Don't Release A Pest

Freezing is Best!

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Alternatives to Release


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You can help prevent future problems

Be a responsible aquarium hobbyist!

Photo: Susan Zaleski

You can help! If you can no longer maintain your aquarium tank:

• Give unwanted plants and pets to a responsible aquarium or pet store

• Give unwanted plants and pets to a responsible hobbyist

• Contact aquarium or pet store for guidance on humane animal disposal

• Freeze Caulerpa and other unwanted plants for a minimum of 24 hours!

Photo: Susan Zaleski

Caulerpa species in aquarium tank

Photo: Phyllis Grifman

Caulerpa species could invade lagoons like this one

Unwanted aquarium plants and pets create problems when they are:

• Released into the ocean, bays and rivers

• Released down storm drains

• Flushed down the toilet

These plants, fishes and invertebrates can cause devastating ecological damage by:

• Displacing native flora and fauna

• Consuming all available food sources



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