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Lesson Plan 5




  1. Challenge students to discover the smallest amount of salt that can be dissolved in 500ml water that will still allow a layer to form between the "Ocean Water" and pure water.
  2. What is the maximum number of discrete layers of colored salt water that can be placed in a straw? In order to answer this, students, may wish to experiment with different methods of forming the layers, and test what minimum difference in salt concentration is necessary to form a layer.
  3. Students should be encouraged to investigate the different layers of water in the ocean which occur because of density differences. They may also find it interesting to research how long it takes a particle of water to travel in a density current from the poles to the equator.
  4. Have students explore layering of water in estuaries. The layering produces a dynamic ecosystem with diverse species of animal life.
  5. Ask students to theorize why submarine crews often attempt to conceal their ship's location by keeping it inside a dense layer of ocean water. Library research about submarines may help them find the answers.












Concepts/Objectives | Vocabulary/Background | Activity | Extension