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QuikSCience Catalina Expedition 2011

First place winners daily blog of
the Catalina Expedition
June 6 to June 13, 2011

Oak Park High School
Hermosa Academy Middle School

QuikSCience – Day One – Monday, June 6, 2011

Jen & Andrew



Jennifer – My favorite parts of today were seeing the dolphins on the trip over and doing the seaweed pressing.  Snorkeling was also a great learning experience.  I learned that I have to wear TWO wetsuits tomorrow, because I was shivering cold and I have nothing to be scared of in the water!   The food here is awesome – they have all my favorites!  Instead of having a dorm room, we have our own private cottage! The view is fantastic!


Andrew – We spent the whole day of enjoying the island and it was amazing.  My favorite part of the day was snorkeling.  I learned how to put on a wet suit. I was really nervous when I arrived at the water to swim because the water was 20 – 25 feet deep.  My diving buddy, Austin, dove into the water and resurfaced to the surface of the water. while I slowly got in the water and it was FREEZING!  After a while I started to enjoy swimming like a fish.  The activities on the island are very interesting and the food on the island is like eating at a 5-star hotel! 

LobsterAvyay – I enjoyed the incredible ocean view from the boat ride here and the sight from off the dock is amazing. The touch tank was amazing to observe and I got great pictures of some very interesting organisms. I learned that I need to get fatter to snorkel without freezing!  The algae pressing was fun, and the food was awesome. Hope the next 7 days go like this!

Horn SharkNirupam – Today was definitely a very enjoyable day. Right as we stepped off the boat we heard a splash and a fish was flying through the air! That turned out to be the first time I have ever seen a flying fish. I always thought there were only a few that hopped out at high seas every once in a while, but this was right next to the boat! Snorkel was certainly a rewarding experience and gave me a whole new perspective of the ocean. The touch tank proved to be a perfect and easy source for underwater photography.


Tiffany – I can’t believe we’re at Catalina already. It doesn’t feel real yet. My favorite part about today was getting off the boat from the mainland to the island. I was just looking into the ocean, enjoying the colors, when suddenly a fish flew by the dock. The flying fish fascinated me because I had never seen one before. Suddenly, a seal crashed into the dock, for he had been chasing after the fish for a nice meal.  The seal continued to have fun chasing his food until finally, he crashed much too hard into the dock and gave up. I saw a lot of different animals today in the ocean: seals, flying fish, and leopard sharks. I even got to wedge myself into a little cave that emitted a greenish glow underwater. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see more creatures!


Michael – it has been a very busy day. I saw some dolphins on the way here. I am really tired from waking up early and snorkeling. I was very cold during the snorkel, and so I will wear a second wetsuit. When we first arrived on the island, we were treated to a show of flying fish smacking into the dock. A seal was down below, trying to catch them, and they would leap above the water and then smack into the side of the dock. Ouch. It was fun, but I am really looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep.


JOKE:  What did one frog say to the other?

Times fun when you’re having flies!

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QuikSCience – Day Two – Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Road trip to Avalon, the other side of the island.




Jen Teaching

Jennifer – The bus ride was awesome! I got up close and personal with a dolphin on the glass boat tour. I saw a bunch of seaweed that looked like a giant tarantula. The QuikSCience presentation that I did was a good experience for me, because I had no idea what to expect, and it turned out great and I think that we really got the audience's attention. I had delicious ice cream from Olfa's (the oldest ice cream place in Avalon). While I was snorkeling, I saw people in dry suits and scuba diving gear. It was really cool to watch. I got to be partners with Tiffany, who is on the high school team. Another awesome day! It can't get any better than this! But it will!!


Doreen – So far, this trip has been absolutely breathtaking. I can't believe the accommodations and the jam-packed schedule that has been planned for us. Every detail has been arranged, right down to prescription masks that allow the students who normally have to wear glasses to see clearly underwater (I keep hearing Richard Attenborough's voice in my head, from Jurassic Park – "We spared no expense!") We feel very privileged to be part of this amazing experience. Terri is the most upbeat, enthusiastic, friendly, SKILLED person I think I have ever met – I haven't yet found anything she's NOT really skilled at! She drives that little bus like an absolute pro, through bone-jarring dirt roads and hairpin turns… always with a smile and facts about the island!


