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Lynn Whitley is Director of Pre-College Education for the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, and her work focuses on outreach programs and K-12 education projects. Ms. Whitley serves as co-director of the NSF-funded Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence -West (COSEE-West) in cooperation with the USC Sea Grant program. In this position, she is active in facilitating connections between scientists in the marine research community and formal and informal educators through lectures, workshops and engaging networking opportunities. Ms. Whitley also manages a student science challenge funded by Quiksilver, Inc., professional development workshops funded by Southern California Edison, and supports other grant programs that bring science content and educational training to teachers, as well as other outreach and education projects. One example is her collaborative work with the Los Angeles Charter School Science Project (LACSSP), a grant funded by California Mathematics and Science Partnership to contribute to educational research on professional development design and implementation to enhance science content knowledge and improve classroom implementation.

Ms. Whitley has been involved with the USC Sea Grant program since 1995 and helped create its first education programs, which included curriculum development, field-based experiential learning, engaging young women and men in science, parent-child education programs and online learning. Ms. Whitley actively participates in the national Sea Grant Education Network: she has served as its chair and continues to serve on its executive committee.

Ms. Whitley has been very active in the Ocean Literacy campaign, a grass roots effort to create tools, processes, and products to help build an ocean literate society. She serves on the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium Advisory Board, the USC Community Relations Council, the National Marine Educators Association (including a term as NMEA president) and the Southwest Marine and Aquatic Educators Association. She is also a member of the National Science Teachers Association and the California Science Teachers Association. She has a B.A. in English and Business from Florida State University, an M.A. in Geography with an emphasis on Environmental Studies from USC, a teaching credential in secondary education in English, Geography, and English as a Second Language (ESL), and a CLAD certification (for multicultural teaching).

Her academic interests include facilitating communication and learning between scientists and educators, enhancing ocean literacy, and exploring educational evaluation.

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