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2007 Spring Seminar

January 9, 2007
"Recording from Individual Neurons in the Human Brain"
Christof Koch (Caltech) Host: Laurent Itti (NS)
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January 16, 2007
"Linking Perceptual Learning, Perceptual Deterioration and Memory Consolidation"
Dovi Sagi (The Weizmann Institute of Science) Host: Zhong-Lin Lu (NS)

January 23, 2007
"Genetic Regulation of Motor Neuron Development and Connectivity"
Sam Pfaff (Salk Institute) Host: Samantha Butler (NB)
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January 30, 2007
"Assembling Neural Circuits: Wiring up the Brain During Development"
Susan McConnell (Stanford University) Host: Samantha Butler (NS)
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February 6, 2007
"Before and After: Changes in Addicitive Behaviors After Focal Lesions"
Antoine Bechara (USC) Host: Bosco Tjan (NS)
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February 13, 2007
"Neurogrid: Emulation a Million Neurons in the Cortex"
Kwabena Boahen (Stanford University) Host: Norberto Grzywacz (NS)

February 27, 2007
"Multisensory Fusion and Sensorimotor Integration for Flight Control in Drosophila"
Mark Frye (UCLA) Host: Michelle Arbeitman (NS)
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March 10, 2007
Graduate Student Spring Symposium

March 20, 2007
"Functional Subcompartments in Dendrites"
Jackie Schiller (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) Host: Bartlett Mel (NS)

March 27, 2007
"Development and Plasticity in Visual Cortex"
Brian Wandell (Stanford University) Host: Bosco Tjan (NS)

April 3, 2007
"Planning and Decision Making in Cerebral Cortex"
Richard Anderson (Caltech) Host: NGP Graduate Student (NS)

April 10, 2007
"Molecular Mechanisms of Synapse Stability and Synaptic Homeostasis"
Graeme Davis (UC, San Fransico) Host: Michelle Arbeitman (NB)

April 17, 2007
5th Annual USC Vision Symposium

April 24, 2007
"Compartmentalized Dentric Integration and Plasticity"
Jeff Magee Host: Bartlett Mel (NS)

May 2, 2007
"Synaptic Transmission in the Cortex: It Works Differently than You May Think"
David McCormick (Yale University) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NS)

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