Andrew - The bus ride was epic! The ride was really bumpy but it was worth it. I got to see a few animals on the way. Terri was very skilled when it comes to mountain driving. There were also great breathtaking sceneries. When we arrived at Avalon, the first thing we did was go on the glass bottom boat. When we departed we saw many fish below us. There were garbaldi's, black surf perch, and blacksmiths. After the little cruise, we went to the botanical gardens. The gardens were beautiful, full of plants you don't find in America. I was nervous when we did a presentation at the Avalon high school. The classroom wasn't that big wasn't that big. After the presentation we awarded ourselves with ice cream. Mine was vanilla. After snorkeling at Casino point, we went back and ended the day with a movie about Catalina.


Tiffany – Today was another exciting day if not more so due to a good night's sleep. My favorite part of today was snorkeling, which is surprising because I don't particularly like snorkeling. It was not nearly as cold as yesterday's plunge. I found my favorite kind of fish called the surf perch. They just chill out right next to the kelp as the ocean surges back and forth. I tried to touch one but they freaked out and swam away. Snorkeling was really fun not only because of the diversity of amazing fish, but also because the last five minutes, I couldn't stop laughing. Jennifer and I were trying to get to the edge of the water to get out about thirty feet away. We were desperately trying to get to the land, but the waves kept pushing us back and forth and I couldn't stop laughing, but we finally did it! I still feel the swaying of the ocean right now, even though we got nearly five hours ago (right now it's (9:06). I can't wait for tomorrow, we get to kayak; kayaking is my favorite!


Fish Avalon

Nirupam – Today began with one of the coolest bus rides I've ever been on. As we neared the end of the road to Avalon there was a bison on the side of the road! It appeared to be quite docile and was a great moment for getting pictures of a creature that we'd have to travel to the Midwest to get. The gardens were really interesting and the cacti proved to be the main attraction. There was one cactus called the Old Man Cactus. The glass bottom boat was pretty fun and I loved seeing the school of topsmelt shimmering near the surface. The dolphins that came by were also fun to watch. We went to the dive park at Casino point, a place that I have always wanted to go to. When snorkeling, I was really impressed with the diversity, abundance, and size of the fish. It was cool watching the baby opaleyes feed at the bottom of cement steps that went into the water. I had a root beer float.


Avyay – I finally got to snorkel! Admittedly, I still have a few mask problems, but the water is a lot of fun when you're not freezing. On the way to Avalon, we saw a bison sitting on the side of the road. The glass-bottom boat tour was fascinating, especially when a pair of dolphins swam up right next to our boat. I got some awesome pictures of them jumping out of the waves. I played with the macro function of my camera, getting great close-ups of the cactus flowers in the Wrigley Botanical Gardens. Before the snorkel, QuikSCience treated us to ice cream; sadly, I missed the coconut ice cream, but got a great vanilla cone instead. It's interesting to think that it's only Day 2; still a whole lot more to see and do out here!


Michael- Today, I saw a dolphin up-close! It was really cool. I liked the ice cream, I got mint chocolate chip. I can't wait to go kayaking tomorrow! We also saw a bison sitting by the side of the road. It was sitting really still. On the way back from Avalon, I saw a cat lounging on a stair. The drive to and from Avalon was very bumpy. At the botanical gardens, I got some pretty good pictures, both whole and macro. Apparently, I am a pretty good photographer. Nirupam is amazing at photography, though.

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QuikSCience – Day Three – Wednesday, June 8, 2011
A day of kayaking, soapstone carving, snorkeling, laboratory tour, making sushi and looking at microscopic plankton.



