Asia Conference 2004: Seoul, KoreaSeoul, Korea

Challenges & Opportunities for Pacific Rim Societies in the 21st Century

This conference attracted 334 USC USC alumni and friends from 20 economies to discuss important socio-economic, cultural, and technology issues affecting Pacific Rim societies.  The participants included academic, business, and government leaders, sponsors of USC research and internships, prospective USC students and parents, as well as eight USC trustees, nine USC deans and a dozen USC faculty.  The participant list is available at the Participants page on this website, as are two charts showing the distribution of participants by economy and by USC affiliation.

The conference was held at the Shilla Hotel and began with an opening dinner on October 28 and finished with a closing dinner on October 30.  Videotapes of conference presentations and Q&A sessions are available at the "Schedule" page on this website, as are the PowerPoint presentations.

USC 125th Anniversary Pre-conference information