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Lesson Plan 3






  1. How many of you remember our activity with DDT?
  2. What did DDT do? (It concentrated in the animals and made the animals higher up in the food web more toxic/full of DDT; in birds it made the eggshells thin and easy to break, then the chicks could not hatch.)
  3. If enough animals are killed or if the animals can't have babies, what do you think happens to the species? (The species cannot continue and eventually there are no more of that kind of animal left.)
    • Teacher can use direct instruction to describe the Brown Pelican's near extinction due to DDT.
  4. Ask students to brainstorm about any animals (or anything) that they know of that has gone extinct (ex: dinosaurs)
  5. Why did these animals/plants etc. go extinct? [You can ask the following question of groups who can brainstorm amongst themselves to get answers.]:
  6. What kinds of human action cause another species to go extinct? (over hunting/harvesting, not enough food, not enough land to live on, poisons/pollutants----[Teacher can refer to the above background]).

Story Writing:
Individually or in pairs have students write a story about what it feels like to be the last one "of your kind." Students can choose either an animal that they like or they can choose to create one.

They can also draw a picture of their animal if they want.

After 15-20 minutes of writing ask students to share their stories with the class.