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jim fawcettJames A Fawcett, Ph.D.

Marine Transportation/Seaport Specialist, Marine Outreach Coordinator
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Dr. James Fawcett directs the marine science and policy outreach component of the USC Sea Grant Program as well as serving as the marine transportation/seaport specialist.  In both roles he serves as a link between campus researchers, the marine transportation industry, government and the public on seaport operations and management, movement of marine freight and the environmental impact of this industry on southern California and the nation.

He is simultaneously an Adjunct Associate Professor in the graduate Public Policy program at USC's School of Policy, Planning and Development.  In that capacity he teaches environmental policy, conducts research and advises students.  He is especially interested in coastal policy and planning, seaport development and operations, intergovernmental relations and community consensus building.  Recently he has published in the area of port privatization and urban affairs.  He travels widely as a lecturer, most frequently in Asia.

Dr. Fawcett had a decade of experience as a port manager with the County of Los Angeles where he was Chief of Planning for the county's Department of Beaches and Harbors.  In that capacity, he had direct responsibility for land development, repair of port infrastructure, dredging, environmental monitoring and research, as well as public participation along 30 miles of county managed beaches and the community of Marina del Rey with its 10,000 residents and 6,000 yachts.  Prior to joining Los Angeles County in 1993, he spent sixteen years with the USC Sea Grant Program in a number of outreach and administrative roles ultimately as its associate director.  For more than a decade, he was also an adjunct faculty member in the College of Business at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. 

Dr. Fawcett's interest in marine affairs grew out of three years of experience at sea in the late 60's and early 70's as an officer in the U.S. Navy where he was both a ship driver and communications officer.  He is the past international president of the honorary land economics society, Lambda Alpha International, a member of Sigma Xi, the American Association of Port Authorities, the Coastal Society and other professional and civic organizations.  He holds an undergraduate degree in political science from California State University, Northridge and master's and Ph.D. degrees in urban and regional planning from the University of Southern California. 
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