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Lesson Plan 5







  1. In Los Angles the water in storm drains could flow into the LA River or could flow to Biona Creek. Contact Heal the Bay or your local water resource agency to determine exactly which path is taken by your local storm drains.

  2. How is the impact different if it goes through the LA River or to the Biona Creek? (In Los Angeles, the LA River goes directly into the ocean, while the Biona Creek passes through a large wetland area and can have other impacts besides the direct beach environment. There are other animals and plants that live in the wetlands that are a little different from those that live just on the beach.)


  1. Students can make flyers to educate the neighborhood and pass out to neighbors and post at local stores.
  2. Students can keep track of the storm drains they marked and periodically check for debris build up--and keep them clean.
  3. Contact your local agency that maintains the sewers. Often someone will come to your school and discuss the difference between sewers and storm drains; possibly including opening a manhole cover on the street to illustrate the difference in routes between storm drains and sewers.