Program Development Funding

For more information on Program Development Funds, please contact Phyllis Grifman

Brief Description

Many times circumstances arise when needed research cannot be sponsored through the regular Sea Grant program cycle. When these circumstances arise for projects that are otherwise academically worthy and relevant to the Southern California program, Sea Grant management needs the flexibility to initiate action and funding as needed. With this flexibility, Sea Grant management can respond to community needs and plan future research projects more effectively. The overall goal is to provide the Sea Grant management with more flexibility than the regular funding cycle provides, in order to make the program more responsive to research needs and opportunities.


Sea Grant management reserves Program Development funds for projects that meet one or more of the following special criteria:

"Program Development" projects are subjected to a "mini-review" by the Sea Grant staff and appropriate subject area coordinators. Larger program development proposals are sent to the National Sea Grant Office and, if appropriate, to an outside reviewer. No set schedule exists. Southern California Sea Grant will proceed from informal discussions to final decisions as quickly as possible.

The criteria by which program development projects will be judged are essentially the same as the criteria for full-scale projects. These criteria are considered in combination: