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Lesson Plan 2




Students brainstorm ways to keep the toxins out of the system. (laws, better testing procedures)

Is there a way to help the eagles? (maybe monitoring and studying them, testing the sea gulls)


EagleNestEagles raising their Chick in a nest on Catalina Island:

After losing the original Eagle population on Catalina Island over 20 years ago from the effects of DDT, Eagles are being reintroduced. Unfortuately, DDT is still present in the food web and Eagles have not been able to successfully raise their chicks from eggs due to shell breakage (from DDT contamination). In an attempt to bring back the Eagles, scientists remove the non-viable eggs from the nest, replacing them with fake eggs. At the appropriate time, they replace the false eggs with a live Eaglet chick and the parent Eagles raise it as their own.

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