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Instructions for logging on to ApplyYourself

In order to view the files of NGP graduate applicants in the on-line application system (Apply Yourself), you need to complete the two steps below. Please remember that the information in these files is confidential

Step 1: Complete the Tutorial and register for ApplyYourself access
To view information about candidates you need to have completed the FERPA tutorial which is available at:

Please read the FERPA guidelines on the webpage and then take the Tutorial. Then forward the completion certificate to Linda Bazilian via e-mail and keep a copy for your records. Note that completion of FERPA training usually takes less than thirty minutes.

Once you have been FERPA-certified you may ask Amy Goodman ( for a spreadsheet containing vital statistics for candidates who will be interviewed. For more detailed and up-to-date information about all candidates (including their transcripts and letter of reference), you may view all application materials using ApplyYourself (AY). Simply complete the top portion of the User Account application from and send it along with the FERPA completion certificate, to Linda Bazilian (which you can forward since the completion certificate is an email confirmation). She will complete the application form and submit the request for AY access.

Step 2: Instructions To View Applications in ApplyYourself
(1) Log in to ApplyYourself (USC's online application system):

How to log in:
Client ID = USC-GRAD
User name = USC e-mail user name

Main Menu screen
select "Select a system" drop down menu
select "Application System"
select "Application for Admission"

Application Menu screen
select "Search for Applicants"

- Display Options
select "Both"

- Search Using Query
"User Query" drop down menu
select "Query by Post & Term"
click submit

- Value
Post code: 970
App term: select "fall 2010" (i.e., the term that applicants will be entering)

click "run"

If you are having trouble logging in, please click on "Need Password or Login Help". The system will only find you if an account has been previously set up for you.

You may also use the AY Technical Support:
Phone: 1-800-526-3313

If you still have problems, please contact Amy Goodman directly (