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Marine Education (K-12)

Island Explorers

USC Sea Grant has created a new curriculum for teaching marine science education in grades 3-6, and can be adapted for other grade levels. Island Explorers is currently being used and evaluated by Sea Grant. Information about the curriculum is available by contacting Lynn Whitley.

Environmental Education: Making A Difference

Grifman, Phyllis and Jill Ladwig, Coastal Zone '95, Billy L. Edge, Editor, Published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, p. 282-83, 1995. ($2.00)

Environmental Education: Making A Difference

Grifman, Phyllis and Jill Ladwig, A video program and brochure produced by the Sea Grant Programs of the University of Southern California and the University of Hawaii, 1994. ($10.00)

Wet and Wild: Six Bilingual Supplementary Marine Education Curriculum Guides for Teachers, Grades K-6

Six units, each in English and Spanish, contain introduction of background information for teachers, approximately 25 multidisciplinary lesson plans in each unit and a list of reference books and films. Published in association with the National Evaluation, Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, California State University, Los Angeles. Units may be ordered individually (see prices below) or as a complete set for $85.00.

Unit 1: The Physical Ocean (Wet, Wild and Deep) 171 pp. ($10.00)

Unit 2: Ocean Management (Who Owns the Sea?) 66 pp. ($8.00)

Unit 3: Research (Innerspace Explorers) 146 pp. ($10.00)

Unit 4: The Biological Ocean (Hello Down There!) 180 pp. ($20.00)

Unit 5: The Economic Sea (Riches of the Sea) 150 pp. ($18.00)

Unit 6: Marine Ecology (You Scratch My Back...I'll Scratch Yours) 188 pp. ($23.00)

Dimensions of the Sea: Marine Education Slide Presentations With Narratives

a. The Physical Ocean. (13 slides-$11.00) - USCSG-ME-01-83S
b. Ocean Management. (15 slides-$12.00) - USCSG-ME-02-83S
c. Ocean Research. (15 slides-$12.00) - USCSG-ME-03-83S
d. The Biological Ocean. (22 slides-$16.50) - USCSG-ME-04-83S
e. The Economic Sea. (27 slides-$20.00) - USCSG-ME-05-83S
f. Marine Ecology. (44 slides-$33.00) - USCSG-ME-06-83S

Each set contains high quality 35mm color slides on the marine community and environment, with a written narrative which can be adapted to the appropriate grade level. Available singly or as a package for $95.00.

(Narrative available in English and Spanish) - USCSG-ME-04-82

Tuga the Turtle.

Bjur, Dorothy M. This children's book is in Grade Two Braille with large letters. It tells the story of a sea turtle who visits a tide pool and learns about tidal animals. A cooperative effort of The Braille Institute America, Los Angeles; the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools Office; and USC Sea Grant. ($6.00)

Mini-Information Booklets (Bilingual).

a. Tidepool Animals/Los animales que viven in las pozas de la marea.
b. Sharks and Other Sea Creatures/Los tiburones y otros animales marinos.
c. Fantastic Marine Animals/Fantasticos animales marinos.

Each booklet contains approximately 50 mini articles, in both English and Spanish, about marine animals, their characteristics and behavior. (Set of three: $12.00) USCSG-ME-02-82

Marine Studies Idea Book: For Teachers, Grades K-6.

A resource book of ideas and activities for the development of lesson plans by teachers, available in either English or Spanish for use in bilingual and international programs. ($8.00 each; specify English or Spanish when ordering.)

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Marine Education Studies

Taxonomic diversity and geographic distributions of aquarium-traded species of Caulerpa (Chlorophyta: Caulerpaceae) in southern California, USA

Susan Frisch Zaleski, Steven N. Murray. ($2.00) or PDF

Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife Among Residents of Southern California's Urban Coastal Zone

Jennifer Wolch., et. al. USCSG-TR-01-2001

For the online results of the survey, please click here

Marine Animal Oriented Organizations, Cultural Diversity, and Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife
View Abstract

Lassiter, Unna I., Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 2000 (48 pages).

Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife: A Study of Culturally Diverse Focus Groups
View Abstract

Lassiter, Unna and Jennifer R. Wolch, Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 1999 (44 pages). ($2.00)

Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife: Designing a Focus Group Analysis for Culturally Diverse Settings
View Abstract

Lassiter, Unna, Jennifer R. Wolch, and Alec Brownlow, Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 1998 (35 pages). ($2.00)

Cultural Diversity, Cultural Conflict, and Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife
View Abstract

Whitley, Lyndell N., Jennifer R. Wolch, and Roger Salisch, Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 1998 (50 pages). ($2.00)

Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife Among Visitors to an Urban Science Museum
View Abstract

Whitley, Lyndell N., Jennifer R. Wolch, and Roger Salisch, USC Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 1998 (37 pages). ($2.00)

Designing the "Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife” Survey
View Abstract

Whitley, Lyndell N., Unna Lassiter, and Jennifer R. Wolch, USC Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 1998 (42 pages). ($2.00)

Cultural Diversity and Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife: A Conceptual Framework
View Abstract

Whitley, Lyndell N. and Jennifer R. Wolch, USC Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 1998 (41 pages). ($2.00)

Cultural Diversity and Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife

Whitley, Lyndell N., M.A. thesis, USC Department of Geography. USC Sea Grant, 1998. ($15.00)

The USC Sea Grant Pathfinder Program

Yoder, Susan E., Coastal Zone '95, Billy L. Edge, Editor, Published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, p. 284-85, 1995. ($2.00)

Marine Recreation and Safety

Pocket Guide to Los Angeles Area Beaches

Clickable Maps

Pocket Guide to Orange County Beaches

Clickable Maps

Beach Recreation, Cultural Diversity and Attitudes toward Nature

Jennifer Wolch and Jin Zhang. ($2.00)

Tiered Approach For Identification Of A Human Fecal Pollution Source At A Recreational Beach: Case Study At Avalon Bay, Catalina Island, California

Alexandria B. Boehm, Jed A. Fuhrman, Robert D. Mr_e and Stanley B. Grant. ($2.00)

Executive Summary, Review Panel Report:
Huntington Beach Phase III Final Draft Report
March 21, 2003

Phase III of the Huntington Beach Shoreline Contamination Investigation re-focused attention on the OCSD sewage outfall, with specific hypotheses concerning onshore transport of the sewage plume. (Download PDF HERE)

Generation of Enterococci Bacteria in a Coastal Saltwater Marsh and Its Impact on Surf Zone Quality

S.B. Grant, et al. ($2.00)

Huntington Beach Closure Investigation:
Technical Review

This report is the result of a technical review of the source investigation studies conducted during the closure of Huntington Beach in the summer of 1999. ($5.00)
USCSG-TR-01-2000. Or click here for the PDF version!

Living on the Edge: Vietnamese Fishermen in Southern California

Knoll, Bernd, M.A. thesis, USC Department of Anthropology. USC Sea Grant, 1997. ($10.00)

Vietnamese Fishing Safety

Knoll, Bernd, A training video to improve safety practices among Vietnamese fishermen in San Pedro and Ventura harbors. In Vietnamese. Complimentary.

Proceedings of Dive Computer Workshop

Lang, Michael and R.W. Hamilton, editors. Proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the AAUS, USC Sea Grant and California Sea Grant, September 26-28, 1988, Santa Catalina Island, California. USC Sea Grant, 231pp. ($15.00)

Shallow Water Diving Accidents at Southern California Ocean Beaches: Demographic, Sedimentologic, Medical, Legal and Management Perspectives

Osborne, Robert H., ed. Published by the Sea Grant Program, University of Southern California, 1988. ($8.00)

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Coastal Ocean Processes

Hydrographic and Particle Distributions Over The Palos Verdes Continental Shelf:  spatial, seasonal and daily variability

B. H. Jones, M. A. Noble, T. D. Dickey. ($2.00)

Coastal Pollution Hazards In Southern California Observed By SAR Imagery: Stormwater Plumes, Wastewater Plumes, And Natural Hydrocarbon Seeps

DiGiacomo, P.M., Washburn, L., Holt, B., and Jones B.H.($2.00)

Spatial Scales and Evolution of Stormwater Plumes in Santa Monica Bay

Washburn, L.; McClure, K.A.; Jones, B.H.; Bay, S.M. ($2.00)

Internal tide effects on a sewage plume at Sand Island, Hawaii

Petrenko, A.A., B.H. Jones, T.D. Dickey, P. Hamilton. Continental Shelf Research 20(2000): 1-13.

El Niño Storms and the Morphodynamic Response of Two Cobble Beaches

Lorang, Mark S., Steven L. Namikas, James P. McDermott, and Douglas J. Sherman, Coastal Sediments '99 Proceedings of the Conference ASCE. (1999): 922-937.

