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What Does California Mean?

A USC Libraries Exploration

Dace Taube and Sue Tyson

To add to your enjoyment of the What Does California Mean? Visions and Voices event on April 15, the USC Libraries present a selection of resources for further study. We have also provided contact information for subject specialists in a variety of areas related to California history and the West.


A rare 1714 map by Gerard and Leonard Valck showing California as an island.


Selected Bibliography of the Panelists' Work

William Deverell

Janet Fireman

Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Kevin Starr

D. J. Waldie


Databases and Archival Resources


USC Libraries Subject Specialists for California History

Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American, Chicano and Latino Studies

Los Angeles and Southern California History and Special Collections

US and Canadian History, American Studies and Ethnicity, and the West