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1998 Spring Seminar

January 14, 1998
"The Developmental Neurobiology of the Stress Response: A Region-Specific Repertoire of Gene Regulation"
Tallie Z. Baram (UC, Irvine) Host: Larry Swanson (NB)

February 4, 1998
"Inactivation Mechanisms of Phototransduction"
Jeannie Chen (USC) Host: Richard Thompson (NS)

February 11, 1998
"Organization of the Primate Limbic System"
David Amaral (UC, Davis) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

February 25, 1998
"fMRI of Working Memory and Cognition"
Edward E. Smith (University of Michigan) Host: Irving Biederman (NS)

March 11, 1998
"Endogenous Cannabinoids; Biochemistry and Pharmacology"
Danielle Piomelli (UC, San Diego) Host: Michel Baudry (NB)

March 25, 1998
"Distribution and Function of Neurotransmitter Transporter Molecules"
Nick Brecha (UCLA) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

April 8, 1998
"Getting Lost: Synaptic Mechanisms and Network Dynamics in the Aged Rat Hippocampus"
Carol Barnes (University of Arizona) Host: Michel Baudry (NB)

April 22, 1998
"Silent Synapses and Synaptic Plasticity"
Robert Malenka (UC, San Francisco) Host: Michel Baudry (NB)

April 28, 1998: Fourth USC History of Neuroscience Lecture:
"Neurons, Gland Cells, and Vesicles: The Historical Context for the Emergence of Neuroendocrinology"
Alan Watts (USC) Host: Richard Thompson (NS)

April 29, 1998: Special Seminar
"Hormonal Modulation on Ion Currents: Lessons from the Electric Fish"
Harold Zakon (University of Texas) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

May 6, 1998
"Sex Attraction in Moths: Behavior and Brain Mechanisms"
John Hildebrand (University of Arizona) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

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