El Niño Preparedness and Public Agency Information:

California Coastal Commission
California Resources Agency - El Niño Information Page
California Resources Agency - Flood Information Sources
California Office of Emergency Services
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Press Index

Weather Sites and Real Time Data:

Center for Ocean-Atm Prediction Studies Lib. El Niño Resources
El Niño 1997
El Niño and the Current State of the Tropical Pacific
El Niño Watch From Space
ENSO Primer
ENSO and LA Rainfall
National Oceanographic Data Center
National Weather Service - San Francisco Bay Area
National Weather Service Forcast - Los Angeles/Oxnard
NOAA Climate Pred. Center/ El Niño (ENSO)
NOAA Researching, Monitoring, Predicting El Nino
Regional Forecasts for El Nino
Topex/Poseidon FAQs
TOPEX/Poseidon: Understanding our Oceans & Climate from Space
1997 El Niño from Topex Near-Real Time Data
Weather Cams
University of Illinois
WeatherNet Tropical Weather Products

Biological Effects of El Niño:

CNN sites: Elephant Seals
CNN sites: Pelicans Invade Chile
CNN sites: Tropical Fish to Pacific Coast
CNN sites: Winners and Losers

El Niño Topical Pages:

An El Niño Theme Page
Center for Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction Studies Library
CNN El Niño Special (mid-Oct)
Earth Space Research Group
Florida State University
KFWB News Service
NOAA El Niño Theme Page
NOAA/OGP El Niño - Southern Oscillation Page
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - El Nino Information
USA today

USC Links:

USC Sea Grant Program
USC Wrigley Institute