University of Southern California

USC Neuroscience

Committees 2012-2013

Admissions Committee

Co-Chairs: Christian Pike, Bosco Tjan
Other members: Irving Biederman, Radha Kalluri, Greg Field, Jeannie Chen, Stefan Schaal, and Li Zhang.

Click here to browse online graduate applications and related documents. These materials are confidential and are restricted to members of the Admissions Committee and other NGP faculty members; you must have a password.

Advisement Committee

Chair: Pat Levitt
Other members: Judith Hirsch and A.P. Sampath.

Curriculum Committee

Co-Chairs: Bartlett Mel and Sarah Bottjer
Other members: Lisa Aziz-Zadeh, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Neil Segil, and Huizhong Tao.

Executive Committee

Chair: Pat Levitt
Co-Chairs: Judith Hirsch and A.P. Sampath
Other members: Caleb Finch, Norberto Grzywacz, Richard Simerly, Bosco Tjan, Alan Watts Christian Pike, Sarah Bottjer and Bartlett Mel.

Neuroscience Graduate Program - Annual Retreat

Organizers: Aaron McGee

NGP Student Officers

Czarina: Mona Sobhani
Vice czar: Hanke Heun-Johnson
Graduate and Professional student senate representative: Amar Bains
Programming Officers: Chiara Mazzasette and Ramsay Brown
Webmaster: Shane Roach
HSC Representative: Jillian Shaw
New Student Liasion: Mike Frantz

8th Annual Neuroscience Graduate Forum Symposium

Coordinators: Muye Zhu and Brian Leung