Study of the Impact of Stormwater Discharge on Santa Monica Bay

Bay, Steven, Burton H. Jones, and Kenneth Schiff, 1999, USC Sea Grant. ($5.00)

In Situ Measurements of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in the Water Column off the Palos Verdes Peninsula, California

Zeng, Eddy. Y., Charlie C. Yu, and Kim Tran, Environmental Science and Technology, 1999, 33, 392-398. ($2.00)

Stormwater Runoff into Santa Monica Bay: Identification, Impact and Dispersion

Jones, Burton and Libe Washburn, Stormwater Runoff into Santa Monica Bay: Sources and Impacts. Papers from a USC Sea Grant Symposium at California and the World Ocean '97. Request this article from collection. ($2.00)

Stormwater Runoff into Santa Monica Bay: Impacts on Physical Structure, Optical Characteristics, and Biological Responses of the Coastal Ocean

Jones, B., L.Washburn, S. Bay, and K. Schriff, Problems of the "Urban Ocean"-Managing Runoff in Los Angeles Coastal Waters: Abstracts from a USC Sea Grant Symposium at Coastal Zone '97. Request this article from collection. ($2.00)

Physical and Biological Dynamics of Sewage Outfall Plumes in the Coastal Region: An Intergrated Observational Approach

Jones, B.H., T.D. Dickey, L. Washburn and D. Manov, Water Pollution II: Modeling, Measuring and Prediction, L.C. Wrobel and C.A. Brebbia, Eds., Southampton, Boston: Computational Mechanics Publications, 1993, pp. 527-34. ($2.00)

An Experiment in Two-Way Communication with a Multi-variable Moored System in Coastal Waters

Dickey, T.D., R.H. Douglass, D. Manov and D. Bogucki, P.C. Walker and P. Petrelis, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 637-44, August 1993, 1993 American Meteorological Society. ($2.00)

Mixing, Dispersion, and Resuspension in Vicinity of Ocean Wastewater Plume

Washburm, Libe, Burton H. Jones, Alan Bratkovich, T.D. Dickey and Ming-Sue Chen, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Volume 118 (January, 1992): 38-58. ($2.00)

The Emergence of Concurrent High-Resolution Physical and Bio-optical Measurements in the Upper Ocean and their Applications

Dickey, Tommy D., Review of Geophysics, Volume 29, No. 3 (August 1991):383-413. ($2.00)

Variability of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters in the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall Plume

Jones, B.H., A. Bratkovich, T. Dickey, G. Kleppel, A. Steele, R. Iturriaga and I. Haydock, Stratified Flows, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Stratified Flows, February 3-5, 1987, Pasadena, CA. American Society of Civil Engineers. ($2.00)

Sampling and Analysis of Trace Metals in Sediment Interstitial Waters

Fairey, Russell, Ph.D. Dissertation, USC Department of Geological Sciences. USC Sea Grant, 1992. ($15.00)

Measurements of Nutrient and Metal Fluxes from the Sea Floor in the Area Around the White's Point Sewage Outfall, Los Angeles, California

Berelson, William M. and Kenneth S. Johnson, Reprinted from Coastal Zone '91, Proceedings of 7th Symposium on Coastal Ocean Management ASCE/Long Beach, CA, July 8-12,1991, pp. 101-11. ($2.00)

Moored Systems for Time Series Observations of Bio-optical and Physical Variability in the Coastal Ocean

Dickey, T. D. and D. V. Manov, Reprinted from Coastal Zone '91, Proceedings of 7th Symposium on Coastal Ocean Management ASCE/Long Beach, CA, July 8-12, 1991, pp. 86-100. ($2.00)

The Dispersion of Ocean Outfall Plumes: Physical and Biological Dynamics

Jones, Burton H., Libe Washburn and Yicun Wu, Reprinted from Coastal Zone '91, Proceedings of 7th Symposium on Coastal Ocean Management ASCE/Long Beach, CA, July 8-12, 1991, pp. 74-85. ($2.00)

Mixing and Dispersion Processes in the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall System in Southern California

Wu, Yican, Libe Washburn and Burton H. Jones, Reprinted from Coastal Zone '91, Proceedings of 7th Symposium on Coastal Ocean Management ASCE/Long Beach, CA, July 8-12, 1991, pp. 124-34. ($2.00)

