University of Southern California

USC Staff Assembly

Staff Assembly committees


The Communications Committee publishes the Assembled Voice newsletter, plans and coordinates open forums at both UPC and HSC, and publicizes Staff Assembly events. In addition, this committee maintains the Staff Assembly mailing list and website updates.

Chairs: Eliza D. Aceves
Committee Members: Maria (Lali) Acuna, Melissa Aparicio, Catherine Ballard, Shannon Carter, Rachel Levy, Christina Nelson, Rodney Rubio, Valerie Sneed, Pamela Wallace

Compensation and Benefits

The Compensation and Benefit Committee monitors and reports staff concerns regarding university staff compensation and benefits issues. The committee reviews the annual salary survey as well as health and retirement plans, and participates in any proposed benefits changes.

Chair: Rick Scott
Committee Members: Carmen Atkins, Linda Bakabak, Susan Biddlecomb, Ellen Castillo, Ingrid Popper, Lillian Rivera, Diana Sabogal, Cynthia Schirmer, Wade Thompson-Harper


The Environment Committee monitors safety and security of university working environments at all campus locations. In addition, the committee reviews and reports on recycling and waste reduction, and investigates disaster preparedness.

Chair: Rita Gonzales
Committee Members: Wendy Arima, Cynthia Brass, Joel Cusimano, Dawn Kita, Graciela Medina, Lois Nishimoto, Sarah Watari, Allison (Allie) Welsh, Amy Yung

Rights and Responsibilities

The Rights and Responsibilities Committee monitors and makes recommendations regarding staff-related policy, staff development, and issues related to sexual harassment and staff grievances. In addition, the committee promotes staff recognition.

Chair: Michelle Jones
Committee Members: Melissa Azarcon, Roxana Bellia, Debra Bernstein, Delfina Candelaria, Frances Fitzgerald, Monique Franklin, Doris Lee, Luis Ramirez

Rules and Elections

The Rules and Elections Committee reviews and recommends changes to the constitution, bylaws, and standard operating procedures of the Staff Assembly. It conducts the nomination and election process for the next Assembly and officers. In addition, the committee monitors Assembly attendance, maintains the official membership list, and fills vacant seats. In conjuction with the Staff Club, the committee selects recipients of the monthly Staff Recognition Award.

Co-Chair: Jeanne Weiss and Irene Rodriguez
Committee Members: Desiree Brown, Rosa Cervantes, Teresita Jamanila, Tracy Kerr, Kathleen Neal, Mary Trujillo, Susan Wiedem, Victoria Young


The Transportation Committee monitors staff concerns regarding parking and transportation issues including parking fees, facilities use, ridesharing programs (including carpools and vanpools), and construction of new parking facilities on both campuses. Members of the committee also participate on the Department of Transportation Services' Citation Review Board.

Chair: Lou Nieto
Committee Members: Jennifer Alvarado, Tamara Anderson, Ricky Craddock, Jane Gollayan-Valerio, Sandra Gonzales, Markisha Lea, Lisa Rayburn-Parks, Lydia Vazquez

Executive Committee

Jennifer Gerson, David Donovan, Cynthia Schirmer, Vicki Young, Eliza Aceves, Rick Scott, Rita Gonzales, Michelle Jones, Irene Rodriguez, Jeanne Weiss, Lou Nieto