Leadership Team

Elizabeth Parks (aka Busy Lizzy): Junior, Major: Biomedical Engineering;

Elizabeth is from Tacoma, WA and studies Biomedical Engineering. She plays club Water Polo, volunteers at LA County ER and also does cardiovascular research here on campus. She also helps out with the Urban Mission Project, as the director of Canterbury community service. She love chocolate, being outside, not studying, and is always ready for a late-night Yogurtland run.

Allyson Brown: Sophomore, Major: Neuroscience;

Allyson is from near Portland, Oregon. She love watching movies with friends and reading, but also enjoy seeing the occasional Broadway play or strolling through nearby museums. She is a big fan of soccer, football, spaghetti, and root beer. She is a member of the Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe aka the USC Trojan Marching Band. She was also an Acolyte at Trinity Church in Reno and later at Christ Episcopal, where she obtained the ever-coveted position of thurifer!

Chris James: Sophomore, Major: Architecture;

According to Chris, a brief description of himself can most easily be stated in randomly assorted sentences: I think it's fine to break the rules as long as you know what the rules are and the consequences for breaking them. I watch and read way too much news. My favorite movie is Air Bud. Like Lincoln said, "If I didn't laugh I'd cry", so I laugh a lot. Family is the most important thing in the world and God is Great! If you didn't understand anything from this I hope you'll at least have grasped the fact that I'm a very random person and my mind wanders a lot!

Alex Maggi: Sophomore, Major: Film Production;

Alex studies film at USC. He is into music, comics, movies, and just anything creative in general. He is also pretty into his Italian heritage and the food that comes with it.

Paulina Johnson: Sophomore, Major: International Relations;

Paulina is studying International Relations and loves helping others. She likes to dance, chill with friends, and wants to travel, especially to Paris and Spain. She is looking forward to serving on the leadership team this year!

Jim Violette: Sophomore, Major: Undecided;

Jim is originally from Connecticut, but has had no problem adjusting to the easy-going California lifestyle. His academic interests are many but they include, business, finance, entrepreneurship, screenwriting, and graphic design. Outside of school, Jim enjoys listening to music, reading, writing, snowboarding, and anything that gets the body moving and the mind working.