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Marine Biology/Ecology

An Integrated Geochemical and Hydrodynamic Model for Tidal Coastal Environments

Jian Peng, Eddy Y. Zeng. ($2.00) or PDF abstract

Phytoplankton Blooms and Nitrogen Productivity in San Francisco Bay

Frances P. Wilkerson, Richard C. Dugdale, Victoria E. Hogue, and Albert Marchi. ($2.00) or PDF

Optimization of Stormwater Filtration at the Urban/Watershed Interface

J. Aaron Hipp, Oladele Ogunseitan, Raul Lejano, and C. Scott Smith. ($2.00)

Movement patterns of the round stingray Urobatis halleri (Cooper) near a thermal outfall

J. J. Vaudo, C. G. Lowe. ($2.00)

Rapid Detection of Enteroviruses in Small Volumes of Natural Waters by Real-Time Quantitative Reverse Transcriptase PCR

Jed A. Fuhrman, Xiaolin Liang, and Rachel T. Noble. ($2.00)

Passive Acoustic Telemetry Technology: Current Applications and Future Directions - Results of the VR2 workshop held on Catalina Island

Heupel, Michelle; Simpfendorfer, Colin; Lowe, Christopher. ($4.00)

The effects of experimental bait collection and trampling on a Mytilus californianus mussel bed in southern California

Jayson R. Smith, Steven N. Murray. ($2.00)

Abundance and Distribution of the Round Stingray, Urobatis halleri, near a Heated Effluent Outfall

Gregory Hoisington IV, Christopher G. Lowe. ($2.00)

An Up Close Look at Marine Life in the San Pedro Bay Ports: A Summary by the USC Sea Grant Program on the Marine Ecosystem of the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles

Phyllis Grifman and Judith Lemus. ($4.00)

Coastal Pollution Hazards in Southern California Observed by SAR Imagery: Stormwater Plumes, Wastewater Plumes, and Natural Hydrocarbon Seeps

Paul M. DiGiacomo, Libe Washburn, Benjamin Holt and Burton H. Jones. ($2.00)

Evaluation of New, Rapid Microbial Methods for Measuring Recreational Water Quality

John F. Griffith, Stephen B. Weisberg and Charles D. McGee. ($2.00)

Evaluation of Microbial Source Tracking Methods Using Mixed Fecal Sources In Aqueous Test Samples

John F. Griffith, Stephen B. Weisberg and Charles D. McGee. ($2.00)

A Comparative Study of Culture-Independent, Library-Independent Genotypic Methods of Fecal Source Tracking

Katharine G. Field, Eunice C. Chern, Linda K. Dick, Jed Fuhrman, John Griffith, Patricia A. Holden, Michael G. LaMontagne, Betty Olson, Michael T. Simonic. ($2.00)

Caudal Spine Replacement and Histogenesis in the Round Stingray, Urobatis halleri

Petra K. E. Johansson, Thomas G. Douglass, and Christopher G. Lowe. ($2.00)

New Insights In The Taxonomy Of The Ceramium Sinicola Complex: Resurrection Of Ceramium Interruptum (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta)

T. O. Cho, S. Fredericq, S. N. Murray, S. M. Boo. ($2.00)

Marine Planktonic Archaea Take Up Amino Acids

C. C. Ouverney and J. A. Fuhrman. ($2.00)

Bacterial Diversity in Shallow Oligotrophic Marine Benthos and Overlying Waters: Effects of Virus Infection, Containment, and Nutrient Enrichment

I. Hewson, G. A. Vargo, and J. A. Fuhrman. ($2.00)

Rapid Virus Production and Removal as Measured with Fluorescently Labeled Viruses as Tracers

Rachel T. Nobel and Jed A. Fuhrman. ($2.00)

Movement Patterns, Home Range, And Habitat Utilization Of Adult Kelp Bass Paralabrax Clathratus In A Temperate No-Take Marine Reserve

Christopher G. Lowe, Darin T. Topping, Daniel P. Cartamil, Yannis P. Papastamatiou. ($2.00)

Variation In Owl Limpet Lottia Gigantea Population Structures, Growth Rates, And Gonadal Production On Southern California Rocky Shores

Kido, J. S., Murray, S. N. ($2.00)

Assimilation Efficiency, Gut Morphology and pH, and Digestive Enzyme Activity of Atherinops affinis (Teleostei: Atherinopsidae), a Stomachless Omnivore Feeding on Macro Algae

Elaine A. Logothetis. ($2.00)

Trophic Position of Estuarine and Kelp-Bed Populations of the Omnivorous Silverside Fish Atherinops affinis (Teleostei: Atherinopsidae) from Southern California: Analyses of Dietary Items and 15N and 13C Stable Isotopes

