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In 2012, we updated USC Sea Grant's strategic direction, keeping it aligned with the Sea Grant National Strategic Plan 2014-2017. The National Plan was developed with input from the state Sea Grant programs, national stakeholder groups, and representatives from NOAA programs, other federal agencies, and nonprofit environmental organizations. The National Plan thus provides the primary context for USC Sea Grant’s plan. For the suite of challenges presented in the Southern California coastal region, the USC Sea Grant plan refocuses those priorities, continuing our major emphasis on water quality, coastal ecosystem health, coastal community resilience, and a robust education effort. As part of our resilient communities and economies emphasis, we continue work on land use planning and marine transportation and ports, both of which are particularly important as economic drivers in the Southern California metropolitan region.
We have aligned USC Sea Grant’s major focus areas with the National Plan focus areas, including:
1) Healthy coastal ecosystems
2) Sustainable coastal development
3) Safe sustainable seafood supply
4) Hazard resilient coastal communities

USC Sea Grant's research, outreach and education activities all fit into one or more of these National Sea Grant Focus Areas. In addition, some issues like climate change are addressed throughout Sea Grant's four focus areas. Developing strategies for adapting to and mitigating the impacts of our changing climate is an important goal involving work in many areas, since even small climate variations may mean potentially huge impacts on coastal ecosystems, coastal communities, and seafood availability.

For more information on the four national Focus Areas and the Sea Grant National Strategic Plan, please visit: http://seagrant.noaa.gov/WhatWeDo/PastFocusAreas%282009-2013%29.aspx


2014-2017 National Focus Areas