 MSS0059

 Dego, Raymond Arthur. World War II Diary undated 

10 MSS0379

 De Leon, David. The Origins and Significance of the Emergence of U.S. "Gay Liberation" 1980 

12 MSS0492

 De Leon, David. The Origins and Significance of the Emergence of U.S. "Gay Liberation" 1980 

4 MSS0079

 Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity Chapter Handbook 1987 

12 MSS0472

 Demb, Janet M. Risky Behavior in an Inner-City African American Girl undated 

11 MSS0446

 D'Emilio, John. The Evolution and Impact of Federal Anti-Homosexual Policies During the 1950s 1983 

5 MSS0119

 Denning, Gerry. A Brief Examination of "Paul's Mistress" by Guy de Maupassant undated 

4 MSS0076

 Desdin, Roberto and Vicki Green. Homosexual Couples undated 

11 MSS0405

 D'Giorgio, Anthony. NOVA: a History, a Memoir, a Celebration 2001 

11 MSS0432

 Dickemann, Mildred. Reproductive Strategies and Gender Construction: An Evolutionary View of Homosexualities 1987 

6 MSS0184

 Dietrick, Donna. Reaching Out to the Lesbian Alcoholic 1980 

7 MSS0232

 Dillard, Gavin. In the Flesh 1994   [3 Folders]

5 MSS0128a-128c

 The Diocese of Massachusetts Clergy Compensation Committee. Report on Domestic Partner Benefits for Clergy and Lay Staff 1995 

14 MSS0537

 Dolan, Tom. Almost Straight 2008 

11 MSS0410

 Dorcus, Roy M. and G. Wilson Shaffer. Textbook of Abnormal Psychology 1934 

15 MSS0600

 Douthwaite, Graham. Unmarried Couples and the Law 1979 

16 MSS0609

 Dragoin, William. The Gynemimetic Shaman: Evolutionary Origins of Male Sexual Inversion and Associated Talent 1995 

6 MSS0182

 Drakeford, John. Forbidden Love 1971 

15 MSS0587

 Dreuilhe, Alain Emmanuel. La Societe Invertie, ou, Les Gais de San Francisco 1977   [5 folders]

17 MSS0620a-0620e

 Driscoll, Dale. Johnathan's Sonnets undated 

10 MSS0362

 Duberman, Martin. Stonewall undated   [3 Folders]

13 MSS0499a-0499c

 Dunphy, William. The New Morality, Continuity and Discontinuity undated 

13 MSS0504

 Dupuis, Martin. Book Review: Roger G. Lanphear's Gay Spirituality 1995 

3 MSS0031

 Duxbury, Mickey and Lois Heaney. Conference on Women's Mental Health 1975 

9 MSS0339

 Dynes, Wayne. Privacy, Sexual Orientation and the Self-Sovereignty of the Individual: Continental Theories, 1762-1908 undated 

11 MSS0442

 Dynes, Wayne and Warren Johansson. Eros Myth an Stigma: The Historical Semantics of Sexual Intercourse 1978 

6 MSS0180


Box Item

 Edwards, George R. Roman's 1:26-27 and Homosexuality: A Study in Context 1975 

5 MSS0132

 Eglinton, J.Z. Demythologizing Greek Love: Exploring Our Enemies' Hidden Dynamics undated 

11 MSS0427

 Elliot, Sumner Locke. Fairyland 1989   [2 Folders]

12 MSS0488a-0488b

 Ellis, Albert. The Case for Sexual Liberty--Volume One 1965 

7 MSS0233

 Englander, Pete. Counseling a Standard Deviation 1979 

5 MSS0120

 Ernst, Rick. Today a Dream...Tomorrow a Reality: A Model Recovery Home in Orange County for the Alcoholic Who is Gay 1985 

4 MSS0055

 Ernst, Rick. Drug and Alcohol Abuse--Not Unique to the Gay Community Quality Treatment IS 1985 

4 MSS0056

 Ersch, J.S. and J.G. Gruber. Allgemeine Encyclopadie der Wissenschaften und Kunste: Ditte Section, O-Z 1837 

16 MSS0619

 Esterberg, Kristin and The Show Me Equality Campaign Committee & Coordinating Committee. Show Me Equality Missouri Activists' Handbook 1994 

4 MSS0070

 Evans, Arthur. A Response to Arthur Bell 1993 

3 MSS0029

 Faderman, Lillian. What is Lesbian Literature? Toward Establishing a Lesbian Literary Canon 1990 

6 MSS0146

 Faderman, Lillian and Ann Williams. The Forty Years' Influence of Stephen Gordon undated 

