California Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Survey


climate adaptation survey

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Decision-makers in California's (CA) coastal counties generally recognize that climate change will impact their communities and coastline. Yet, coastal CA communities are at different stages in developing and/or implementing climate change adaptation plans. In order to more precisely identify community needs, USC Sea Grant led an effort, in partnership with 18 CA organizations, to survey coastal professionals. The goal of the survey was to understand the needs and barriers coastal communities have in planning for climate change, develop appropriate trainings and technical assistance for communities, and determine the best way to link communities to resources and tools already available. The results of the survey are available for download below:

Key Findings
Current Coastal Management Challenges Climate Change Concerns, Knowledge, and Actions Information, Technical Assistance, and Training Needs
Survey Partners
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Healthy Coastal Ecosystems
Sustainable Community Development
Hazard Resilient Coastal Communities
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