University of Southern California

USC Neuroscience

Bachelor of Science in Computational Neuroscience

Grade Requirements
A grade of C- or higher is required to count toward major requirements.

Bachelor of Science in Computational Neuroscience: Core Requirements Units
BISC 220L or BISC 221L General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology Advanced General Biology 4
BISC 421 Neurobiology 4
CHEM 103Lx or CHEM 105Lg General Chemistry for Environment and Life General Chemistry 4
MATH 125 Calculus 1 4
MATH 126 Calculus 2 4
MATH 265 Mathematical and Computational Methods for Neuroscience 4
NEUR 408 Systems Neuroscience 4
PHYS 135aL or PHYS 151 Physics for Life Sciences or Fundamentals of Physics I 4
PHYS 135bL or PHYS 152 Physics for Life Sciences or Fundamentals of Physics II 4
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology 4
PSYC 274 Statistics 4
PSYC 440 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience 4

12 core + 6 electives; 68 - 70 units(48 core)

Choose 4 units of the BISC or NEUR courses listed below

BISC 424 Brain Architecture 4
BISC 461 Seminar in Molecular and Computational Biology 2, max 4
BISC 462 Seminar in Neurobiology 2, max 4
BISC 481 Structural Bioinformatics from Atoms to Cells 4
NEUR 490 Directed Research 2-4, max 8

Students are to take one language, one application, and one advanced course, for a total of three courses. The language and application courses are listed in the table as tracks according to the language of the courses. It is not obligatory that the language and application courses be from the same track but the student should be aware that a different language will likely be assumed if the language and application courses are from a different tracks. Only one language course and one application course will be counted towards the major.

Language Application Track
EE 150 (or AME 150) Engineering Computational Methods BME 210 Biomedical Computer Simulation Methods Matlab
CSCI 101 Fundamentals of Computer Programing CSCI 102 Data Structures C++
EE 101 Intro to Digital Logic CSCI 455 Intro to Programming System Design Logic Theory/C++/Java

Students should take one advanced courses from the following:

BME 402 Control and Communication in the Nervous System 3
CSCI 300 Intelligent Agents 3
CSCI 445 Introduction to Robotics 3
CSCI 460 Artificial Intelligence 3
CSCI 464 Foundations of Exotic Computation 3

A graduate-level advanced course from those listed below may be substituted for the undergraduate advanced course with permission.

BME 502 Advanced Studies of the Nervous System 4
BME 575L Computational Neuroengineering 3
BME 670 Early Visual Processing 4
BME 671 Late Visual Processing 4
CSCI 561 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence 3
CSCI 564 Brain Theory and Artificial Intelligence 3
CSCI 566 Neural Network Self-Organization 3
CSCI 574 Computer Vision 3
CSCI 662 Advanced Natural Language Processing 3

Choose one of the six courses listed below

PSYC 301L Cognitive Processes 4
PSYC 304L Sensation and Perception 4
PSYC 326 Behavioral Neuroscience 4
PSYC 424 Neuropsychology 4
PSYC 425 Functional Imaging of the Human Brain 4
PSYC 450L Neural Network Models of Social and Cognitive Processes 4

Choose ONE additional course from the courses listed below OR from those listed above not already counting for the major

MATH 225 Linear Algebra and Linear Differential Equations 4
MATH 245 Mathematics of Physics and Engineering I 4