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Throughout this curriculum students have been learning about the structure and make-up of the ocean environment and its inhabitants. Now it is time to look at how we as humans affect the marine environment.

Through a variety of activities students will be introduced to the problems and effects of pollution, habitat destruction and the idea of limited resources. They will start out by observing what is in their own homes and how those items and everyday living actions can impact the marine environment. Learning about storm drains provides the student with an idea of how actions in the urban environment directly affect the marine ecosystem. Where we build houses, anchor ships, throw our trash and how much of the seas resources we consume all have an effect on the ocean environment.

Not only will they be involved with learning about our impacts, but more importantly, with exploring solutions to these problems. Direct individual action and community involvement are both ways to make a difference in our environment and students will get a chance to do just that as they proceed through this unit!

Lesson Plans:

  1. "A Shortage in the Sea" Web | PDF
  2. "Toxins in the Marine Environment" Web | PDF
  3. "Extinction is Forever" Web | PDF
  4. "ECO Challenge" Web | PDF
  5. "Down the Drain" Web | PDF