Important Program Reports

USC Sea Grant Strategic Plan 2014 -2017

USC Sea Grant developed this Strategic Plan in 2012, relying on input from the range of interests and stakeholders at the national, regional, state and local levels. The USC Sea Grant Strategic Plan for 2014-2017 is broad in scope and vision, but with a recognition of the boundaries attendant upon limited resources. We continue to prioritize the elements of our research, extension and education portfolio in order to focus on the most pressing concerns of the greater urban Southern California region.





Marine Research and Information Needs

With increasing demand for natural resources, continuing population growth, and budgetary declines, West Coast communities face numerous challenges to the health and sustainability of their coastal and ocean resources and habitats, including polluted coastal waters, habitat loss, nonnative species
invasions, eroding coastlines, and marine wildlife declines.

West Coast Sea Grant Regional Research Report (PDF)





national strategic plan coverIn 2012, we updated USC Sea Grant's strategic direction, keeping it aligned with the Sea Grant National Strategic Plan 2014-2017. The National Plan was developed with input from the state Sea Grant programs, national stakeholder groups, and representatives from NOAA programs, other federal agencies, and nonprofit environmental organizations. The National Plan thus provides the primary context for USC Sea Grant’s plan. For the suite of challenges presented in the Southern California coastal region, the USC Sea Grant plan refocuses those priorities, continuing our major emphasis on water quality, coastal ecosystem health, coastal community resilience, and a robust education effort. As part of our resilient communities and economies emphasis, we continue work on land use planning and marine transportation and ports, both of which are particularly important as economic drivers in the Southern California metropolitan region.



California Ocean Protection Council / USC Sea Grant Research 2007-2010

Beginning in early 2007 and again in 2009 (although funding was frozen until 2010), the OPC awarded funds to USC Sea Grant to administer peer-reviewed scientific research to address specific OPC research priorities, which were included in USC Sea Grant's annual Call for Proposals. This partnership resulted in a cost-savings to both programs, which collaborated on the scientific peer review and selection of proposals.