Kayak j & e

Doreen: What a fantastic day of kayaking! This was a new experience for me. We kayaked through the Blue Caverns, which was exciting and a little scary! We got to do more snorkeling and we learned more about plankton than I ever thought I would! Our laboratory tour from a USC graduate student, Cynthia, gave us a look into a student's life here at Wrigley. We even learned to make California sushi rolls! I continue to be impressed by the involvement of so many people who are clearly passionate about their work, sharing their passion with the QuikSCience students.


Avyay – Today was an incredible day. We started off the day with kayaking, which was an awesome experience. A part of me wanted to kayak infinitely, looking out over the vast ocean. We even saw harbor seals. Entering the caverns, Nirupam and I encountered a crested wave, and got thrown upward for a brief moment. I had a lot of fun and saw several different fish, as well as a few sharks. Last night, Nirupam and I were out on the pier and discovered a 5-foot long leopard shark! The plankton lab was fascinating, and I was amazed by the amount of active life in the seemingly empty water.


Tiffany – Another exhausting yet exhilarating day! I was so excited that we finally got to kayak since I have been looking forward to it all week. Blue Cavern is a little cave that twisted and turned out, back into the ocean. When we arrived, we saw a family of seals, sun bathing on a rock. We got the opportunity to kayak right past them; I got to see their fur and the cute little pup – it was an experience I'm not likely to forget. I went into the cave and it was so exciting. At the very end, the cave widened out to a nice blue-green color and the way that the sun and sky lit up the water was perfect. I wish I had caught a picture, but it's engrained into my memory! I can't wait until Friday – we get to go kayaking again. Yay!

Jen Sushi

Jennifer – Today was amazing. First we went kayaking to Blue Caverns and the way back, we saw a seal checking us out. He was only about 30 feet away from us and we could see his nostrils opening and closing as he breathed! We did soap stone carving and mine looks… something like a starfish. We'll keep chiseling and sawing away until I find the shape! We made sushi, which was surprisingly good, despite the fact that I don't like seaweed. At night we looked at plankton under a microscope. I've never done that before and it was very cool and exciting. I saw lots of cool things.


Nirupam – Today it was nice to be back in a kayak after not being in one for years. When my kayaking buddy, Avyay, and I went through a sea cave with our double kayak. It was pretty exhilarating and we were proud of our maneuvering. Soapstone carving was fun and I made a bison, which came out really well. It was pretty cool actually carving a stone. When we were snorkeling, I was able to get some pretty good macro pictures of a type of little rockfish I had never seen before. IT reminded me of a dragon. We also saw about ten good-sized leopard sharks and four large bat rays. It was awesome seeing a huge school of really iridescent topsmelt! The plankton lab was really fun, and it was really fun seeing all the different types of creatures.

Mich & Tiff

Michael-Today we went kayaking! It was really fun. We saw a spout- an arrangement of rock that, when a wave hits it, shoots seawater into the air. It was cool. I also saw a jellyfish! We also went snorkeling, and for once I wasn't extremely cold the entire time and it was fun. We did some soapstone carving and I am carving a penguin. We also looked at some plankton under a microscope and I found some baby jellyfish and other plankton. It was really cool. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Soap Jon

Jonathan: Today was my first day on Catalina. I had an ok ride to Catalina, well since I didn't get sea sick it had to be a great boat ride. Today we made my favorite food…. SUSHI. It was so much fun to do. I got to role it up and eat it. The food on Catalina was pretty good. I also rocked on table tennis, but accidentally hit Andrew with a ping-pong ball. Oh well, I can't wait for the rest of this trip.

Sushi j & a

Andrew - Today was a really fun. I kayaked and I struggled a bit. I did some soapstone carving. The most favorite part was making sushi. Although I messed up, it still tasted good. Jonathan didn't like the wasabi very much! I also saw some sharks while swimming. Most of the day was really fun.

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QuikSCience – Day Four – Thursday, June 9, 2011
A visit to Pennington Marine Center in Emerald Bay, a hike to Parson's Landing, a lecture on Plankton and Ocean Acidification, and a sand workshop.


