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February 2006 - May 2006

Davis School of Gerontology

  • Vern Bengtson, professor of gerontology: $52, 311.00 by the National Institute on Aging for research on the effects of changing values on aging and personal health. (Project duration: 4/1/2006 – 3/31/2008)

Keck School of Medicine

  • Deborah Johnson, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology:  $231,164.00 by the National Cancer Institute for research on novel targets that are deregulated by loss of PTEN.  (Project duration:  02/06/06 – 01/31/11)
  • Robert Maxon, professor of biochemistry & molecular biology: $601,378.80 by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine for research on CIRM stem cell biology training grant. (Project duration: 4/1/2006 – 3/31/2009)
  • Celeste Pearce, assistant professor of research, Anna Wu, professor of preventive medicine, and David Conti, assistant professor of preventive medicine: $81,438.00 by the National Cancer Institute for research on ovarian cancer and gonadotropin signaling. (Project duration: 4/1/2006 – 3/31/2008)
  • Henry Sucov, associate professor of cell & neurobiology and biochemistry: $407, 175.00 by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for research on TGFb and cardiac neural crest cell fate and function. (Project duration: 4/1/2006 – 3/31/2010)
  • Roelof Van Der Veen, associate professor of research: $322,078.00 by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for research on extra-cellular superoxide dismutase in immune suppression. (Project duration: 4/1/2006 – 3/31/2009)

Rossier School of Education

  • Harold O’Neil, professor of psychology in education:  $418,349.00 by the University of California, Los Angeles for research on computer-based collaborative problem-solving.  (Project duration:  02/05/06 – 02/04/04)

School of Dentistry

  • Niel Nathason, assistant professor of clinical dentistry: $30,000.00 by the LA County Department of Health Services AIDS Program Office for research on LA County HIV/AIDS dental services. (Project duration: 3/1/2006 – 2/28/2008)
  • Niel Nathason, assistant professor of clinical dentistry: $98,050.00 by the QueensCare Foundation for research on oral health services for the homeless. (Project duration: 3/1/2006 – 2/28/2007)
  • Niel Nathason, assistant professor of clinical dentistry: $250,000.00 by the Weingart Foundation for work on oral health project-adult and children at Union Rescue Mission. (Project duration: 3/15/2006 – 3/14/2007)
  • Mahvash Navazesh, associate professor of diagnostic sciences: $149,026.00 by the Pacgen Biopharmaceuticals Corporation for research on clinical and microbial evaluation of P-113 mouthrinse in humans with oral candidiasis. (Project duration: 2/2//2006 – 2/27/2007)

School of Pharmacy

  • NIH Awards USC Researchers $1.2 Million To Study How Lacrimal Gland Absorbs Drugs

The USC School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Keck School of Medicine have been awarded $1.175 million NIH RO1 grant to study ways of transporting complex drug molecules into the cells of the eye’s lacrimal gland.

Sarah Hamm-Alvarez, professor and interim chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the School of Pharmacy, is leading the research. Co-investigators include  Wei-Chiang Shen, also a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, and Judy Garner, associate professor and assistant dead for faculty affairs at the Keck School. The National Eye Institute made the award.

“We are searching to find out if viral proteins or pieces of proteins are able to carry protein/DNA-based drugs into the cell. While our research is looking specifically at the lacrimal gland, the basic processes we are studying are applicable beyond the eye, “said Hamm-Alvarez.

The grant supports the exploration of drug trafficking at the cellular level. Trafficking is the ability to move membrane-encapsulated materials in and out of a cell. While it is easier to successfully get a small-molecule drug into a specific cell, today’s newer drugs are typically large-molecule drugs and require special trafficking to move them into cells and then to their intracellular targets. Initially, the research explores the unique interactions that enable a particular protein to efficiently enter the cells of the lacrimal gland, and the identification of the receptors and trafficking mechanisms involved in this process.

HSC Weekly, 5/5/06
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School of Policy, Planning, and Development

  • James Ferris, professor of nonprofit entrepreneurship and public policy, and Robert Myrtle, professor of health administration: $100,000.00 by the Annenberg Foundation for research on encouraging local leadership and unleashing volunteer resources. (Project duration: 3/9/2006 – 12/31/2008)
  • Leonard Mitchell, executive director of Center for Economic Development:  $10,200.00 by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative for research on American Dream Program.    (Project duration:  02/15/2006 – 12/31/2006)
  • Walter  Zelman, director, California Policy Institute Senior Scholar:  $240,000.000 by the California HealthCare Foundation for research on California universities student health policy research paper project:  Performance of Hospital Markets in California. (Project duration:  02/15/2006 – 02/15/2008)

Viterbi School of Engineering

  • Ellis Meng, assistant professor of biomedical engineering: $73,349.00 by the National Science Foundation for research on career: biologically-inspired polymer mems for bi-directional neural interfaces. (Project duration: 4/1/2006 – 3/31/2011)
  • Krishna Shrinivas Nayak, assistant professor of electrical engineering systems and
    medicine:  $194,938.00 by the National Institutes of Health for research on superior cardiac MRI using wideband SSFP at 3 TESLA.  (Project duration:  02/15/2006 – 01/31/2008)

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