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USC Sea Grant Staff & Faculty

linda duguayLinda Duguay
213.821.1335 (phone)
duguay@usc.edu (email)
phyllis grifmanPhyllis Grifman
Associate Director
213.740.1963 (phone)
grifman@usc.edu (email)
jim fawcettJim Fawcett
Marine Transportation/
Seaport Specialist
Marine Outreach Coordinator
213.740.4477 (phone)
fawcett@usc.edu (email)
lynn whitleyLynn Whitley
Director of Pre-College Education for WIES
213.740.1964 (phone)
213.740.6720 (fax)
lwhitley@usc.edu (email)
linda chiltonLinda Chilton
Education Program Coordinator
213.740.1965 (phone)
lchilton@usc.edu (email)
Alyssa Newton Mann
Regional Research and Planning Specialist
213.740.8602 (phone)
agnewton@usc.edu (email)

charlotte stevensonCharlotte Stevenson
Science Communications Specialist
213.740.1937 (phone)
juliette hartJuliette Hart
Senior Scientist
424.241.2457 (phone)
jahart@usc.edu (email)
rick haydukRuth Dudas
Contracts & Grants Coordinator
213.740.1961 (phone)
rdudas@usc.edu (email)

rick haydukRick Hayduk
Computer Consultant Specialist
213.740.1960 (phone)
hayduk@usc.edu (email)
Email: seagrant@usc.edu | Ph: 213.740.1961 | Fax: 213.740.5936