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Each year, an exemplary group of ten Discovery Scholar designees is selected to receive $10,000 prizes towards graduate study or creative projects. To be considered for the Prize Competition, applicants must submit all project materials by the primary submission deadline (the Monday following Spring Break in the student’s final year at USC). Students who apply by the secondary submission deadline (the last day of classes in the Spring semester before the student’s official Commencement) are not eligible for the Prize Competition but will still be considered by their School for the Discovery Scholar honor. Click below to see the list of Prize Winners for current and previous years:

2012 Discovery Scholar Prize Winners

At the 2012 commencement, the university has recognized 72 seniors as USC Discovery Scholars. Each student has completed a culminating project in their field of study with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Of the 28 graduating scholars who were selected as prize finalists by their school, eleven have been nominated to receive a Discovery Scholar prize. The eleven prize recipients form an exemplary group. Their names and programs are provided below. Click on each prize winner’s name for a brief description of their Discovery Scholar project.

Name Program(s)
Enoch Chow Architecture
Landry Doyle International Relations and Spanish
Lei (Lisa) Cui Political Science and Professional and Managerial Communication (minor)
Emily Gee Political Science, Public Relations, Environmental Social Sciences (minor)
Alexander Hofmann History and Political Science
Kevin Maloney Mechanical Engineering
Philip Meyer Russian and International Relations
Elizabeth Nonemaker Music Composition
Brien O’Loughlin Theatre and Psychology
Zlatan Sehovic Architecture and Urban Policy and Planning (minor)
Courtney Whang Political Science and Entrepreneurship (minor)

Winners by Year 2012

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