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Professional Connections
Interdisciplinary Education

—Launched in Spring 2004, the USC Health Collaborative is a university-wide forum intended to stimulate inter- and trans-disciplinary research, education and networking in health and related fields. Learn more about the Collaborative and the Steering Committee in this section.

--The Events page includes information and presentations from the 2005 and 2006 Health Collaborative Retreats on Health.

The page also provides an overview of and links to a range of seminars and workshops being held at USC. The calendar is updated at least monthly. To add an event, please e-mail us at

Professional Connections
— Individual profiles and contact information for more than 450 Collaborative members can be accessed in this searchable database. Members are listed alphabetically. Find a colleague by name or enhance your network by searching for others who share your areas of interest. To add a profile or to update your information, go to Join or e-mail corrections at Contact us.

Interdisciplinary Education
—An inventory of joint health degree programs, as well as bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs in health and related fields. Links to program websites and contact information are provided.

--Includes links to a variety of internal and external research information, such as the NIH Roadmap and the new National Academies report, “Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research.”

In addition, read a summary of the most recent Health Grants & Contracts Awarded, a compilation of Recent USC Research News in Health, and a school-by-school listing of current Faculty Publications. Drawn from university publications, the USC grants and contracts office, and school websites, these summaries will be updated approximately monthly and archived for your future reference.

--Contains links to sites of potential interest to Collaborative members, including health and related newsletters, journals and other publications; county, state and national government; foundations and funders; health organizations; and university resources.

Join Us!
—The USC Health Collaborative invites anyone in the university with an interest in health research, education and networking to join us. Recommend someone who is not already a member so that the opportunities for interchange can grow.


Check out Interchange—a new section of the Website devoted to links, information and resources concerning specific areas of health research and education at USC, including:

  • Clinical and Translational Health Sciences
  • Global Health
  • Health Disparities
  • Health Design (coming in 2006-07!)

The USC Health Collaborative held its second annual retreat on Wednesday, October 19th at Davidson Conference Center. For presentation materials, discussion group summaries and other Retreat documents, go to Events and click on 2nd Annual Retreat.

We welcome your suggestions for Highlights, including invitations to special events or speakers, research announcements, honors and awards, etc. Send your articles to Please include contact information.


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