PsycINFO Search Tips for Frequently Researched Topics


The following are automated search strategies for popular topics, using official descriptor terms from the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms.   To search on these topics:


1.                  Go into the “search tools” module of PsycINFO

2.                  Highlight the ‘Command Search’ module

3.                  Change the ‘insert field code’ to “Descriptors, DE=”

4.                  Copy and paste in the search terms listed below for your topic and click on search

5.                  Then do another, ‘quick search’ on the other subjects in your topic (if desired)

6.                  Go to the ‘search tools’ module again and click on ‘combined searches’ to search #1 and #2 together.


Text Files of PsycINFO Saved Searches for Manual Entry


 Thesaurus Search Terms (enter as Descriptors)

Achievement Measures

achievement measures OR aptitude measures
OR comprehension tests OR differential aptitude tests OR educational measurement
OR entrance examinations OR gates macginitie OR reading tests OR
general aptitude OR test battery OR
graduate record examination OR
iowa tests of basic skills OR
metropolitan readiness tests OR
minimum competency tests OR
modern language aptitude test OR
reading measures OR retention measures OR
stanford achievement test OR verbal tests OR wide range achievement test OR
college entrance examination board OR scholastic aptitude test OR

woodcock johnson psychoeducational battery








Attitude Measures

attitude measurement OR
attitude measures OR consumer surveys OR
interest inventories OR
kuder occupational interest survey OR
kuder preference record OR
least preferred coworker scale OR
minnesota teacher attitude inventory OR
occupational interest measures OR
opinion attitude and interest survey OR
parent attitude research instrument OR
preference measures OR
strong vocational interest blank OR
wilson patterson conservatism scale

Developing Nations

developing countr* OR developing nation? OR underdeveloped countr* OR
underdeveloped nation? OR
emerging countr* OR
emerging nation? OR
less developed countr* OR
less developed nation? OR
third world OR 3rd world







Intelligence Measures

army general classification test OR
benton revised visual retention test OR
california test of mental maturity OR
columbia mental maturity scale OR
creativity measurement OR
culture fair intelligence test OR
hidden figures test OR
infant intelligence scale OR
intelligence measures OR
kaufman assessment battery OR
kohs block design test OR
leiter adult intelligence scale OR
lorge thorndike intelligence test OR
lowenfeld mosaic test OR
miller analogies test OR
peabody picture vocabulary test OR
porteus maze test OR
raven coloured progressive matrices OR
raven progressive matrices OR
remote associates test OR
slosson intelligence test OR
stanford binet intelligence scale OR
temporal spatial concept scale OR
verbal tests OR
wechsler adult intelligence scale OR
wechsler bellevue intelligence scale OR
wechsler intelligence scale children OR
wechsler memory scale OR
wechsler preschool primary scale 

Language Disorders

communication disorders OR
hearing disorders OR
language delay OR
aurally handicapped OR
partially hearing impaired OR
language disorders OR
speech handicapped OR
cleft palate OR
retarded speech development OR
articulation disorders OR
aphasia OR
alexia OR
dysarthria OR
dysphonia OR
dysphasia OR
echolalia OR
mutism OR
elective mutism OR
stuttering OR
speech disorders

Learning Disorders

learning disorders OR
learning disabilities OR
reading disabilities OR
attention deficit disorder OR
minimal brain disorders OR
minimally brain damaged OR
dyslexia OR
hyperkinesis OR
acalculia OR

Mental Health Personnel

mental health personnel OR
psychiatric nurses OR
therapists OR
psychiatric social workers OR
social workers OR
psychiatric aides OR
psychiatric hospital staff OR
psychologists OR
counselors OR
psychiatrists OR
psychoanalysts OR
clinicians OR
psychotherapists OR

Neuropsychological Assessment

neuropsychological assessment OR
halstead reitan OR
luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery OR
wechsler memory scale OR
bender gestalt test OR
memory for designs test OR
mini mental state examination OR

wisconsin card sorting test


Neurotransmitters OR
Acetylcholine OR
aspartic acid OR
n methyl d aspartate OR
catecholamines OR
dopamine OR
epinephrine OR
norepinephrine OR
cholecystokinin OR
endorphins OR
enkephalins OR
gamma aminobutyric acid OR
glutamic acid OR
glycine OR
histamine OR
neurotensin OR
serotonin OR
substance p OR

