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Lesson Plan 4






  1. What can you find in the ocean?
    Seawater, fish, whales, rocks, etc.
  2. Which of these things are living and which are not?
    Fish, whales, squid are alive; seawater and rocks are not.
  3. What can you find in a drop of seawater?
    Saltand plankton!!


  1. Class discusses function of a microscope.
  2. Teacher introduces students to the parts of the microscope and explains the basic operation of the microscope.
  3. In small groups, students examine samples of ocean water under a microscope.
  4. Students try to identify the organisms by comparing them to the plankton pictures/photos from books and websites.

Phytoplankton Image Library
Cedar Eden Environmental, LLC

Article on "Scientists Map Evolution of Phytoplakton"

  1. Students draw as accurately as possible an organism they have identified.
  2. The labeled rendering will be placed on the butcher paper water drop.
  3. Students also record their observations in their science journals and identify any characteristics.



Concepts/Objectives | Vocabulary/Background | Activity | Extension