Jonathan–Today was a great day because we went to Emerald Bay. It was my old boy scout camp that I used to go to. It was fun to hike and snorkel. After that we got on the boat and headed back to the Wrigley Marine Science Center where Jennifer, Andrew and I went snorkeling around the dock. The lecture on plankton and how it is affected by acidification was fun. Then we made sand cards, which are so cool, and I can't wait until tomorrow!

Emerald Bay

Suzanne–Today was my first day at Catalina. The boat ride over was a soothing and relaxing experience. Once I arrived it was off to Emerald Bay. I was told that thing move fast here and they do! The boat ride over was very beautiful, warm, and a bit cloudy which kept the ocean calm. Once at Emerald Bay the group went on a 1.5 hour hike through the mountains. The students came back having learned about the local area and enjoyed the hike. This is such a wonderful experience as this trip is a lot of learning in a way that is fun as well.

Andrew and Jen

Andrew–Today was really awesome. I went to Emerald Bay for some hiking and swimming. The hiking was really a good workout. Also got to see good views. Swimming was really fun. I swam over kelp forests. Hearing the lecture of acidification is really interesting. Making sand cards was really fun. I should say that this day was really fun.


Doreen–Today I finally had a totally enjoyable snorkeling experience! For the first time I really got to see what all the fuss was about. The swaying seaweed, gentle clicking sounds of shrimp, fish and floating salps (jelly-like creatures) were so incredible to see. It's like a whole different universe under the water! The hike to Parson's Landing was just gorgeous, and I'm sure the group really appreciated me pointing out all the different animal scat I found! Heh heh… We're ending the evening making cards of sand samples and listening to an intern, Alberto, serenade us while playing his guitar. What a delightful evening. I go home tomorrow, back to the "real world". I wish I could stay the whole week, but my time here was an unexpected bonus that has changed me for the better!

Bat Ray

Jennifer–Today was great, as always. We went on a boat ride to go snorkel in Emerald Bay. Jon and Suzanne came. We went on a nature hike – it was beautiful and we saw a cat hiding in the bushes. At the beach there was a little stone bonfire that was very cute. The snorkeling was great and we saw lots and lots of fish. I even saw a bat ray! At Emerald Bay we visited lots of creatures in the touch tanks. There were lots of gross, slimy ones and rough, coarse ones! Then we snorkeled more at Wrigley, and I saw two huge sea hares about six inches wide and nine inches long! We got a lesson today from Cynthia, who makes science fun!

Tiff Tanks

Tiffany–Only one more day. So sad! But today was an incredible day. My snorkel buddy was Nirupam and we saw so many amazing things. We actually got to see a jellyfish (or what we thought was one). It had red spots all over it and it looked a little bit like an elongated comb jelly. It was so pretty and I wanted to watch it forever, but it floated into the depths of the water. Visibility today was amazing; you could see the bottom of the ocean more often than not. The kelp forests were so beautiful and the amount of algae clinging to the rocks made it look almost like a coral reef in terms of color. I wanted to stay there for a long time. Snorkeling was definitely the highlight of my day, even though I still feel like I'm rocking back and forth. It is ironic because I didn't even want to go in the first place. Thanks, Nirupam, for making me go!

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QuikSCience – Day Five – Friday, June 10, 2011
Let’s Kayak and Survey the birds at Bird Rock, Snorkel, look at Plankton in the microscope, and there is a “surprise” in Entomology, and last but not least, a Fish Printing (Gyotaku) activity.

Video Viewing

Kayak Group

Suzanne – Today we kayaked and conducted a field study at bird rock. We saw a bison up close and then really up close when we found him on the walking path, what an adventure. After that the students went snorkeling, they had so much fun, especially our non-swimmer, who is now an amazing swimmer. We had a lecture on bugs and then to top it off, the students ate some bugs too! It was great fun fish printing as we all covered rubber fish and other sea life with paint and then pressed them on to t-shirts. The talent that came through was amazing.

