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Special Collections

Books: Care & Handling Guidelines

General Instructions
Because many of the department's holdings are unique, we ask patrons to follow some simple guidelines designed to protect the materials. Please help to protect our materials and maintain their condition by observing the following conservation guidelines:

Instructions for handling printed material including books, broadsides, maps, pamphlets, and ephemera)
Paper-based materials, including such historical documents as broadsides, maps, pamphlets and ephemera, record the life and collecting interests of previous owners. In addition, all the parts of a book--the binding, paper, and text--afford evidence of its past. Your cooperation and care in handling ensure the preservation of their physical as well as textual integrity. Please note that certain individual items or kinds of material may require advance notice and additional staff time in order to be prepared for safe use in the Reading Room.

Manuscripts/Archives: Guidelines for Handling Manuscripts and Archives