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Staff Club Bylaws


Goals & Objectives

The objectives of this organization shall be to support the overall goals of the University of Southern California with emphasis upon the enhancement of the staff support function and its contributions to the University's activities of teaching, learning, discovery and cultural enrichment. In addition, the Staff Club shall promote closer ties among Staff Club members through social activities and networking.

Since the inception of the Staff Club in 1977, many individuals have made outstanding contributions to the ongoing success of the organization. These individuals include the presidents of the Staff Club who have worked tirelessly to maintain the goals and objectives set forth in 1977.

You, too, can make a difference. Membership in the USC Staff Club is open to any friend of USC -- staff member, alumnus, faculty member, student -- anyone who wants to help the Staff Club achieve its objectives.

If you are interested in helping the Staff Club maintain its high goals in support of USC, write the University Staff Club, P.O. Box 500, University Park, Los Angeles, CA 90089 or send us an email at

Staff Club Presidents

Leonard Wines, Founding President 1977-1986

Kathy Long-Phinney 1980-1982

Jack Arnold 1982-1984

Steve Cheney-Rice 1984-1986

Colleen Dietz 1986-1987

Nancy McKey 1987-1989

Terry Ziegler 1989-1991

Fred Dear 1991-1993

Betty Redmon 1993-1995

Cathy Van Orman 1995-1996

Freddie Forte 1996-1997

Edward Mooney 1997-1999

Linda Lewis, 1999-2001

Wade Thompson-Harper 2001-2003

Denise Wiegel 2003-2006

Wade Thompson-Harper 2006-2009

Evelyn Alva 2009 - 2011