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Although the ocean covers 71% of the planet, is a large and steadily growing source of the world's of protein, and is responsible for regulating the earth's climate, ocean science education is not always available for young students. Despite their proximity to the coast, there are many children here in the Los Angeles watershed who have never seen the ocean. This is often due to resources, especially for many inner-city schools and students. What is perhaps more remarkable, though, is the undeniable connection many of these children feel to the ocean upon seeing it for the first time.

USC Sea Grant has a strong record of connecting ocean science and policy to education by reaching out to the local community of Los Angeles, meeting with and responding to requests from educators, youth or families, and providing educational resources to connect children to the ocean. USC Sea Grant's goal is to make current marine science and local scientific expertise available to all people in Los Angeles.

lgcompass View USC Sea Grant's Quarterly Publication, the Urban Mariner, Education Special Issue: "The Fire Within" (PDF)

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