Sam and Emily

Kasthuri –  Snorkeling was AWESOME!!!!!! I can’t even swim good and I went snorkeling, so I’m happy! Fish printing yesterday was so cool, I made an awesome shirt and it will definitely be one of the highlights of the trip. Today we are going kayaking, and this is the first time I’m doing it so I’m really EXCITED! Catalina was so much fun just on the first day, I can’t wait to see what the next three days hold!

Bird Rock Survey

Jennifer - Today we kayaked and counted birds. I skipped snorkeling, but I had the job of writing all the wet suits sizes of all the people. We did plankton lab and I was the teacher. We did a bug class, it was ok, but bugs creep me out!  I also did fish printing and the shirt turned out great!

Nir and Pam

Avyay – We got back to the island after our band concert at home, and realized that the whole group had waited for us to go kayaking! We had a lot of fun observing the birds, although it was quite smelly and very tiring. We went snorkeling, and I FINALLY got my mask to cooperate with me. It was very enjoyable, and I saw several leopard sharks. I also saw massive bat rays and a gigantic sea hare. Later, we sat through an entomology lesson, which I enjoyed a lot; it was fun looking at some of the insects in displays, and watching the whole group reacting to the taste of crickets. Afterward, we printed fish designs on t-shirts, where I made an interesting turtle.

Fish Printing 2

Jonathan -  Today was one of the best days of the whole trip to me. The reason? Simple, we did all of my favorite things including, physical activities, competition, humor, and art. The physical activity and competition was fulfilled by are kayaking trip and race from bird rock island to the main land. I had no energy, but I had a sudden burst when I was about to start the race. After the race (that I won) I was so tired and sleepy that going on land was like a dream. My favorite part of the day was making the t-shirts that I will be wearing to the Junior Olympics. We were walking to the cafeteria when we almost ran into the bison. I really cannot wait into tomorrow since it will be so much fun. P.S. (watch out for bison.)

Kat and Jaz

Kasthuri - Kayaking was an interesting experience. My arms hurt a little, but I needed a workout anyways. Yesterday I ate a barbequed-flavored mealworm and, honestly, it didn’t taste like anything, although it was crunchy. This trip is so awesome that words can’t even explain it. I can’t wait until the nature hike, we might meet some bison : ).

Kayak USC

Chad - I loved snorkeling, even though it was cold. The visibility was awesome and I saw a jellyfish. Eating a bug in Entomology was great!

Michael Fishprinting

Michael - I made a really nice shirt and it was fun.

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QuikSCience – Day Six – Saturday, June 11, 2011
Island Geology, Kayaking to Blue Caverns, Solar Oven & Kelp Energy Bars, NASA presentation with Tom Nolan, Hiking in Ironwoods, Seining (fishing!) in the mud flats and beach, QuikSCience winners presentations, Night Snorkel.

Night Snorkel Group


Jazmine L. - Kayaking with my twin, Jazmine M., was super fun! :D we went in the cavern and it was an amazing experience. I would so do it again if I had the chance!

Ironwood Hike

Kasthuri - I would say kayaking was an interesting experience and I once again got a workout. When we went hiking Terri gave us some pickle weed to eat and it was amazing! The kelp energy bars were definitely healthy and Jose’s cookies were amazing!


Jazmine M. - OMG…Cookies… Amazing! I told myself not to eat them but once I got a taste, I never went back. I‘m going to miss them the most. And kayaking was fun we actually saw a seal up close. I had a blast hanging out in the dining hall while others were night snorkeling! Wooh wooh Woooow

Scott Faisal

Faisal - Snorkeling at night was a life changing experience. Noticing the bioluminescence within the water and practically being surrounded by glowing fish was truly amazing. Snorkeling at night is something I will never forget, especially after fighting against the wet suit and water at the same time. Fish farms…..AHHHHH. OOOooooOOOhh


Amber - Kayaking was soo much fun!! But, sadly, I got seasick. Also, my group and I presented our project and I had tons of fun out here in Catalina.

Blue Caverns

Scott - I have been having a blast here on Catalina Island. My two favorite experiences so far have been Kayaking and Night Snorkeling. While Kayaking, we were able to see the different rock formation around the island. While snorkeling, we were able to see the bioluminescence. Another reason I will remember these things because it has been a new experience and I can’t wait for more.  