Darryl R. Smith. ($2.00)

In Situ Measurements Of Polychlorinated Biphenyls In The Waters Of San Diego, California

Eddy Y. Zeng, Jian Pen, David Tsukada, and Teh-Lung Ku. ($2.00)

Detection of respiratory enzyme activity in Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts using redox dyes and immunofluoresce techniques

Rodolfo Iturriaga, Sean Zhang, Gregory J. Sonek, and Henry Stibbs ($2.00)
USCSG-R-03-2001. See the review of this study from Biophotonics International

No-take reserve networks: sustaining fishery populations and marine ecosystems

Murray, Steven N. et al., Fisheries. (1999): 24(11): 11-25. ($2.00)

Marine Viruses and Their Biogeochemical and Ecological Effects

Fuhrman, Jed A., Nature (1999). 399: 541-548. ($2.00)

Combined Microautoradiography-16S rRNA Probe Technique for Determination of Radioisotope Uptake by Specific Microbial Cell Types In Situ

Ouverney, Cleber C. and Jed A. Fuhrman, Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (1999): 65: 1746-1752. ($2.00)

Detection of Human Pathogenic Viruses in Santa Monica Bay Seawater: Any correlation to presence and nubmers of fecal coliforms?

Noble, Rachel T, John F. Griffith, and Jed A. Fuhrman, Problems of the "Urban Ocean"-Managing Runoff in Los Angeles Coastal Waters: Abstracts from a USC Sea Grant Symposium at Coastal Zone '97. Request this article from collection. ($2.00) USCSG-R-02-98

Symbiotic role of the viable but nonculturable state of Vibrio fischeri in Hawaiian coastal seawater

K.-H. Lee and E.G. Ruby, Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (1998): 61: 278-283. ($2.00)

The Vibrio fischeri-Euprymna scolopes light organ association: current ecological paradigms

Ruby, E.G. and K.-H. Lee. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (1998): 64:805-812. ($2.00)

Factors influencing food choice by the seaweed-eating marine snail Norrisia norrise (Trochidea)

Wakefield, R.L. and S.N. Murray, Marine Biology (1998) 130: 631-42. ($2.00)

Patterns of Reproduction, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Differentiation in California Populations of the Geniculate Coralline Alga Lithothrix aspergillum (Rhodophyta)

Pearson, Elizabeth A. and Steven N. Murray, J. Phycol (1997) 33:753-63. ($2.00)

Sources of Energy for Increased Metabolic Demand During Metamorphosis of the Abalone Haliotis refescens (Mullusca)

Shilling, Fraser M, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, and Donal T. Manahan, Biological Bulletin, Vol. 191: 402-412. ($2.00)

Use of SYBR Green I for Rapid Epiflourescence Counts of Marine Viruses and Bacteria

Noble, Rachel T. and Jed A. Fuhrman, Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Accepted September 1997. ($2.00)

Estimates of Production and Loss of Viruses in Seawater from Tracer Studies

Noble, Rachel T. and Jed A. Fuhrman, Accepted for ASLO/AGU, February 1998, San Diego. ($2.00)

Carbon and Nitrogen Uptake Response to Light by Phytoplankton During an Upwelling Event

Kudela, Raphael M., William P. Cochlan and Richard C. Dugdale, Journal of Plankton Research, Vol. 19, No. 5, p. 609-630, 1997. ($2.00)

A New Technique for the Determination of Spectral Reflectance of Individual and Bulk Particulate Suspended Matter in Natural Water Samples

Iturriaga, Rodolfo, Juli Berwald and Gregory Sonek, Ocean Optics XIII, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 22-25 October 1996, SPIE Vol. 2963, pp. 455-460. ($2.00)

Virus Decay and Its Causes in Coastal Waters

Noble, R.T. and J.A. Fuhrman, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology, Vol. 63, No. 1, pp. 77-83, January 1997. ($2.00)

Proceedings of a Special Symposium: Coastal Watersheds and their Effects on the Ocean Environment

Yoder, Susan E. and John H. Dorsey, editors, Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, May 5, 1995, Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, Volume 95, Number 1, April 1996 (58 pages). ($2.00)

Laboratory and Field Responses of Algal Nitrate Reductase to Diel Periodicity in Irradiance, Nitrate Exhaustion, and the Presence of Ammonium

