Sustainable Coastal Development

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PhotoCredit: Phyllis Grifman

Sustaining and conserving California's coastal and marine environments creates an array of challenges that require both technological innovation and active collaboration among scientists, policymakers, resource managers and a variety of coastal constituents. The dependence of urban areas on these natural coastal resources is just beginning to be understood. Coastal communities need to understand what their carrying capacity is, how it can be altered to achieve healthy ecosystems, and what will be needed for generations to come so they can respond to the challenges of growth at the local and regional level. Communities are looking for ways to use land and water, generate energy and dispose of waste that will preserve environmental health and economic vitality. Determining the amount of land, water and other natural resources needed to sustain healthy communities is an essential first step in establishing sustainable policies and growth practices. Sea Grant and its university partners are in a unique position to conduct research and develop models and forecasts that will help communities with this process.

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