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USC Center for Interdisciplinary Education: “How Many Academics Does It Take?” Trojan Family Magazine, Autumn 2004
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"Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research,” The National Academies, 2005 (pdf)

The University of Southern California’s Strategic Plan outlines a Vision for the university to “become one of the most influential and productive research universities in the world.” The Vision emphasizes USC as a major force in addressing critical issues facing society, and in creating new societal opportunities. It stresses a key role of the university as the place where rigorous fundamental and applied research can be brought together to create solutions.

USC’s long-standing efforts to link fundamental and applied research already contribute critical knowledge to the regional, national and international communities in health, aging, communications, and many other fields. To enhance these strategic capabilities, USC continues to expand its efforts to bridge disciplines and encourage multidisciplinary research and education.

The USC Center for Interdisciplinary Research is an important avenue for forging connections between scholars across disciplines and across the university. Within health and related fields, the USC Health Collaborative seeks to foster a collegial, transdisciplinary environment and to further advance the university’s already substantial interdisciplinary research endeavors.

This section of the USC Health Collaborative website contains a variety of both recent and archived information about health and related research at USC, ranging from an inventory of grants and contracts awarded, to news and recent faculty publications.

Also included in this section is selected information on national research issues and priorities.

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