Berges, John A., William P. Cochlan and Paul J. Harrison, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Inter-Research 1995, Vol. 124:259-269, Published August 10, 1995. ($2.00)

Predicting Recruitment of Temperate Reef Fishes in Response to Changes in Macrophyte Density Caused by Disturbance

Carr, Mark H., Theory and Application in Fish Feeding Ecology, D.J. Stouder, K.L. Fresh and R.J. Feller (eds.) The Belle W. Baruch Library in Marine Science, Number 18, University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, South Carolina, p. 255-269, 1994. ($2.00)

Variability of Nitrate Uptake Capacity in Macrocystis Pyrifera (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) with Nitrate and Light Availability

Kopczak, Charles D., J. Phycol., 30, pp. 573-580, 1994. ($2.00)

Effects of Macroalgal Dynamics on Recruitment of a Temperate Reef Fish

Carr, Mark H., Ecology, 75(5), 1994, pp. 1320-1333, 1994 by the Ecological Society of America. ($2.00)

Conceptual Issues Relevant to Marine Harvest Refuges: Examples from Temperate Reef Fishes

Carr, Mark H. and Daniel C. Reed, Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., Vol. 50, 1993, pp. 2019-2028. ($2.00)

Implications of Dissolved Organic Material in Seawater for the Energetics of Abalone Larvae Haliotis rufescens: A Review

Manahan, Donal T. and William B. Jaeckle, Abalone of the World: Biology, Fisheries and Culture, S.A. Shepherd, M.J. Tegner and S.A. Guzman del Proo, Eds., Fishing News Books, 1992, pp. 95-106. ($2.00)

Experimental Manipulations of the Organic Composition of Seawater: Implications for Studies of Energy Budgets in Marine Invertebrate Larvae

Jaeckle, William B. and Donal T. Manahan, J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol., 156 (1992) 273-284, 1992 Elsevier Science Publishers. ($2.00)

Predation Deterrence in Marine Sponges: Laboratory Versus Field Studies

Bakus, Gerald and Bruce A. Schulte, Bulletin for Marine Science, Volume 50, No.1 (1992):205-211. ($2.00)

Perspectives on the Marine Environment

Grifman, Phyllis M. and Susan E. Yoder, editors. Proceedings from a Symposium on the Marine Environment of Southern California, held May 10, 1991 at the University of Southern California. ($15.00)

Variation in Nitrogen Physiology and Growth Among Geographically Isolated Populations of the Giant Kelp, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Phaeophyta)

Kopczak, Charles D., Richard C. Zimmerman and James N. Kremer, Reprinted from Journal of Phycology, 27 (1991): 149-58. ($2.00)

Patterns, Mechanisms, and Consequences of Recruitment of a Temperate Marine Reef Fish

Carr, Mark H. Ph.D. Dissertation, June 1991. 190 pp. ($15.00)
(Abstract only, $2.00 - USCSG-TD-01A-91)

Growth and Energy Imbalance During the Development of a Lecithotrophic Molluscan Larva (Haliotis rufescens)

Jaeckle, W.B. and D.T.Manahan. Reprinted from Biological Bulletin, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, 177 (1989): 237-46. ($2.00)

Feeding by a "Non-feeding" Larva: Uptake of Dissolved Amino Acids from Sea Water by Lecithotrophic Larvae of the Gastropod Haliotis rufescens

Jaeckle, W.B. and D.T. Manahan. Reprinted from Marine Biology, 103 (1989): 87-94. ($2.00)

Adaptations by Invertebrate Larvae for Nutrient Acquisition from Seawater Manahan, D.T. Reprinted from American Zoologist, 30 (1990): 147-60. ($2.00)

Dissolved Organic Material in Seawater: Implications for the Energetics of Abalone Larvae (Haliotis rufescens)

Manahan, D.T., and W.B. Jaeckle. Reprinted from First International Symposium on Abalone Biology, Fisheries, and Culture (in press 1990) ($2.00)

Amino Acid Fluxes to and from Sea Water in Axenic Veliger Larvae of a Bivalve (Crassostrea Gigas)

Manahan, Donal T. Reprinted from Marine Ecology Progress Series, 53 (1989): 247-55. ($2.00)

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Coastal Management / Marine Policy

Assessing Policy Effectiveness in Preservation of Beaches in Ventura County, California and South Coastal Maine

Lameka, R.A.; Van Arsdol, Jr., M. D.; Constable, A.; Davis, W. J.; Fippinger, P. B.; Kopetski, M.A.; LaBrash, J.A.; Levey, J.L.; Pederson, K.K.; Stark, C.P.; Walsh, E.K.; Mageean, D.M. ($2.00)

USC Sea Grant Strategic Plan 2003-2008. (Download PDF HERE)

Attitudes Toward Marine Wildlife Survey Highlights

Jennifer Wolch

Highlights presents survey results and their implications for public policy and future research. These should be of particular interest to museums, aquariums, and educators who develop environmental education and outreach materials for diverse public audiences. The contents of the series will be electronically mailed periodically over a period of four months, starting with this introductory issue. The complete collection is available here at the USC SeaGrant website.

