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Patent Research Guide


The USC Libraries has several subscription databases, notably SciFinderScholar, that allow for easy patent searching. We have also explored and compiled a number of patent print and electronic books, as well as links to free resources, for you in this guide. Please contact Norah Xiao on the Science and Engineering Team if you have questions or suggestions.



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  1. Patents
  2. Patent classification
  3. Patent Search

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Books (at USC Libraries)

  1. Subject: Patent literature
  2. Subject: Patent searching
  3. Subject: Intellectual property

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E-books (at USC Libraries via NetLibrary, Safari Technical Books and ebrary)

E-books in the ebrary collection require a plug-in reader for your browser - instructions on downloading and installing it are at the ebrary site.

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USC subscription:

Search engines and commercial providers:

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Organizations and Their Databases

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Research Guides and Tutorials

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Other Resources

Last updated: Feb. 17, 2009

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