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Daniel P Holschneider

Associate Professor/Dept. of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences, and the Depts. of Neurology, Cell & Neurobiology, and Biomedical Engineering

Research Topics

  1. Functional brain mapping of animal behaviors
  2. Behavioral and neurophysiologic characterization of animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders
  3. Technology development

Research Overview

RESEARCH INTERESTS: The focus of the laboratory is on functional brain mapping in awake, nonrestrained animals of behaviors that are difficult to examine with conventional neuroimaging protocols (PET, SPECT, fMRI) as these require sedation and restraint of the subject--interventions which eliminate all but the most basic behaviors. To aid in this task, we have designed and validated the use of an implantable, miniature, infusion pump (MIP) for the administration of radiotracers by remote activation in freely moving animals. Current work focuses on the miniaturization of the MIP for use in mice, as well as developing the MIP as an interface for use with novel radiotracers to allow an expanded use of PET for functional neuroimaging in freely-moving animals. A complimentary area of active work is the development of methods of analysis of autoradiographic brain sections obtained from rodents. Ongoing projects include those evaluating the reorganization of brain function in response to lesions (Parkinsons models, traumatic brain injury, cerebral ischemia) and exercise training, projects evaluating functional brain activation in response to visceral pain (sex differences, fear conditioned visceral pain), a project evaluating the response of the brain to fearful stimuli in adult life after prior exposure to prenatal stress, and the characterization of the conditioned fear response in mice lacking the serotonin transporter.

The expertise of the laboratory include functional brain mapping, animal behavior, physiologic monitoring (EEG, EMG, EKG) and basic histochemistry.

Contact Information

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Laboratory of Vertebrate Functional Brain Mapping
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Laboratory of Vertebrate Functional Brain Mapping
University of Southern California
Keck School of Medicine
Dept. of Cell and Neurobiology
1333 San Pablo St., BMT 403, MC 9112
McKibben Annex, MCA-B1
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9112
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(323) 442-1536
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(323) 442-1587


  • 1984 The Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD, B.A.
  • 1988 Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, MD
  • 1990 Mount Zion Hospital (UCSF), San Francisco, CA, Internal Med. Internship
  • 1993 UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Psychiatry Residency
  • 1994 UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship

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Selected Publications

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