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Recruitment Tools

Dear USC Neuroscience Community: A goal that we all share, as you know, is to promote USC Neuroscience in order to enhance our national image and improve recruitment of new faculty, graduate students, and postdocs. We all need to be promulgating the virtues of our program when the opportunity arises. This page includes tools that will help all of us with this task. Please send us additional ideas as well as your feedback.

One opportunity for increasing the profile of USC Neuroscience arises when we give seminars or presentations at other universities. To that end, please use the PowerPoint file (below) when making your Acknowledgements slide; it includes some nice iconic banners &/or images. The first 3 slides include top & bottom banners with the USC logo, our URL, etc. You may use these as text slides, add your own images, or whatever. The next 4 slides have similar banners, to which we have added 3 different images - our aim was to leave room at the top so that you could simply add the names of people from your lab, plus collaborators, etc. We strongly encourage you to use these slides as a way to increase the presence of USC Neuroscience.