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Listing of Programs in Health and Related Fields


The University of Southern California offers educational, training, and research opportunities in all aspects of health, health care, and related fields. These programs span across disciplinary boundaries and are offered in a variety of formats. This website is designed to provide a list of the many different programs offered at USC and facilitate transdisciplinary program planning, development, and marketing of health related programs. It is hoped that this information might be used to guide USC faculty, students, and staff, and prospective USC students to other resources regarding health related programs at USC.

Individuals interested in multidisciplinary aspects of health and health related fields also are encouraged to explore studies, additional courses or programs in a wide rage of areas such as anthropology, education, economics, communications, journalism, engineering, geography, history, architecture, business, integrative media, public policy, statistics, speech, religion and social ethics, sociology.

Please note that every effort has been made to provide an accurate and comprehensive inventory of current degree programs. However, inadvertent errors or omissions may have occurred in preparing this listing. Updates and corrections can be emailed to

The table below lists joint degree programs currently offered at USC. Please click on the program name to be linked to its website.




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B.S. Programs in USC’s College of Letters , Arts and Sciences

Extensive degree offerings in Life Sciences, Humanities and other areas of study.





B.S. in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies 

Keck SOM/ Preventive Medicine

University Village


Elahe Nezami, Ph.D.


B.S., in Occupational Therapy/Occupational Science

Independent Health Professions/
Occupational Sc. & Therapy

Center for Health Professions, HSC

Florence Clark, Ph.D. or Sarah Kelly

B.S. in Gerontology

Davis School of Gerontology

Andrus Gerontology Center 102

John Walsh, Ph.D.

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering

Viterbi School of Engineering


Hilda Baumann

B.S. in Psychology

College of Letters , Arts and Sciences


Gerald Davison, Ph.D.

B.S. in Kinesiology

College of Letters , Arts, and Sciences

Physical Education Building 107

Casey Donovan, Ph.D. or Laura Ames


B.S. in Dental Hygiene

School of Dentistry

Norris Dental Sc. Center Room 201


Sandra Bolivar or


B.S. Environmental Engineering

Viterbi School of Engineering

School of Engineering

Irene Soloff

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