Island Explorers

student using microscope
Photo Credit: Linda Chilton

Sea Grant's Island Explorers Program exposes students to marine science and other disciplines through classroom use of curriculum materials. The student-centered science curriculum is characterized by hands-on marine science and uniquely focuses on Southern California and Catalina Island coastal environments. It is multidisciplinary and multifaceted, introducing students not only to marine biology, but also to geography and geology, physics, chemistry, and ecology. To support teachers in the use of these curricula, Sea Grant provides teachers with lessons plans and in-person and online workshops with scientific experts.

As part of the Island Explorers program, many students participate on field trips to local beaches and aquaria, or travel by vessel to the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center (WMSC) on Catalina Island for single day and overnight programs. At the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center, students participate in waterfront studies, laboratory experiments, and island biogeography excursions.

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