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phyllis grifmanPhyllis Grifman

Associate Director
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Phyllis Grifman is Associate Director of the USC Sea Grant Program. Her background in marine and environmental policy underscores work administering the NOAA Sea Grant Program at the University of Southern California. As Associate Director of the USC Sea Grant program, she manages the program's research, outreach and education portfolios, in addition to working with stakeholders at state, local and federal levels. Her responsibilities include improving public awareness of Sea Grant mission and accomplishments and developing programs and partnerships to foster the connections between science and policy. Phyllis received her B.A. and M.A. (Political Science) from the University of California Santa Barbara. Her major interests include marine policy development and implementation, and public education.

Ms. Grifman manages Sea Grant's research initiatives, including soliciting and funding research projects and outreach efforts to local and regional authorities. She has worked with Los Angeles and Orange County Sanitation authorities on research pertaining to impacts of disposal on coastal waters, and with the research community and municipalities on impacts of storm water runoff on nearshore coastal environments. She is working to expand the program on coastal natural hazards, including impacts on local communities of coastal erosion, storm impacts, and sea level rise.  She participated in the California Marine Life Protection Act South Coast Regional Stakeholders Group, charged with mapping a network of marine protected areas from Point Concepcion to the Mexican border.  She is Secretary of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council and serves on the Board of Directors of the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association.
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