Nonprojective Personality Measures

authoritarianism rebellion scale OR
bannister repertory grid OR
beck depression inventory OR
bem sex role inventory OR
california f scale OR
california psychological inventory OR
california test of personality OR
childrens manifest anxiety scale OR
childrens personality questionnaire OR
differential personality inventory OR
edwards personal preference schedule OR
edwards personality inventory OR
edwards social desirability scale OR
embedded figures testing OR
eysenck personality inventory OR
fear survey schedule OR
general health questionnaire OR
gough adjective check list OR
guilford zimmerman temperament survey OR
high school personality questionnaire OR
kirton adaption innovation inventory OR
marlowe crowne social desirability scale OR
memory for designs test OR
millon clinical multiaxial inventory OR
minnesota multiphasic personality inventory OR
mooney problem check list OR
myers briggs type indicator OR
neo personality inventory OR
nonprojective personality measures OR
omnibus personality inventory OR
personal orientation inventory OR
personality measures OR
psychological screening inventory OR
repression sensitization scale OR
rod "and" frame test OR
rokeach dogmatism scale OR
rotter internal external locus of control scale OR
sensation seeking scale OR
sixteen personality factors questionnaire OR
state trait anxiety inventory OR
taylor manifest anxiety scale OR
tennessee self concept scale OR
vineland social maturity scale OR
welsh figure preference test OR

zungs self rating depression scale

Psychiatric Patients

Psychosis OR psychotic OR psychoses OR
Neurosis OR neurotic OR depression OR
Depressive OR schizophrenia OR mania OR
Psychopathology OR mental disorders OR psychiatric patients OR
affective disturbances OR borderline states OR personality disorders OR
dysthymic disorder OR panic disorder OR
seasonal affective disorder OR schizotypal personality OR schizoaffective disorder OR
schizophreniform disorder OR anxiety disorders OR chronic mental illness OR
dissociative identity disorder OR
homeless mentally ill OR 
impulse control disorders OR oppositional defiant disorder OR
gender identity disorder OR
eating disorders

Perceptual Measures

perceptual measures OR psychophysical measurement OR sensorimotor measures OR
speech "and" hearing measures OR
stroop color word test 

Projective Personality Measures

bender gestalt test OR
childrens apperception test OR
color pyramid test OR
holtzman inkblot technique OR
human figures drawing OR personality measures OR
projective personality measures OR
projective techniques OR projective testing technique OR rorschach test OR
rosenzweig picture frustration study OR
rotter incomplete sentences blank OR
sentence completion tests OR szondi test OR thematic apperception test OR

zulliger z test


Racial/Ethnic Populations

race (anthropological)OR
interracial family OR
interracial marriage OR
interracial offspring OR
interethnic family OR
racial and ethnic differences OR
ethnic groups OR
ethnic identity OR
ethnic values OR
racial and ethnic attitudes OR
racial and ethnic relations OR
Hispanics OR
Asians OR american Indians OR
mexican Americans OR
blacks OR negroes OR whites OR Caucasians OR Tribes OR Eskimos OR Anglos OR arabs OR
racial differences OR minority groups OR
gypsies OR alaska natives OR chinese cultural groups OR japanese cultural groups OR korean cultural groups OR

vietnamese cultural groups




Rehabilitation OR 
Detoxification OR
alcoholics anonymous OR 
occupational therapy OR 
physical therapy OR
psychosocial rehabilitation OR therapeutic social clubs OR 
vocational rehabilitation OR 
supported employment OR 
vocational evaluation OR 
work adjustment training OR

twelve step programs


Substance Abuse

alcohol abuse OR
problem drinking OR
delirium tremens OR
alcoholism OR
acute alcoholic intoxication OR
alcohol intoxication OR
chronic alcoholic intoxication OR
alcoholic psychosis OR
korsakoffs psychosis OR
wernickes syndrome OR
heroin addiction OR
drug addiction OR
drug abuse OR
drug dependency OR
drug overdoses OR
driving under the influence OR
inhalant abuse OR
drug abuse liability OR
polydrug abuse OR


"Talking" Therapies

analytical psychotherapy OR
brief psychotherapy OR
child psychotherapy OR
experiential psychotherapy OR
expressive psychotherapy OR
geriatric psychotherapy OR
group psychotherapy OR
individual psychotherapy OR
psychotherapeutic breakthrough OR
psychotherapeutic counseling OR
psychotherapeutic outcomes OR
psychotherapeutic processes OR
psychotherapeutic resistance OR
psychotherapeutic techniques OR
psychotherapeutic transference OR
insight psychotherapeutic process OR
psychoanalysis OR logotherapy OR
client centered therapy OR
directed reverie therapy OR
existential therapy OR
gestalt therapy OR
insight therapy OR
cognitive therapy OR
rational emotive therapy OR
transactional analysis OR
reality therapy OR
personal therapy OR
cognitive restructuring OR
cognitive techniques OR
adolescent psychotherapy OR
adlerian psychotherapy OR
interpersonal psychotherapy OR

supportive psychotherapy



Tests, Measures, Scales

Test OR Tests OR Testing OR Subtests OR
Pretesting OR Posttesting OR Inventory OR Inventories OR Survey OR Surveys OR Scale OR Scales OR
Scaling OR Score OR Scores OR Measurement OR
Measures OR Screening OR Exam OR Examination OR Examinations OR Questionnaire OR Questionnaires OR
Rating OR Validity OR Psychometrics OR
Sociograms OR Assessment OR Sociometry OR Battery OR semantic differential OR

piagetian tasks


computer assisted diagnosis and (imagery or imaging or image or images) OR tomography OR magnetic