5 MSS0135

 Feig, Laura. Homosexuality on Campus: The Gay Alliance of Princeton 1984 

8 MSS0277

 Felix, David. [Untitled] 1980 

13 MSS0527

 Fenrich, Robert Lane. "The Golden Boys of the S.S.": The Image of the Nazi and Construction of Gay Identities 1991 

4 MSS0051

 Fernandez-Alemany, Manuel. The Power of the Phallus 2000   [2 Folders]

11 MSS0436a-0436b

 Fifield, Lillene. On My Way to Nowhere: An Analysis of Gay Alcohol Abuse and an Evaluation of Alcoholism Rehabilitation Services for the Los Angeles Gay Community 1975   [2 Folders]

4 MSS0048a-0048b

 Finch, Ray. Our Town 1976 

10 MSS0372

 Finnegan, Dana G. and Emily B. McNally. Alcoholism, Recovery, and Health: Lesbians and Gay Men 1980 

7 MSS0252

 Finnegan, Dana and Emily McNally. How to See (and Help) the Invisible Lesbian Alcoholic 1980 

7 MSS0234

 Fiorica, Leo. United States Homosexuals "Unmasked" 1980 

3 MSS0032

 Fitzwilliam, Ernest. The Misfit 1981 

11 MSS0428

 Fleming, Michael and Deborah Feinbloom. Similarities in Becoming: Transsexuals and Adolescents 1972 

11 MSS0441

 Focus on the Family. The Homosexual Agenda 1995 

14 MSS0544

 Folks, Jeanne Candance. The Ministry of Touch in the New Testament Applied in Contemporary Society 1978 

11 MSS0460

 Ford, David and Jeff Hearn. Studying Men and Masculinity 1988 

15 MSS0596

 Ford, Kimberly-Anne. Evaluating Prostitution as a Human Service Occupation undated 

6 MSS0152

 Fordis, Ronald Evan. Coming Out 1978 

10 MSS0385

 Fordis, Ronald Evan. Coming Out (A Research Paper) 1978 

11 MSS0449

 Forrester, Marie, (Rev.) Edward Hansen and (Rev.) Fred Bird. The Tenderloin Ghetto: The Young Reject in Our Society 1966 

13 MSS0505

 Fox, Vernelle. The Gay Alcoholic 1979 

7 MSS0235

 Fradkin, Donna. Social Psychological Characteristics Present in Long Term Close Coupled Homosexual Relationships 1978 

8 MSS0280

 Fradrin, Howard E. Gay Couples undated 

13 MSS0512

 Franklin, Karen. Psychosocial Motivations of Hate Crimes Perpetrators: Implications for Educational Intervention 1998 

5 MSS0093

 Friedan, Gary Paul. Masochistic Behavior as an Outcome of Role Confusion 1978 

12 MSS0487

 Fritscher, Jack. Pretty Maids All in a Row undated   [6 Folders]

7 MSS0271a-0271f

 Fuller, Loie. Magician of Light 1979 

16 MSS0616


Box Item

 Gaffaney, Todd W. and James M. Torcivia. A Career Model--Homosexuality undated 

6 MSS0203

 Gagnon, John H. and William Simon. Femininity in the Lesbian Community 1966 

4 MSS0074

 Ganon, John H. and William Simon. Female Homosexuality; The Lesbians: A Preliminary Overview undated 

4 MSS0073

 Garber, Eric. A Very Preliminary Bibliography of Lesbian and Gay Male Images in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Genre 1981 

9 MSS0355

 Garber, Eric. A Very Preliminary Bibliography of Lesbian and Gay Male Images in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Genre 1981 

14 MSS0552

 Garner, Brian and Richard W. Smith. Are There Really Any Gay Male Athletes? An Empirical Survey circa 1976 

12 MSS0477

 Garner, Brian and Richard W. Smith. Are There Really Any Gay Male Athletes? An Empirical Survey 1976 

8 MSS0278

 Gasper de Alba, Alicia. Mi Casa [No] Es Su Casa 1994   [3 Folders]

13 MSS0498a-0498c

 GLUE. Selected Bibliography of Lesbian and Gay Titles Owned by the Los Angeles Public Library undated 

14 MSS0570

 Gearhart, Sally. The Lesbian and God-the-Father 1972 

10 MSS0373

 Geis, Gilbert. Not the Law's Business? undated 

17 MSS0629

 The General Council on Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Report of the Committee to Study Homosexuality 1991 

14 MSS0538

 Gentry, Frederick Jackson and Terrence Oleson. Masochistic Personality Characteristics in Men and Their Relationship to Sexual Preference 1982 

6 MSS0148

 Gerard, Robert. Symbolic Visualization, a Method of Psychosynthesis 1961 

13 MSS0522

 Glasgow, Joanne. Your John: The Love Letters of Radclyffe Hall undated   [3 Folders]

