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Locations, Maps & Directions

Office Locations

CWFL has two offices for your convenience.

Our University Park Campus office is located in the University Village area, across the street from the UPC campus at the corners of Jefferson and McClintock. We are convenient to:

  • UPC campus
  • Downtown Executive Health Center
  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Our Health Sciences Campus office is located in the Soto Street Building, adjacent to the HSC Campus, on Soto Street just north of Valley Blvd. We are convenient to:

  • HSC campus
  • Alhambra offices
  • Pasadena clinics and Gamble House

University Park Campus

Located in University Village

3375 South Hoover Street, Suite E-206
Los Angeles, CA 90007-7794


We are located on the second floor above the USC Athletics Office, in Building “E,” which is a two story office building south of and adjacent to Superior supermarket.

  1. If you are familiar with the large indoor food court in the center of University Village, find the nearby gazebo in the outside patio area, start to walk towards the supermarket, and take the stairway that leads up to an outside deck connecting two buildings.
  2. Turn left at the top of the stairs, and enter the only door on the east side of Building E
  3. Once inside, turn right into the main corridor and our office is the first door on the left.

The phone number at the UPC office is (213) 821-0800


Click here for a map to print or download, or click here to view in Google Maps


Free, three-hour parking is available in the University Village parking area; parking closest to our building would be found on the west (McClintock) side of the Village, near the Subway restaurant and Bank of America.

Parking Structure C (PSC) is a 5-minute walk from our UPC office

Limited free and metered parking is available on McClintock Avenue.

Health Sciences Campus

Soto Street Building

Located in the Soto Street Building

2001 N. Soto Street, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90032-3675


We are located on the first floor near the Fitness Center

  1. From the concierge desk, walk towards the Fitness Center at the back of the building
  2. As you approach the gym entrance, you will find yourself in a student study area
  3. Turn left and walk towards the wood-panelled wall in back
  4. At the panelled, wall, turn left; our suite is the 2nd door on the right, past classroom 114

The phone number at the HSC office is (323) 442-2445. If no staff answers, please try our main number at (213) 821-0800.


Click here for a map to print or download or click here to view in Google Maps

Map to HSC office


Metered parking is available in front of the Soto building. Parking costs $2/hour, and is pre-paid at any of several pay stations. The pay stations accept paper bills and credit/debit cards, but do not accept coins.

Soto Route Shuttle

A free shuttle operated by Trojan Transportation operates continuously, with 6-minute intervals during high-demand hours (morning commute hour, lunch hour and afternoon commute hour) and 12-minute intervals between pick-ups during low-demand.

The Soto Route shuttle picks up at the following locations (no signage at these locations):

  1. Norris Hospital: In front of Norris Cancer Center, behind the Inter-Campus Shuttle stop (closer to the Norris valet driveway)
  2. Keck Hospital: On San Pablo Street at the base of the main driveway (in front of the fruit vendor typically located there)
  3. The corner of San Pablo Street & Alcazar Street
  4. CSC: in front of the CSC building, at the tram sign
  5. Soto Street Building: directly in front of the main entrance