Fish: What's on the Outside?


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You can tell a lot about a fish's lifestyle by examining its body shape and fins. Does your fish live near the bottom? Is it a fast swimmer? What does the lens from its eye look like? After you have observed your fish, look at another fish that is different from yours.

1. Look carefully at your fish. Draw it on the back of this sheet. Leave room for a written description of your fish under the drawing (Question #6).

2. Look inside your fish's mouth. Does your fish have:

a tongue? ____________

teeth? __________ Draw the teeth here:



3. Lift the operculum (gill cover). Describe the gills:


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Used with permission from OCEAN STUDIES, OCEAN ISSUES FOR SEA: GRADE 8 - Oceanography and Marine Biology, © 1997, James A. Kolb. The FOR SEA series includes 14 guides for grades 1 - 12 available from FOR SEA, Institute of Marine Science, Indianola, WA 98342, www.forsea.org