10 MSS0365a-0365c

 Glazer, Myron. Controlling Ourselves: Deviant Behavior in Social Science Research undated 

6 MSS0194

 Gock, Terry S. "Suicidal Homosexual Theory" A Case of "Anti-Gay Lesbian Violence" 1984 

8 MSS0315

 Goodman, Douglas Dean. Tricks of the Trade: Tales of Sin, Sex, and Show Business 2003   [3 folders]

1 MSS0009a-0009c

 Gorman, Phyllis. The Daughters of Bilitis: A Description and Analysis of a Female Homophile Social Movement Organization, 1955-1963 1985 

1 MSS0005

 Green, James, N. Feather and Fists: Gender Identity and Politics in the Construction of Gay Communities in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1945-1985 undated 

3 MSS0044

 Green, Julian. Personal Record, 1928-1939 1939 

15 MSS0584

 Green, Richard. Psychiatry, Homosexuality and Mental Illness: Non-Closure in a Non-Scientific Discipline 1979 

7 MSS0215

 Greenberg, David F. Parole Recidivism and the Incapacitative Effects of Prison 1974 

6 MSS0165

 Grellert, Edward A. The Origins of Sexual Attraction: A Possible Mechanism 1995 

6 MSS0199

 Gross, Alfred A. Demythologising the Homosexual undated 

7 MSS0220

 Grotenhuis, Saskia. Educating for an Appropriate Behavior Among the Sexes, the Discussion About Co-Education in the Fifties undated 

6 MSS0185

 Grove, Ruth. Wrapped in Love 1991 

7 MSS0236

 Gunnison Jr., Foster. The Homophile Movement in America 1968 

9 MSS0359

 Haile, Mark. Can't We All Just Go to Palm Springs? undated 

11 MSS0437

 Halkin, Hillel. Mercy of a Rude Stream, Vol.1: A Star Shines Over Mt. Mom's Park 1994 

6 MSS0170

 Hamanaka, Pamela. Myth Masking Identity: The Asian American Lesbian 1982 

9 MSS0357

 Hannam, Dirk. Prince Eager 1989 

9 MSS0351

 Harbaugh, Jane. Homosexual Teachers in the Public Schools: The Problem of Individual Rights in American Society 1979 

3 MSS0023

 Hard, Jerry ("Kim Reynolds"). Gay and Lesbian Dictionary 1996   [11 Folders]

1 MSS0006a-0006k

 Hardman, Paul D. Homosexuality in Legal Tradition, the Code of Hammurabi 1963 

5 MSS0117

 Hartley, Dean Wilson. Front Runner: The Gay "Breakthrough" Novel or New Stereotype? 1976 

3 MSS0037

 Hasler, Jean and James Toy. Gay Advocacy 1973 

9 MSS0335

 Hayes, Joseph J. Lesbians, Gay Men and Their Languages: An Overview 1979 

13 MSS0516

 Hayworth, Jack. Reflections of Human Emotions 1978 

6 MSS0163

 Heard, Gerald. A Future for the Isophyl and What is Religion? undated 

12 MSS0479

 Heard, Gerald (D.B. Vest, pseudonym). What's Ahead for Homo? undated 

17 MSS0630

 Heather. Poetry undated 

6 MSS0145

 Heggie, Deborah. The Homosexuality Issue 1982 

9 MSS0358

 Heidorn, Nat J. The Stonewall Riots: Two Days in the History of the Gay Struggle 1976 

5 MSS0126

 Hencken, Joel D. A Reply to Bieber's Discussion of "Homosexuality: The Ethical Change" 1976 

11 MSS0443

 Hencken, Joel D. and William T. O'Dowd. Coming Out as an Aspect of Identity Formation undated 

10 MSS0386

 Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Inside-out: A Report of the Experiences of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals in America and the Public's Views on Issues and Policies Related to Sexual Orientation 2001 

5 MSS0096

 Hensley, David. Adolescent Literature with a Homophile Theme undated 

10 MSS0397

 Hewson, Federico. Sudden Movement: A One Act Play 2000 

3 MSS0022

 Hickman, Jane L. The Normalization of Deviant Sexual Behaviors 1981 

6 MSS0208

 Highwater, Jamake. The Mythology of Transgression 1995   [3 Folders]

9 MSS0329a-0329c

 Hingson, Dickson J. Recognizing Sexual Orientation and Gay People Within the Secondary Curriculum: What Role for Schools? 1982 

7 MSS0270

 Hirschfeld, Magnus. Jahrbuch fur Sexuelle Zwischenstufen 1899   [3 folders]

16 MSS0604a-0604c

 Hook, Ronald W. Constitutional Right of Privacy: Sodomy Laws 1981 

10 MSS0378

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