Micro Top

Chad - Great day, I loved looking at bioluminescence and plankton. I loved making the seaweed bars, but not eating them, they didn’t appeal to me, but it was fun.


Yahel - Okay day, and had some fun experiences.

Eastshore Team

Mr. Brooks - Another beautiful day on Catalina Island. At sun down we spotted a bison and two Island foxes.  The bison crossed under the bridge giving all of us a thrill.  Kayaking was the best and as we passed the rocky shoreline, we came across two blowholes – just like the ones in Hawaii.  Then we were treated to a kayak ride through the blue cavern. What a special treat this has been.

Micro Top View

Lawrence – Hey, QuikSCience and USC people…. I’m having a great time here. We’re doing some snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and we even get to go to Two Harbors and this trip was fun.

Seining MS

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QuikSCience – Day Seven and Eight – Sunday, June 12, and Monday, June 13, 2011
Let's take a trip to Little Harbor for a day of fun along with a fox and an eagle. A delicious dinner at the Airport in the Sky and S'mores in Two Harbors
Monday Already? Kayaking, soapstone carving, a Hyperbaric Chamber tour, Marine Mammal presentation, Holdfast dissection and a nice ride home!

Yvonne Kayaking

Yvonne Campos (SOAR High School QuikSCience Advisor) - The last four days have been a blast!  USC Wrigley Institute has been very generous and the hospitality has been out of this ‘OCEAN’. Kayaking in the cave was probably the highlight of the trip for me; paddling by the harbor seal sunning himself on a rock.  This has been a great time to meet new people and get to know more about their projects.  Every time I come to Catalina, I find out more about the delicate balance of the ecosystem on this beautiful island.  Yesterday we relaxed and hiked at the campsite by the beach; what majestic views.

Soapstone Hike

Suzanne - The all day trip around Catalina was fun and beautiful. We walked around the rocks along the coastline to get to “Shark Cove” a great surfing spot, we looked at rocks and bugs in the field, and just enjoyed the scenery. We hiked to the soap stone quarry and were also fortunate to see bison up close and personal. One time the bison was sitting on the volleyball court. Being a volleyball coach I would have loved a photo of that, but it was too dark.

Eagle 2

Jonathan - Today was an insanely interesting day. We stopped at a place to look at the Catalina island fox, and then we looked at the great bald eagle and a golden eagle. That thing was so big that I would rather take my chances with a wild Bison. I and sad that tomorrow is our last day.  I finished my soapstone and along the way I made two new friends and they are musical twins. And my name is going to mars with NASA…

Hiking HS

Jazmine M. & Jazmine L. - We had a great time and it sure was fun having all the activities. Having my “twin” with me made it a hundred times better!!  We acted like old people running in the sand, roasted s’mores and to top it all off we were opera singers! “Aaaaammeeeeennnn!!”   Hiking was a great time with our team, SOAR. Looking at the sand it was truly beautiful as well as sitting on the beach was super fun. Getting to know everyone was so cool, like Jonathan, we played ninja, and it was super fun.

Jen journal

Jennifer - Today we had a beach party, it was really fun. I liked having a beach day.  We saw a fox and a bald eagle. The fox was so cute and the bald eagle was kind of scary. Overall, the trip was great and I’ll never forget it!!!!!

M and N at Shark

Nirupam – Little Harbor was one of the coolest beaches I’ve ever seen. The trails around the water were really fun to hike. Blue and green schist were everywhere and when you poured water on the sediment, it turned into a metallic and silvery mud. The Airport in the Sky was pretty cool and the proprietors were extremely kind. It was rather fun roasting marshmallows and Two Harbors was a very tranquil area.