Related to USCSG-TR-01-2001

Emerging Trends In Beach Erosion And Sand Rights Law ­ Impacts Of Rising Sea Level On Coastal Populations In Califorina And Maine*

D.M. Mageean, A. Constable, and M. D. Van Arsdol. ($2.00)

Sand Rights '99 Bringing Back The Beachs, "Resolving Beach Conflicts In California and Maine"

Nicole Ricci, Maurice D. Van Arsdol, Jr., Angela Constable, Deirdre M. Mageean. ($2.00)

Contingent Valuation Of Marine Protected Areas: Southern California Rocky Intertidal Ecosystems

Darwin C. Hall, Jane V. Hall and Steven N. Murray. ($2.00)

Local Population Impacts and Mitigation of Sea Level Rise

Maurice D. Van Arsdol, Jr., et. al. ($2.00)

Human visitation and the frequency and potential effects of collecting on rocky intertidal populations in southern California marine reserves.

Murray, Steven N., Teri Gibson Denis, Janine S. Kido, and Jayson R. Smith. CalCOFl Rep., 40(1999): 100-106.

Designing the Ocean Policy Future: An Essay on How I Am Going To Do That

Friedheim, Robert. Ocean Development & International Law 31(2000): 183-195.

Problems of the ‘Urban Ocean’ -- Managing Runoff in Los Angeles Coastal Waters

Abstracts from a USC Sea Grant Symposium at Coastal Zone ‘97, July 19-25, 1997, Boston, MA. ($2.00)

Stormwater Runoff into Santa Monica Bay: Sources and Impacts

Papers from a USC Sea Grant Symposium at California and the World Ocean ‘97, March 24-27, 1997, San Diego, CA. ($2.00)

California’s Coastal Natural Hazards

Ewing, Lesley and Douglas J. Sherman, editors, Proceedings of a Conference hosted by the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association and the University of Southern California Sea Grant Program, November 12-14, 1997, Santa Barbara, California. USC Sea Grant, October 1998 (165 pages). ($20.00)

Human Impacts on California’s Coastal Sediment Supply

Sherman, Douglas J, California and the World Ocean ‘97, Proceedings of the Conference American Society of Civil Engineers, March 24-27, 1997, San Diego, California. ($2.00)

Demographic Responses to Sea Level Rise in California

Constable, A, M.D. Van Arsdol, Jr., D.J. Sherman, J. Wang, P.A. McMullin-Messier and L. Rollin, World Resource Review 1997, Vol. 9:32-44. ($2.00)

Effectiveness of Marine Life Refuges on Southern California Shores

Murray, Steven N., California and the World Ocean ‘97, Proceedings of the Conference American Society of Civil Engineers, March 24-27, 1997, San Diego, California. ($2.00)

International Perspectives on Coastal Ocean Space Utilization

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Managing the Second Phase of Enclosure

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Fishing Negotiations at the Third United Nations Conference on the
Law of the Sea

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Perspectives on the Marine Environment

Grifman, Phyllis, and Susan Yoder, Proceedings of the Symposium on the Marine Environment of Southern California, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, May 10-11, 1991, Los Angeles, California, USC Sea Grant, 1992 (130 pages). ($15.00)

Redefining Local Government Power: The Influence of Informal Powers in Challenging Joint Implementation of a State Coastal Plan.

