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Members of the Trojan Family can turn to this page in times of crisis, so that reliable information can reaffirm our sense of community even when events create the potential to divide us. As a university, it is important that we come together as one community and provide support for one another.

Generally, even in times of emergency, classes continue to meet and the university remains open for normal business, unless the President issues a notice of closure. If past emergencies provide a guide, we can anticipate that rumors will abound. Therefore it is important that as individuals we do not repeat unsubstantiated statements.

As events unfold, all of us at USC must be especially patient and understanding — and attentive to the possibility that some among us will have experienced personal tragedies.

War Worries

Professor Vibeke Sorenson (School of Cinema-Television) has edited and added to her notes for a speech delivered at the March 26 Forum on Media Coverage of the War and Anti-War Movements.

War with Iraq: What’s Next?

From the School of Social Work's April 8 teach-in, remarks by Nicholas Stein and Niels Frenzen

Religion and War

Outline for John P. Crossley's talk at the April 3 "Learning in a Time of War" panel.

USC Teach-In

Notes from March 27 talks by Steve Ross, Timur Kuran, and Steve Lamy

The Embedded News Coverage of the War

Notes for a March 26 talk by Marsha Kinder in the Cinema-TV Open Forum on Media Coverage of the War & the Anti-War Movements

The United States as Empire (PDF)

Presentation given March 26 by David Andrus at an International Relations Undergraduate Association panel.

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ONEUSC arose after 9/11 to represent the university's commitment to be one community providing support for one another. It is a fabric of initiatives, programs, ways of operating, and statements of principles.

Our Trojan Family is an international community composed of students, faculty and staff from over one hundred countries, presenting a rich tapestry of the world's ethnic groups, religious traditions and languages. We celebrate that richness and seek opportunities to learn from one another.

In these demanding times, our university will sustain open debate and civil discussion, encourage multi-faith understanding, stimulate artistic creativity, and advance academic approaches. ONEUSC forges strong connections between the microcosm of our university and the larger world--for the benefit of our students as future citizens of the world and also as an example to the larger Los Angeles community, Southern California, and beyond.

Down the Road Together

Courtesy of USC News - April 8, 2003

President Sample on Civility

President Sample on Preparedness

To students from Michael Jackson

To faculty from Lloyd Armstrong & Philippa Levine

To faculty from Michael Jackson

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Emergency messages can also be sent to the campus via mass email, or by broadcast voicemail.

In an emergency situation, USC updates will be provided to local radio and television stations.

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