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Welcome to the study of the brain! There has never been a more exciting time to study Neuroscience, as the tremendous advances of the last 50 years are applied to fundamental questions of enormous significance using breakthrough methodologies. Neuroscientists are developing ways to tackle questions such as: how does the brain engender emotions, sensation and perception, learning and memory, mind and consciousness? What are the bases of neurological deficits?

Addressing these questions requires both imagination and interdisciplinary efforts. Click on the Undergraduate tab at left to explore exciting programs of study that allow students to explore a broad range of topics in the neural sciences through both coursework and hands-on research.

Undergraduate students with a major or minor in Neuroscience study questions at different levels of analysis spanning the entire spectrum of modern neuroscience research, including:

  • Cell-molecular neurobiology: how do molecules work together in time and space to build functioning nerve cells?
  • Systems neuroscience: how do individual neurons and their interconnections lead to the emergent properties of neural circuits?
  • Cognitive neuroscience: how do the information-processing functions of neural circuits lead to complex behaviors, memories, emotions, and thought?
  • Computational neuroscience: how can quantitative analyses lead to theoretical models of specific mechanisms that can be tested empirically?

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