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Fishery Regulation with Harvest Uncertainty

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The Multicohort Fishery Under Uncertainty

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Uncertainty and Markets for Renewable Resources

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Affordable Housing in California's Coastal Zone: A Tale of State Authority vs. Local Autonomy

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The Two Science Communities and Coastal Wetlands Policy

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But a Faded Dream: Federal Coastal Policy in the '80's

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The Selection and Management of Coral Reef Preserves

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The Intergovernmental Politics of Coastal Planning

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Environmental Mitigation of Dredge and Fill Projects: A Case Study of Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon

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The Use of Decision-Making in Environmental Studies

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Decision Making: With Applications for Environmental Management

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Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Metropolitan Decentralization: The Southern California Case

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Marine and Coastal Engineering

Managing Runoff to Protect Natural Streams: The Latest Developments on Investigation and Management of Hydromodification in California

Eric D. Stein, Susan Zaleski. ($2.00)

Stormwater Mitigation for Architects and Developers

Judith D. Lemus, Ph.D., Joseph Devinny, Ph.D., Achva Stein, ASLA, Sourojit Dhar, and Fethiye Ozis. (Download PDF HERE)

The Effects of Exposure Time and Mass Transport on the Corrosion Kinetics of Cu Alloys in Seawater

Mansfeld, F., Liu, H. Shih, B. Little, presented at The Electrochemical Society 180th Meeting, 1991. ($2.00)

Evaluation of Polarization Curves for Copper Alloys Exposed to Natural and Artificial Seawater

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The Effect of Laser Machining on the Strength of Si_3_N_4_

Tao, Hongyi. Ph.D. Dissertation, December 1989. 150 pp. $15.00
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A New Model for Precipitation at Moving Interphase Boundaries

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Application of a New Model to the Interphase Precipitation Reaction in Vanadium Steels

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A New Mechanism of Crack Closure in Cathodically Protected ASTM A710 Steel

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The Anomalous Behavior of the Runup of Cnoidal Waves

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The Interphase Precipitation Reaction: Kinetics, Mechanisms and Resulting Mechanical Properties

Li, Pansen. Ph.D. Dissertation, December 1987. 150 pp. $15.00
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Microstructural Studies of Corrosion Fatigue Cracks in ASTM A710

Todd, J.A., P. Li, G. Liu, and V. Raman. Reprinted from Third International Conference, Environmental Degradation of Engineering Materials. Proceedings of Conference April 13- 15, 1987 at Pennsylvania State University. ($2.00)

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Ports and Marine Transportation

Leaping Ahead: The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Embark on an Ambitious Course--the’2020’ Plan

Heikkila, Eric J., Peter Gordon and Harry W. Richardson, Portus, Volume 6, No.2 (Spring 1991): 14-20. ($2.00)

Seaport Management and State Policy

Fawcett, James, Willard Price and Kathleen West, California Policy Choices, John J. Kirlin and Donald R. Winkler, eds, School of Public Administration, University of Southern California, 1991, pp.199-230. ($2.00)

Are Port Growth and Coastal Management Compatible?

Fawcett, James A. and Henry S. Marcus, Reprinted from Coastal Management (19): 275-95. Taylor Francis. ($2.00)

L. A. and Long Beach: A Tale of Two Ports With "2020" Vision

Fawcett, James A., Reprinted from Oceanus, 32(3) (1989): 79-84. ($2.00)

A Model of the Market for Public Port Services in the United States

West, Kathleen. Ph.D. Dissertation, December 1988. 174 pp. $15.00
(Abstract only, $2.00 - USCSG-TD-01A-89)

A General Model of a Spatial Duopoly With Entry Barriers.

Yoon, Juhyun. Ph.D. Dissertation, June 1989. 108 pp. $15.00
(Abstract only $2.00 - USCSG-TD-02A-89)

The Shipping Act of 1984: A Debate of the Issues

Grifman, Phyllis, ed. Proceedings of a Conference sponsored by the Federal Maritime Institute and the USC Sea Grant Program, February 18-19, 1988, Long Beach, California. Published by the Sea Grant Program, University of Southern California, 1988. ($20.00)

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Paul Hall Memorial Lectures

A Call to Action -- Again

Cassidy, Duane H., A Program of the Paul Hall Memorial Endowement, University of Southern California. Presented April 22, 1993, Washington, D.C. ($3.00)

Where There Is No Vision...

Gibson, Andrew E., A Program of the Paul Hall Memorial Endowment, University of Southern California. Presented April 21, 1992, Washington, D.C. ($3.00)

In Search of an Enduring Maritime Policy

Whitehurst, Jr., Clinton H., A Program of the Paul Hall Memorial Endowment, University of Southern California. Presented at The International Symposium on Coastal Ocean Space Utilization II. April 4, 1991. Long Beach, California. ($3.00)

A Legacy of Leadership

Brand, Herbert, A Program of the Paul Hall Memorial Endowment, University of Southern California. Presented February 18, 1988, Long Beach, California. ($3.00)

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