Soapstone Bowls

Amber - I got a chance to work on my sandstone today, which will be a body figurine. This experience on Catalina Island will be engraved in my mind for the rest of my life, I’ve learned to treasure more in life than what I mainly fixate myself on. Look out into the horizon an open your eyes to possibility. “Life doesn’t start happening until you start planning.” – John Lennon

Airport Dinner 2

Samantha ~ Today, Emily and I worked on our soapstone. Carving soapstone was addicting since it had relation to art! I attempted to make a soccer ball for one of my good friends. I had a great time and experience here at WMSC. I hope I could return and spend time doing more activities.

Girls at Micro

Emily - Wow, it’s hard to believe today is the last day. I’ve had a really amazing time at WMSC. I decided to carve “Catalina” in a glossy green rock. I’ve really experienced so much through WMSC; I really wish I could stay some more. I’ve learned how precious the ocean and environment is. I really want to help preserve our earth and help these wonders be available to everyone.

Airport Bison

Jazmine L - Today is our last day and I’m going to miss the activities we did like snorkeling and kayaking and getting to know everyone from other schools was so cool.  We created memories as a team and individually. We saw some amazing things like Bison and deer and I thought it was great I hope we have this experience again.

Ironwood Hike

Jazmine M – My favorite day was Sunday since it wasn’t timed and it was a very comfortable day. It was extremely relaxing. Plus we did a hiking trip and took amazing pictures! And the food is yum-yum yummy! Overall it was all fun being with my friends and making new ones and creating new memories.


Yahel - All I am going to say is that this is way better than regular school.

Seining MS

Lawrence - The QuikSCience group traveled to Two Harbors for a hike, a tour of the mud flats and then ocean for seining. We traveled to the Fox exhibit at a rancher’s house. We saw a fox named Tashi. Next we went to the eagle exhibit to see the bald eagle called Pimu. The golden eagle was called Nee-u-pu. Great time here!

Airport Eastshore

Mr. Brooks - Yesterday we explored the island.  At Little Harbor we body surfed and body boarded.  This is Quiksilver after all!  We saw island foxes and bald eagles followed by bison burgers at the airport.

Blue Shist

Kasthuri - Sunday was amazing because it was just a relaxation/hike day at the beach. We hiked up a couple of mountains and after just laid a towel out on the beach and listened to the waves. I also made my first S’more. Today is the last day for everyone at Catalina. I will definitely remember all the friends and memories I made for a lifetime. Thank you WMSC and QuikSCience for this awesome experience!

Stairs of Learning

Faisal - Going hiking with fellow QuikSCience members was truly an extraordinary experience. We took a long, extremely bumpy bus ride down there and along the way we saw a huge variety of animals and insects ranging from different areas of the island. We went to see foxes and saw a few birds. Hiking on Catalina would be an experience I would always hold close to my heart.


Scott - This whole experience was a blast for me. On Sunday we went to Little Harbor where we went on a hike and to the beach. We also went the airport in the sky where we got amazing views and got Bison Burgers. At the end of the day we had S’mores at Two Harbors. Sunday was a fun day. Today is Monday and we packed our stuff. I will really miss Catalina Island.

AV Kayak

Avyay – the last few days on Catalina were really amazing. I loved hiking in Emerald Bay and Little Harbor, and saw some incredible scenery, rocks, and wildlife. The long-awaited night snorkel on Saturday was truly an awesome experience, and I saw things under the water from a very different perspective. I loved observing the foxes and eagle exhibits, though the best part was seeing bison, foxes, and deer right here at Wrigley. The whole week was extremely fun and interesting, and I’m a little sad to be going back home to school and finals.

Andrew Mtn

Andrew - The days I spent here was awesome.  I had fun swimming in deep blue waters, kayaking in the ocean, and hiking up the mountains to see breath-taking sceneries.  The activities on the island were really fun and I can’t wait to come back here again.  Home, here I come!


Today is our last day and while the kids look forward to family back home, they are also wishing they could stay longer. This trip has been fantastic!

Pic of E and A

And a very special “Thank You” our special interns – Elizabeth and Alberto – for their great conversations with the students and awesome assistance!  Have a great summer everyone!  Best wishes from the QuikScience Staff

Bison Tall Ship

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